Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Meek Mill “Violated And Harrassed” By Philly Police?

Earlier this week, Meek Mill was detained by the police in Philadelphia as he was on his way to his album release party for his debut album, “Dreams and Nightmares”. The MMG rapper was ironically wearing both a Rolex watch and handcuffs, a replica of his album cover. I guess Meek Mill really does live this life.

Meek took to his Twitter page and blasted the Philadelphia police department for violating and harassing him for being “famous.” Check out his tweets below:

MTV RapFix got an exclusive comment from Philly police, who say it was just a “normal” case.

“He was stopped in a vehicle but was not arrested. He was only detained in a substation. In normal cases, we do not give out this kind of information, so I can’t release anything further.”

Meek Mill Dreams And Nightmares Artwork

Meek Mill Dreams And Nightmares Artwork

Meek is estimated to sell about 200K copies of his debut album, and would have had the number one album in the country had it not been for Taylor Swift’s album, Red, which has already sold 1.208 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Did you buy Meek’s album?

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  • MadVillain

    no i didnt buy it, i downloaded for FREE and was still disappointed. if you gonna cop sumin go cop Sean P!

    • johnblacksad

      “That hardcore rappin is played out, until i hardcore slap you and ask ‘what’s played out?’ ” -Sean P! (Price & Shinning Armor)

      • MadVillain

        Bars, “Sean Carter is nice but Sean Price is the best”

      • Rodney Stewart

        if u don’t like his music don’t comment sean price is ass bye the way tell him ta step his delivery up sounds like a retard

      • johnblacksad

        You sound like AHH police with that don’t comment comment…

        Yeah, Meek Millie hot… but Sean Price raps better… don’t be mad

      • Spyz District

        Why you mad white boy ?

      • brotha_man

        u used the wrong bye, sean p is beast meek millz is upnorth version of plies

      • johnblacksad

        “When i was twelve, i killed a lion
        That’s ill, but on the real you should chill with the lyin
        Makin up stuff, the stuff that i make up is so tough”

        The Incredible P! Mic Tyson on replay!!!!!!!

    • yo real talk i copped dreams and nightmare and good kid madd city … i was looking for MIC TYSON but couldnt find it !!!!!!! and i was in best buy !!!!!!!!

      • brotha_man

        so basically u wasted ur money on two CDS (both are great if free but wouldnt pay for’em…no sir

  • This shows that rap music needs to adapt or die… 200K first week with all that promotion and hype. Its genuinely about the shows now for these artists. Not sure the direction music is going in, yet I know this… if rap does not consolidate and stop having soooo many different artists saying the same exact thing, it wont be the money maker it once was.

    • lol… 2 years ago he would of done 10-40 K…..Game has gotten better. Face it dude, it’s not the 90’s anymore.

      • Mos High

        Agree 100% if he does that, truth be told thats excellent. It’s Meek not Jay z , Kanye or Nas. Lets be real internet, downloading and every tom dick and harry being able to burn music. Its not easy to sell records. I dont mind his music not a big fan, but if this leads a brother from a negative life to a positive one, I wont knock it.

      • Probably have the exact opposite effect on the 200,000 kids that buy it!

      • lol… Music is no longer an expression of one’s surroundings. It has morphed into an escape from realism in many cases. I like the fact that Mills paints pictures about Philly tho. Alot of rappers aint even bothering to put effort in (Gucci Mane, springs to mind instantly)

      • Yeah, but Gucci is generating a buzz with the disses…granted he’s wack juice, but still exciting entertainment.

        Nas vs Gucci = PitBull Vs Chiuahua……but funny seeing the Chi Chi buck up to Nas before getting eaten.

        Meek + MMG = Wasted potential

      • you feel he wasted his potential? The only bigger label was YMCMB and they would of lost him in the paperwork…. There really is no better place for Meek IMHO. Nobody is selling, look at Slaughterhouse et al.

      • That’s how bad the state of “RAP” is….technically speaking, Taylor Swift is a better rapper than Meek Millz because she outsold him…..I mean, that is the judge of who is better right? Sales?

        K Fed / Ron Artest / Kreayshawn would be the best rapper if soccer moms, teeny boppers & corporation bought 2 Million of his CD’s.

        Aligning with established suckaz isn’t a good look for Meek & he has potential….then again, Battling DNA is a bad look for meek.

