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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Kanye West Enlist George H. W. Bush For “Cruel Winter”?!

I think we are all pretty convinced that there will in fact be a Cruel Winter G.O.O.D. Music compilation album coming our way. For those who still don’t believe, in typical Yeezy style, a short trailer was just released entitled “Kanye West/Cruel Summer”.  The trailer is less than a minute long and shows a forest with bare trees in the winter, along with images of a pond, leaves, and tree branches. What’s interesting is the voiceover in the teaser is voiced by former U.S. President George H. W. Bush. In fact, it’s a speech called “New World Order” that Bush gave in 1991 about the Gulf War. Check out part of the speech below:

“We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order. A world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order.” 

This is all pretty weird considering Kanye’s past with George H. W. Bush. Bush has even said that his worst moment in his presidency was when Kanye said he “doesn’t care about Black people.”

I guess Yeezy found some inspiration in the speech. Check out the teaser for Cruel Winter below:

Are you feeling Kanye using George H. W. Bush’s voiceover for the teaser?

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  • therealest1

    Confused ass shit. Its the dad used on the voice sample, not the son who had issues with Kanye West.

    • Casor_Greener

      Sydney Lace is stupid. This type of clear error makes black people look ignorant. This is a disgrace

      • Alf Capone

        who says sydney is black?

      • anthonyward1

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…..this poor girl doesnt have a chance.

      • Who says Sydney is female?

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        sydney is a female. illseed confirmed it in one of his posts saying that sydney is his homegirl

      • I know Famz, I was just fuggin with him & @144287ds:disqus .

      • ok, i figured you would know, you’re on here more than any of us

    • HA, i was reading the quote like this sounds too smart to be cokehead bush LoL

    • lol i was about 2 say 4 kanye west the 1 who sed george bush doesnt care about black ppl

  • Preachthe

    George Herbert Walker Bush said this, not his son George W. Bush

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  • C East

    Kanye is now purposely messing with everyone with the illuminati topic. watch people reacts. smh

  • Abrasive Angel

    Sidney, Sidney, Sidney. You have got to stop the madness but thanks for the tip of about the song because Jay Elect and Kanye have songs with dead presidents. What’s the agenda behind this Roc Nation trend?

  • Future Patrick

    read your history…you have the two presidents confused….and because you have a platform you have the opportunity to manipulate the minds of hundreds of thousands of kids that will not take the time to validate your false statements.

    • P.S. It was also said on Sept 11, 1991, ten yrs before 9/11…I’mJustSayin’

      • Eli Pinilla

        good shit!!!!…. The only reason sydney gets no pass is cuz she confused the father with the son and said that kanye said those things about the father…..oh “behold a pale horse” william cooper…great book that coves alot of this, he was a little wacky, but there is alot of knowledge about this stuff in there..

      • Eli Pinilla

        There is also a video of William copper speaking about 911 on july of that year. and said that it would be blamed on osama but that it was really the new world order. this was 2 months before it happened…He was also killed by the police in November of 2001..that was 2 months after it happened.. he dropped that book in 1991

      • Election Day, 2001, Machine gunned by a swat team from out of his area, catching the 1 legged, 1 eyed, elderly vet at home?

        Bill Cooper predicted 9/11 & Alex Jones stole / recycled his prediction in July 2001, resulting in the beef between the two.

        Bill Cooper wasn’t wacky at all, it’s just that the truth is so fuggin’ crazy….BC’s background was Naval Intelligence…..Spy Ops ‘chet.

        He speaks from detailed experience, that’s why they killed him.
        His book was like Elijah Muhammad’s “Message To the BlackMan” ….for white people. That ‘chet will change your way of thinking after reading it.

        Classic book!

      • Eli Pinilla

        yea, Ive read it a few times… he also put out the tape of the Kennedy assassination that showed the driver shooting Kennedy. That’s why the wife tried to climb out the car instead of ducking for cover…

      • I saw that tape….didn’t know BC put it out though…..that seemed kinda crazy though!

      • Eli Pinilla

        yea, he talks about it in the book… how he had a copy and how secret service agents were following him around and going to his seminars…i dnt think he put it out first, but he def circulated that shit….. i knew that he and alex jones had a falling out, didnt know exactly why though… they say alex jones works for the cia.. he was the one who snuck into the bohemian grove and recorded them doing the ritual…

      • Not to diss AJ, but I was once asked how to spot a true Black leader?

        My reply was – He is either dead…or in jail.

        Google USMC’s Charles A Dyer / July 4 Patriot

        Set up from the get up!

      • Eli Pinilla

        It was acuallly march 6 1991…

      • “Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order. In the words of Winston Churchill, a “world order” in which “the principles of justice and fair play … protect the weak against the strong …” G B

        That was the 3/6/91 speech that he referenced it, the Kanye sample is from 1/16/1991, but still, a good catch. The 3/6/91 speech was an address to congress. Kanye used the 9/11/1990 “Toward a New World Order”??

        Then again, it is an old phrase used by the League of Nations that fronted on Halie Salisie, The U.N. that replaced it, Bush, Henry Kissinger,

        In retrospect, I was wrong too, because it was 1990, not 1991, and wrong speech too.

        I guess Sydney Lace deserves a pass too?This is the actual quote from the 1/17/1991 Gulf War speech :

        “We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order”

        In Context :

        “This is an historic moment. We have in this past year made great progress in ending the long era of conflict and cold war. We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order — a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful — and we will be — we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.’s founders.”

        Thanx for the correction…it led to the additional research…so Sydney Lace has outsmarted us all & stimulated the search for knowledge.

