Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is This A New Photo Of Blue Ivy Carter?

Jay-Z and Beyonce haven’t officially released photos of their first-born child, Blue Ivy Carter, since the ones they released during her first few days of life. Since then the long lens of the paparazzi and that sneaky shopper at Bloomingdale’s have given us grainy images of B.I.C. that sort of, kinda give us a glimpse into what she looks like.

There is an image circulating the net that people are saying is a new photo of Blue Ivy Carter. Pic below:

There has been no confirmation from the Carter family on the authenticity of the photo, but Bossip was nice enough to mock up some side by side comparison photos so we can come to our own conclusion.

You seen Jigga and Blue Ivy Carter above, check out Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter below:

That looks like it could be the same baby to me.

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  • So

  • -_-

  • Not on that nappy @$$ carpet!

    • johnblacksad

      Exactly! I know The carters would have at least a thick wool carpet or persian rugs… not that cheap polyester

      • That look like it was taken in my crib! LOL

      • EL_BARK

        Naw look at the pattern design in it. That shit look like it was hand stitch or sewn using sn old fasioned sewing machine…..
        Dont ask me how i know, but zoom out and look at it from a far , lol
        I could be wrong though. Could be day- day from the pj on some regular carpet. But cheap carpet you use to cover a floor, dont have the line or sewn pattern in it…. Normally hand sewn item have them lines,
        Just like when you hem pants….. Plus its ivy blue.
        I sure that carpet hasnt been walk on ………
        Shet i not rich, but you wipe & take your shoes off when you come into my house. And since jay a mason, i sure he might follow the islamic tradition as well. Lol mecca mason joke.

      • LOL, you know what, on the strength of that, “even though YOU not rich”

        Winkz @ That

        I’ll change my vote to a yes, & from now on, shoes off in my jawnt & I got the nappy carpet….but it don’t have them lines in it & my ‘chet looks walked on.

        I just figured Jay / Bey’s rug would be made out of rare Kawala bears & minks, so plush, you might lose the baby in the ‘chet, but on second look, compared to mine, you can tell they getting major paper.

        That do look like some extra bread on the floor.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol frank lucas voice.
        (Yo blot that shet) …!!!!!!!!

      • SMDH _ I ain’t even gonna ask

        >>> SEEN THE VIDEO

        Who was that video directed @?

        That ‘chet was classic…signs & all!

        Send it to Worldstar LOL

        It will set a trend.

      • EL_BARK

        What video????
        My e beef video ????
        The first one was at some cat name dj itlia,
        And me & fizz was e- waring at the time. . So i gave him a shout out,
        Just to ruffles his feathers. And smz. Lol
        Those were classic AHH war days…… Damn shame what happen to this site since the og’s and the new crew left.

      • That’s the one! LOL

      • Peep El Barks comment & take a second look…

  • Weedras

    why is it necessary to find out what their kid look like? more like TMZ and the rest rather than allhiphop…

  • Jas1ne

    Cop that Sean Price Album!

    • Ojay Juice Henry

      That P got that fiya????? I was thinking that and the Kendrick Lamar I can listen to the album on mog.

  • CokeBoyz

    Who give a fu##

  • Oknas

    Who cares, babies are born everyday

  • Alf Capone

    this gettin to be some bullsh*t…………….u guys shouldnt be aloud to be called all hip hop anymore

    • CooL_KiD_305


      • Alf Capone

        thanx for knocking me down a few notches my nig

      • CooL_KiD_305

        You welcome my nig!

      • Rodney Stewart


  • IG::TheRealStevieBee

    0_o so…. what?

  • Richard Savage

    damn how the hell does she sleep like that? lol

    • Gripping the carpet like that…it must be mad comfy!

  • TdotLivin

    AHH, y’all takin a L for this one. We don’t care about a rappers baby…i mean just because Hov’s hiphop doesnt give u the excuse to publish these fugazzi ass stories about shit that’s meaningless to me.

    And if it is their baby…so what? i mean…should i be on Mediatakeout or Tmz if i wanna know some useless shit that doesn’t keep me informed on whats goin on in hip hop?

    will sydney ever come to her senses?

    take that! take that! take that!

  • brotha_man

    this what them “other” folks do…parading they chill’ren naming them random names…..just be great parents and live yo’ life nobody care about no other people chill’ren (Great auntie voice)

  • brotha_man

    sid and illseed yall bets stop deleting my post or we gone have problems

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  • Doe Boy

    dont kno if it blu ivy or not….but i done did dirt in the streets…in i look at that picture in was like alllllllll…lol..babys and dogs…if u put a baby in my arms all that tuff guy shit go out the window

  • The_Councilman

    First of all, it’s the same picture, it’s just flipped, reversed, and rotated in a different direction.

    Second, as Jay used to say, andddddd……….

  • Simon Adebisi



  • Slaughtr


  • who knew

    that is not blue…

  • kingsikk

    Fucken ugly ass baby. Looks like one of the kids that Angelina or Bratt would adopt.

  • not a beyonce fanatic

    There’s absolutely no way that’s the same baby.. 100% fact. That’s not b.I.c. in the stripe jumper. Besides the fact that they look nothing alike,that baby has way more hair (nappy hair) and is obviously older than blue. While both babies are georgeous, sorry thats not blue in the stripes.

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