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Hip-Hop Rumors: Yo Gotti Responds To Gucci Mane’s Taunts

Both Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti released their mixtapes on the same day and Gucci Mane let the world know that he wasn’t feeling that too much on a diss record and in a recent interview with HOT 107.9.

“My main problem with him is that he dropped his mixtape on 10/17 and tried to ride my wave like he’s an artist of mine or we get some kinda money together,” Gucci said. “Why would you drop it if you ain’t on 1017 and when I call you as my partner to ask you why you did it, you say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you were droppin’ a mixtape’? … It just made me lose all respect for him instantly.”

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Yo Gotti has decided not to stay mum on the issue and spoke on it in a recent interview with K97.1. Check out what he said about confronting Gucci Mane on the telephone about the issue:

“He never reached out to me. I still ain’t thinking nothing about it because he supposed to be my homeboy. You get what I’m saying? And then last minute we in the lab, we heard about the tweet. When we heard about the tweet I immediately hit his phone like, ‘What’s up homie? You good?’ And we chopped it up. And long story short, from that point I realized that homie had an issue for whatever reason it was.”

Are you taking sides in this rap beef? Check out Yo Gotti’s full interview below:

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  • Kyle Meta4ce

    This nigga’s pulling a 50 Cent move. Dissing every-fucking-body.

    • brotha_man

      ‘cept fif was sucessful at it and people listened because he attack some of the biggest names in the game. If gucci dissed pun he would come up missing, until fat joe screwed up terror squad, they had puns back.

    • atleast 50 cent had a reason to diss niggas he dont

  • johnblacksad

    “I still ain’t thinking nothing about it” …me neither

  • Alf Capone

    who would win in a one on one? gucci? yo gotti?………….gotti is small………but gucci is fat and outta shape

    • Neither, it would be a draw….like a rap battle.

    • what does thier fighting skills got to do with anything? lol… gucci could prolly whoop the ish out of nas, but i still ant gonna be rockin no gucci mane!!! LoL

      • Alf Capone

        it has nothing at all…………its just funny to think about………..food for thought

    • disqus_E7MH35IweK

      the “man”

  • Hell Yeah! I’m taking sides….

    >>>>Hypes Gucci up to go at someone else!

  • Richard Savage

    who cares??? both of em are WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Coochie Mane… he gon mess around and diss the wrong person and they gon put his mumbling ass in his place… oh i forgot Jeezy already did lol

    • PorchBoySlim

      You mean by getting his homie killed?….I’m not saying that I’m on gucci side or nothing but when it comes to the beef…any mention of Jeezy is an automatic lose bruh….he sent niggas to take Gucci chain and Gucci let that hammer fly and aint NOTHING happen about it my dude.

      • some people do things because they are about that street lifestyle. some people do it because they’re scared. gucci was scared when he killed that dude. a street dude wouldnt have let homie follow him home. a street dude doesnt tell the judge jeezy got someone to break my jaw in prison either. homie need to chill and just make music.

      • PorchBoySlim

        the dudes aint follow Gucci home…they got a stripper to set him up…the bitch was supposed to be talking business with gucci and the niggas ran up in the house and gucci started bustin…and as far as Gucci snitchin…when somebody snitches in court they document the shit on paper and anybody can get their hands on those documents….if he snitched why is there no paperwork to prove it? bottom line is Jeezy sent niggas to put in work and one ended up dead…if Jeezy about that life what aint nothing happen to Gucci yet? especially since he showed up to him and TI birthday party recently

      • mike malarkey

        right and why the dudes that got away after gucci murked the nigga aint get gucci back 4 retaliation?

      • mike malarkey

        thats the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard in my life… if he did kill a nigga because he was scraed i bet you now he aint scared to do it again

      • EL_BARK

        Where do these niggas heg this shet from???????
        Howany cats get killed because they aint got a chopper on them…
        2. If you going to kill a cat , or whatever and you end up dead,
        Maybe you wasnt prepared for what you was up against.????

      • Strong maybe?

      • mike malarkey

        right… and it was 4 or 5 of em and one gucci… he still here the other dude aint and them other dudes aint want no parts of gucci obviously.

