Snoop and Mister Cartoon

Snoop Dogg Gets Equity Stake In Mister Cartoon’s Sanctiond Car Care Products Brand

(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg has taken an equity stake in Sanctiond, the automotive brand created by legendary tattoo artist Mister Cartoon.

The Sanctiond brand features 15 different products, including waxes, polishes, car wash, interior cleaners and conditioners and other products to care for automobiles.

According to Sanctiond Co-Founder/CEO Atticus Firey, Snoop Dogg will serve as the brand’s global ambassador, spokesperson and strategic consultant, in addition to owning a piece of the company.

“This is not a traditional endorsement deal for Snoop Dogg,” Atticus Firey told in a statement. “In addition to being our business partner, he will provide global endorsement services, marketing support and strategic consulting for the brand. Snoop Dogg’s global recognition, trendsetting status and super cool persona enhances our ability to bring new consumers and revived energy into this category.”

Under the new deal, Snoop will become part owner of the company, in addition to launching his own branded line of car care products.

“We have been wanting to do this for years,” Snoop Dogg told “There are no cool brands that represent our lifestyle and with Sanctiond we are excited to bring our communities together through a common love of our cars and the shine we can put on them.”

Each one of the products under the Sanctiond brand feature Mister Cartoon’s unique style of artwork, complete with hand-made drawings, right on the packaging.

“This is a great day, to have someone I admire as an artist who is also a fan of the product, join my company in this capacity,” Cartoon added. “Like me, Snoop is passionate in everything he does. We have a unique bond as artists and car lovers.”

Today (November 1) Snoop Dogg and Mister Cartoon will make an appearance in Las Vegas, at the SEMA show, at booth #25055.

  • therealest1

    Another cool business opportunity for Snoop. Its cool to see he can still get money outside of music since its not as profitable as before.

    • Yeah, musically, I don’t fuggs with Snoop, but this venture I will support, if the value is there. I’ll be checking for it!

  • Both Mr. Cartoon and Snoop are 10 years too late on this deal.

  • Snoop has roots in a large number of businesses but Forbes never lists him plus he doesn’t live that hollywood lifestyle other rappers do..Snoop has cake..and I mean longgggggg money..

  • i know snoop very familiar with longos..u know how racist these southern cali eses are..guarantee Cartoon will get hated on by these ‘only hard when we have 10-1 numbers’ pussies for doin business with a black man

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    When Black and Brown come together, we can all do big shit!!! 1 Luv

  • hoeyuno

    Mr.cartoon is a legend. Dude started out tattooing the essays in east la and went on to do most of eminems tat and a bunch of other rappers. Dudes got a watch collection out with diesel that’s pretty sick.

  • ThaShadowKing

    Mister Cartoon is 1 of the sikkest tattoo artists in the game. Snoop needs to come with that Cadillac SnoopDiville

  • Reblogged this on MalikaLovedotcom and commented:
    Snoop dont play no games…a real business man

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