      • dont forget GOOD MUSIC 😉

      • Rodney Stewart

        y r u on here? to criticize cuz u can’t stand ur boring life and escape reality cuz sum1 fuckin ur fat wife

      • Why you on here worrying about my 4-9-3-11? ( D*CK )

        Sprinkle “PAUSE” through out your post & stop trying to get my attention like a b3tch in heat!

        You shouldn’t even be in a conversation between two grown men. If this was the 90’z, you could have easily gotten your jaw cracked for engaging in such blatant Hip Swinging Fa99otry.

        Then you flashing a big tattoo on your hand, like you never plan on having gainful employment…..while wearing a $5 white tee shirt.


        Rod Stewart? ‘Ole named after a ninja who got his stomach pumped for swallowing to much SEMEN aZZ Ninja!

        SMDH X 2

        GTFOH! You either-ed yourself!

        “As YOU WERE!” * IE: Your dismissed

    • keep in mind we just got hit with the biggest storm ever out here on the east coast … best believe if that didnt happen those #’s will be bigger … its real right now for alot of folks out here on the east coast …… those numbers are pretty much every area but the east …….. meek could had been looking something close to 300k first week …… on his FIRST ALBUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aint too many folks can say they did that on their first joint …….

  • YungKizz

    meek mills album is great i was expected more but its worth buying

  • TheBigCheeFa

    go buy the album

    • Why would I waste money on a crappy album?

    • Alf Capone

      no thank u

  • “Violated”??? Was he raped by the police? lol

  • johnblacksad

    a lil’ extra promo wont hurt…

  • IV in the Clouds

    “Normally we don’t give out this information so I can’t go any further” Can you say staged to drum up pub? How many times have Hip Hop cops known about a rapper traveling with stuff but let them go? Meek didn’t need this he was already legit in his streets. Sounds like Officer Ricky knows how to fake things…Wait that’s not news.

    • Doe Boy

      that maybe true

  • I guess Taylor Swift is a better rapper than Meek because she sold more albums?

    • No… It’s just means that Hip Hop fans don’t support their own period! They’ll spend their hole day on a so called Hip Hop site making excuses for why they stoled something that only cost $12.00…. SMFH!

      • You either hustling…or getting hustled.

    • johnblacksad

      Edo, imma let you finish, but Sean Price had one of the best albums of the year!

      • I know, but his #’s don’t reflect that…but Yeah, he’s better…just not technically?

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    this nigga makes philly look bad lmfao cass, black thoughts,gillie & all the real spittas from philly must be shaking their head in disappointment lmfao!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      dont forget my mans JAMAL google him..he had 1 of the best joints in the 90s…keep it real and Fades them all.

    • brotha_man

      Freeway and Beanie (when hes not doing a bid)

  • I feel you.
    Damn papers.
    I was just interrogated on a lunch break and search cuz Im on intense. Im clean as a whistle.

  • Keisha Mzlucious

    he’s trash…he’s an insult to life…he’s part reason why the 16-30 year olds are not respectable GUYS….he’s life’s downfall…and people ADMIRE THIS LOSER

    • brotha_man


  • disqus_E7MH35IweK

    my nigga meek.. good album

  • ThaShadowKing

    The more successful a black man becomes the more he’s watched and harassed. “Mo money means Mo problems. ” – Biggie Smalls

    • it aint got nothing to do with being black … its an american thang lol 😉 or @ this point an human thang …. $$$$ rules the world right now so if you got alot of $$$$$$ and folks know it …… people will be looking @ you like your something to eat ………

    • brotha_man

      …or glorifying drugs and violence they way he does

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  • WillVetterGoodin

    Fu*k this bitch. This dude a hoe.

  • viewer

    Don’t worry he a 4quarter rapper he make a come back in the game it Philly haven’t have recent popular star now so the hype is major now ‘ its kind hard for meek because his ceo boss got lot flack this past year it how rr boss do n say reflect on your artist is f up diddy is example of thatwww

  • essHwhy

    HELL no i aint buy meek’s album.

  • taylor swift we are not worthy damn … i know she aint mad @ kanye no more lol

  • Abrasive Angel

    Nope didn’t buy it. If he ain’t talking about something I can relate then I can’t have it in my playlist.

  • Lady Song… PHILLY

    This is BS… I had some respect for Meek Mills, being he from Philly and my peoples are cool with him, but on some real.. Nigga you made it now stop making shit up and and keep it real. Bein real is how you got your fans, now you faking ish with Officer Ricky and em.. Come on Meek don’t sell out..