      • 1 thing u have to remember to that was around the time bmf was getting indicted so u know jeezy wasnt trying to make no moves

      • PorchBoySlim

        yea I forgot about that

  • all gotti had to say was “this ninja got an ice cream on his face, nahmean”

  • Gucci Mane = Straight up prison mentality..this dude can’t function out of jail..all this talking is gonna get him hurt or locked up again..anybody checking for a gucci mane mixtape might as well just give up on hip-hop and listen to ambient sounds instead..

    • AK

      my fav rappers are ra the rugged man, vinnie paz, nas, mobb deep, freddie gibbs, and jay electronica and i still bump gucci you just cant relate to what hes talking about, and you probably dont turn up so yeah expand your hip hop game homey

  • brotha_man

    I think Gucci money running low

    • Alf Capone

      his drug intake is running high

    • King Rickey

      That’s what lotta folks on the internet saying.

  • brotha_man

    i know im in the ‘sota but this negro talk country shot out to my boys in funky town

    • Terrance Goodman

      South side right by popeyes where you at ?

      • brotha_man

        word. I live by powderhorn went to the velt

      • Terrance Goodman

        Ok Gud deal did the corp in st Paul n Roosevelt Too

      • brotha_man

        my sister stay around Job corp way, over on university. my home girl was in the corp.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Responding to Gucci is like arguing wit ya self
    It’s a no win

  • Gucci reaching. He must be broke or mad his mushmouth ass ain’t hot in the streets

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Is this what it has come to? Arguing over MIXTAPE release dates? smh

    • DreamZ

      right thats some moist shit he on

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  • Simon Adebisi


  • Fucked Wit CM7 Trap God was terrible

  • TY

    Gucci is on that 50 Cent hating shit. But I guess when he do it it’s ok but when 50 come at these fake niggaz for legit reasons you got French Toast Montana and the rest chiming in huh? That’s the dumest reason for saying somebody a sucka just cuz they dropped a record the same day? Niggaz if your s*** was John Blaze cream rises to the top no matter what. GUCCI has a PhD foreal brah

  • TY

    And another thing, I’m tired of these industry niggaz talking about “I thought this was my brotha” s***. Nigga just bcuz he popped a few bottles and f***** a few models together doesn’t mean you know that man. You don’t know that nigga from a can of paint he just an associate nothing more. If you ain’t known a person for atleast 10+ years you can never fully trust him and even in those instances youcan never truly know what a niggaz thinking

  • Meathead gigganigga

    They both suck anyways, so who cares.

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  • King Rickey

    I hope Gucci get it together he has too many fans that don’t like what they’re seeing. Gucci and Gotti go waaay back aint no reason for those two to ever entertain or participate in any beef Gucci should know that.

  • Apollo Showtime

    Gucci is losing right now, his pockets gettin’ low so he’s attackin’ everyone to get people talkin’ about him again…BUT no one even cares!!! His beefs aren’t legitimate besides Jeezy, but even that died years ago and NOW he’s trying to resurrect shit and go at niggas? When you eatin’ you don’t care or have time to diss.

  • ThaShadowKing

    Regardless of the juvenile diss record if Gotti focus on gettin his chedda it will all work out. Success is the best revenge.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    “gucci mane” an unlyrical punk bitch. This lame gonna get done.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Yeah “homey” you can’t relate to what he’s talking about because he is fuking garbage even if you don’t “turn up” his lyrics ain’t sh*t and he doesn’t talk about anything. He is NOT LYRICAL. “gucci mane”= bullsh*t 2X.

  • if these two made diss records going @ each other … would anyone hear what they said ??? it would be the worlds biggest mumbling contest lol … or better yet battle of the producers lol 😉

  • Yessir

    Gucci is just way too real…. Gotti and Gucci know each other personally…. u don’t think Gotti knew that Gucci was gonna release a mixtape…. and on top of that, Gotti releases his mix tape on 1017, knowing gucci is obsessed with those damn numbers??? Then acts like he didn’t know. Gucci is blowing up…. and Gotti tried to ride his coattail ….. how did you hear about Gucci Mane?

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