        Not bad @ Sydney Lace

      • Donovan C. Bradley

        Man, I feel you most times, but quit covering for Syd. She was off the whole article. George H. W. Bush SENIOR is George W. Bush JUNIOR’S father. She damn bundled them up as the same person.

      • Yeah, but we all bungled the same speech.

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    Illuminati Shit

  • C East

    FYI, Kanye, Jay-z or any of these rappers are NOT PART OF the Illuminati.
    THey can’t be and will not be. They are mere WANNA-BE. They want tp put themselves amongst the elite, but they are ONLY puppets being used FOR THE WORKS of Illuminati.
    So stop think they’re part of it.
    However, in a another context if they support the cause indirectly as a puppet then yes, you may say they’re part of it in such context.

    • johnblacksad

      What’s the illuminati?

      • gay old guys

      • Bless Graphics

        A conglomerate of wealthy businesses, bankers and politicians who make most of the decisions that run America and other countries abroad.

      • Galactus

        @facebook-100001513128631:disqus You got it right.

    • Casor_Greener

      Please STFU

    • Alf Capone

      u get ur beliefs and ideas from utube………thats sad

    • Weedras

      show me one scholarly article of history that tells of rap being used as a tool of the ‘illuminati’? why the heck would they care about hip hop and rappers when the political avenue is far more effective…

      • STP

        Rap n Hip Hop keeps a major handful of young minorities’ minds away from the political avenue

      • Basically!

      • Weedras

        oh really? or is it lack of knowledge on the importance of voting, basically ignorance…. rap n hip hop gets too much credit for shit it doesn’t even have control over… this shit aint a tool of mind control if that was the case why are sales in the shitter?

      • STP

        Exactly…”Lack of knowledge on the importance of voting, basically ignorance”…in order for one to be ignorant, they have to be kept ignorant, in order to be kept ignorant, one must focus on IGNORANCE…and sales are down because bootlegs are up

  • johnblacksad

    George H.W. Bush doesn’t care about black people…. *shrugs*

    • Well, technically speaking….he doesn’t!

  • IG::TheRealStevieBee

    George H. W. Bush…. get it right. I read the headline and automatically knew this was written by you smh.

  • This girl don’t know the difference between Bush’s? Somebody hand her that pink slip already.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    everyone else has said this already but i have to chime in as well. sydney, you are a fool. just a goddayum fool.

  • Illuminati topics are a hot seller and deliver enough materials to fill books, movies and rap albums. And most important it can make you money. Ask Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, etc. People like to have a scapegoat for their own failures. Of course there are financial power structures which are not too well hidden anymore. But it does not affect the average Joe.
    Another fact is, there will be a one world order one day. Countries are nonsense, since earth does not have any borders anymore. since we use modern technology, oceans and mountains are not stopping anyone anymore. Trade happens internationally. So its just a logical conclusion that we will have a global government in a near future. I remember George H W Bush was holding this particular when the cold war was over and he started his term as a president.. It’s always a matter of context, but i see nothing wrong with his speech.

  • @Sydney – You & Illseed check ya email, I sent you some flavor.

  • Garrett Nutgrass

    this is fake, def jam reported that it’s not an official video, do your research sydney

  • Mike

    comon Son! This is the reason I hate this site. You need to get you’re facts right otherwise you look ignorant. which makes Allhiphop look ignorant, which makes hip-hop look ignorant. Allhiphop put you on this podeum, so represent it and do you’re research. George H W Bush and George Bush are two differant people, they are not one person who governed for 20 years. A man named Bill Clinton was president from 1992 – 2000. Kanye West’s first album dropped in 2004. You can not possible cover you’re ass on this one. And do you and Illseed just sit on twitter all day or scan blog sites? I’ve never heard one legitimate exclusive from you guys GTFOHWY Bum Ass

  • Walwyn Morgan

    Yo AHH Staff, fire this lady please

    • Nah, LOL, Sydney is the new writer we love to hate!
      Hate = New Love

      By the time Sydney quits, she will have her ‘chet together!

      • Donovan C. Bradley

        Dude, Syd is NOT the old illseed. We don’t love to hate anything. We straight up hate her because she stinks up the joint. Pass that on to your superiors.

  • so… did cruel summer even get released yet? LoL

  • Dunzo

    Just another nail in the coffin of a site that was once great.

  • ThaShadowKing

    G.H.W.B was correct in his 1991 speech, the N.W.O. has arrived. Even though he failed taking down the towers the 1st time with that truck full of explosives.

  • grip

    kanye is not supporting bush, he’s restating a fact, Bush and others. for that matter are pushing a new world order, what’s so hard to understand? His CD is taking a stance, it has a theme and is addressing issues, hip hop is so far gone that you guy can’t see that?

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  • honestly that new world order doesnt sound too bad as long as the government isnt exempt to that order … if they also have to follow the same order …… it keeps the playing field even … its the reason why nino brown became the super villian of the hood (theoretically) … cause he had the gun and wasnt scared to use it … with out that order more ninos can take over …. with the order in place ninos are forced to rule with his mind vs using his tools (guns) and strength (fear) … makes the playing field even with those who arent down to kill thier neighbors for personal gain …. i mean if thats what he meant by new world order ………. thats what i got from what he said ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? i mean do we have the right to rule with the iron fist ????? i guess everyone has the right to do what they want …… but when your impacting innocent folks thats when you actions start to look malicious …..

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  • Clint Barnett

    fake. the original is floating around youtube. you people will believe anything.