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Hip-Hop Rumors: Gucci Mane Disses Nicki Minaj, French Montana And Yo Gotti!

I’m not calling Gucci ‘Gucci Mane’ anymore, I’m going to start calling him the Mad Gucci a.k.a. The Mad Rapper. In the words of the Clipse, “What happened to that boy?!” Ever since he was released from jail for throwing a woman out of a moving vehicle, Mad Gucci has been on a rampage and has gone after everyone from T.I. to Nas.

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In his latest attack of diarrhea of the mouth, Gucci has decided to speak out against Nicki Minaj and French Montana. In a recent interview with HOT 107.9, Gucci calls both Frenchie and Nicki “fake,” and says that they just want to be famous. Gucci feels like he deserves more credit from Nicki Minaj. Say what?! Check out what he said below:

“When she came to Atlanta she gave me a shout out, said I helped her in her career, but at the end of the day I just think a lot of times you keep it real with somebody, you can’t expect them to keep it real with you.”
“I told you man this industry, people want to be famous, people forget how to keep it real and forget the people that helped them get to where they at.”

“I tip my hat to Nicki for being hard worker, but at the same time, she know she didn’t keep it real.”

Gucci did not go into details regarding what exactly happened between him and French Montana, but he did offer his thoughts on French and said that he doesn’t “keep it real.”

So I guess Gucci is the only person that does keep it real…right!

During the interview, Gucci also explains his issues with Yo Gotti. Gucci revealed that he was upset with Yo Gotti because he dropped his mixtape on the same day as him, and he thought they were supposed to be boys. Sounds to me like Gucci still has a lot of growing up to do. Now let’s be clear, this is just my opinion, and not the opinion of AllHipHop!!!

Check out Gucci Mane’s full interview below:

So, who do you think gets the award for the biggest hater of the year? Gucci Mane or Shyne? I want to do a story on this, so let me know your nominations below. Thank you kindly! (Oh, and yes I do read your comments – good or bad, I ain’t mad at cha’)

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  • IG::TheRealStevieBee

    Free Hip Hop! since its obviously locked up somewhere…

  • Shyne should get the award, I respected him until he tried to hate on K. Dot.

  • TY

    Gucci by far, Shyne didn’t hate he just had an opinion. Gucci dun went at Jeezy, Gotti, Minaj, French Fry Montana, and the rest lol. 40 Glocc v Game is by far the funniest beef currently

  • Lolrax

    He’s not hating on Gotti though. Gotti tried to delay his tape one day but they still cannibalized eachother’s downloads. Sounds like a miscommunication. Nicki and French are both whack so I’m cool with that.

  • How you mad at somebody because they dropped a MIXTAPE the same day as you??!! Can you only download one FREE mixtape per day? smdh

    • Alf Capone

      leave him alone……….hes suffering from bitchniggaitus………..its runnin rampant in the industry………….its a not so rare but very deadly disease

      • Hahahaaa!

      • Ras Tafari

        bitchniggaitus lmao

    • Jordans03

      How you gone tell somebody else whether or not to feel a certain way about somebodies actions??

      • Where exactly in my previous statement did I tell somebody how to feel? Telling someone how to feel and questioning why they feel a certain way are far from the same

    • because he was trying to sell all the mixtapes he can in that day

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  • Black Exodus

    I hear you Sydney…You get a lot of hate and flack, but I like what you and illseed are doing. We come to the rumors for drama and that’s what we get…well most of the times. (lol) As for all the mentioned rappers…all of them have simple rhyme flow and schemes…none of them are touching on topics that actually affect our community. All of them are attention whores and it’s enough cooning to go around for all of them. I really don’t see why Gucci is mad…it seems like this is a marketing campaign to get seen , heard and press…nothing more nothing less. He realizes that no one was buying his records and if you don’t have talent..creating fake beefs is the way to go …it gets people talking about you! Much luck to these half baked rappers…. But a MC worth checking out is Brother Ali.

    Black Exodus “Diamonds”

    • Sydney Lace & iLLseed should do a story about you!

      • Black Exodus

        Appreciate that Edogz…wasn’t expecting that one…but thanks. My understanding, is my music, topics and cooning is not mainstream enough to get press! These selfish ass rappers could care less about their “fans”…it’s about money…all about money…that’s why the music is suffering. The Artist is forgetting to put the Art in their music. There are lots of artist out there…with the beats, rhymes, topics, image that could be successful if the corporate marketing dollars and people would get behind it. The mindset of the hip hop fan is changing but it’s slow. Progressive, hip hop is on the rise…with artist like Kendrick, Brother Ali, Lupe and a host of others waiting in the wings for their turn. No knock on the 2 Chains, Big Sean, Wacka & Gucci’s, of the world…but the dumb down, empty, party, prison industrial complex music is not the answer. There has to be balance in life and balance in the music…right now there is no mainstream balance in the music…and that’s the problem! I love hip hop…I love the art of hip hop…I appreciate the lyricist, the story teller, the passion of an MC. I’m tired of being sold gimmicks, puppets and recycled stories with no originality.

      • Nobody buys music anymore, except the purist or the unknowing / incapable.

        The Prison industrial complex supports the music more, because it increases their bottom line.

        Send “Diamonds” to Sydney Lace, I bet Sydney will feature it, iLLSEED too. Even Truth Minista Paul Scott co-signed it, so ask him to feature it.

        Just comment first & tell Sydney Lace to youtube “Diamonds” by Black Exodus

        ‘Chet, I’m gonna go bump that right now & drop it in “Kick That” on FB.

  • Ras Tafari

    I’m curious to know what’s stopping him from going at Jay-z, Wayne, the Marleys, Kanye, Common, Andre 3k, Mos def, pusha, curren$y, Lupe and everyone else at this point. You diss Nas, Tip, Jeezy, and all those coon ass rappers in the industry thats in this article, you might as well keep it going. He obviously doesnt have anything to lose since this is the only way he can sell his garbage records. No one seems to want to diss him back or even touch him

    • Alf Capone

      hes gonna go at them next………….first he has to wait and see if dissing these people boost his record sales at all……….and if that doesnt work……….jay, wayne, kanye, common, andre 3k, mos def, push, curren$y, and lupe are next

      • I guess jay, wayne, kanye, common, andre 3k, mos def, push, curren$y, and lupe are next.

  • I can’t stop laughing about that Gotti issue. Both those tapes went wood on the same day.

  • I still cant figure out y west coast N8ggas is dick riding kendrick…he’s aight but damn its easily like 10 rappers in new york that would eat that boy for lunch, u need names ?? Buckshot, Sean P, The GZA, Raekwon, Fred the Godson,Styles P, JADA , BUSTA,….let know if you need more names,…shyne aint hating,



    • Celz

      Fam you naming niggas from the 90s.. Kendrick will body any Mainstream NY rapper that has been in the game as long as him. Stop hating and give him some props.. He’s far from the best but hopefully he can help get rid of this garbage rap and we can hear some more stuff like Cormega or Ras Kass

    • Your rappers bite our style, slang, etc, but wont tip your hat to nobody else for what they contribute to Hip-Hop. The East feels superior in their lyrical complexity b/c they talk about the Nation of Gods & Earths in their music, etc. In the Bay, we organized our communities, had breakfast programs, took arms against the police & had a 10 point program for how the community could demand their liberation. We directly affected the right to bear arms by employing it over here. Our take was more militant, less religious. We have our own legacy & take on Black Power, our way of dealing w/ police brutality, & our legendary emcees reflect that, especially in the Bay. We respect our emcees and ya’ll hate on the fans for it? And ya’ll have taken part in the destruction of Hip-Hop just as much as the others u accuse. Black Liberation should have us all on the same page but instead we in bi-coastal warfare via the music. smh. Ya’ll may feel ya’ll started Hip-Hop but it’s time to sit back & take a serious lesson. The hate is gettin ancient, hella ancient, and WE ALL TOOK A LOSS WHEN WE LOST PAC & BIG

      • Black Exodus

        Comment on point…I feel that passion. This is hip hop…we are all hip hop…this is a music reflected on life…on all coast! Everybody will have their turn. It’s Global at this point and it ain’t slowing down…JUST MAKE GOOD MUSIC…where ever you at!

      • “We organized our communities, had breakfast programs, took arms against the police & had a 10 point program for how the community could demand their liberation too.”

        Mutulu Shakur, Assata Shakur, Dhoruba Bin Wahad, Malcolm X, Ahmed Obafemi, Sundiata Acoli, Afeni Shakur, Jalil Muntaquim , Albert Nuh” Washington, and many others. #I’mJustSayin’

        Don’t blame NY for Diddy.

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  • DjLarryLuv

    will somebody put a bullet in this idiot already


    shyne with gucci being 1st runner up

  • David Gonz


    • disqus_zHzVqy1Lmx

      is that what life is about though? or better yet the rap game? do you start rapping to prove that nobody is built for beef like you?

  • Dadon850

    Like Jeezy said. How you gon take somebody serious when they got a ice cream cone tatted on they face.

  • Carson Lawes

    Everybody looking for the spotlight, Its crazy that Gucci has to get involved with all this beef nd’ shit caz the guy been making hits and been making good music, I think the rappers who talk all the shit are the ones who aint gettin their shine from the industry, which leads me to my next point you have to give shyne the biggest hater award because Good Kidd Maad City is a gem of modern era hip hop, and for him not to recognize that is ignorant and screaming for attention

    • CaliTransplant

      I agree! I listened to the first like three songs on Kendrick’s CD and I thought they were fire!

  • Tarzan!

    For the record, Gucci has already dissed Jay Z.. He has a whole mixtape series mockingly named “The Burrprint” -____- and said it best “I’m from East Atlanta Six, where them boys dump bricks, but we DONT bump the blueprint 3” We don’t feel Jay down here

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  • He’s right about nicki. Sydney Lace just proved she’s a band wagon fan not already knowing this lol.

    But the rest he just making stuff up.

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  • Richard Savage

    he actually has a lil bit of a point about Nicki. He did help her get on and get noticed but she made the right business move. As much as i hate YMCMB, they do have the financial backing that she needed so she did what she had to do but she should be a lil more grateful to Gucci and Waka’s mama for helpin her out

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  • Tril Beats

    Coochie Mane!

  • Doe Boy

    this nigga done lost it

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