Trayvon Martin

Russell Simmons, Jasiri X, Dick Gregory Endorse the “Hoodie Vote”

(AllHipHop News) Russell Simmons, Jasiri X and a variety of other rappers are supporting a new initiative aimed at encouraging young people to vote this Tuesday (November 6).

Simmons and company have endorsed the “Hoodie Vote,” which is encouraging young people to wear their hoodies to the polling booths, in honor of slain teenager Trayvon Martin.

Over 50 college campuses and people in dozens of cities nationwide are taking part in the initiative, which was cofounded by Trell Thomas.

“It’s not about capitalizing on something tragic, we want to turn tragedy into triumph,” said Thomas, who is also the national coordinator. “It’s another opportunity to send a message that while some thought we were robbing, killing, stealing, and looking “suspicious” in our hoodies, we are out here working, making a difference, and changing the world in our hoodies.”

Thomas said that the organization’s goal is to get up to 1 million people to wear their hoodies to show solidarity in the elections on Tuesday.

Other people who’ve endorsed the “Hoodie Vote” include Jasmine Sanders, legendary activist Dick Gregory, rapper Lil B and veteran air personality DJ Greg Street.

The initiate is asking voters to take pictures of themselves at the voting booths and post them to social media using #HoodieVote.

  • This is stupid. How about go vote dressing up nice.

    • toreal

      Who the hell needs to dress up nice to go vote? It’s not a job interview dumb ass.

      • reason

        Yeah i dont get that comment from Leon. Sounds like some old ass white guy putting to much emphasis on the hoodie. Its a piece of clothing for gods sake. A huge amount of white people have been wearing hoodies for awhile, i dont get this idea by people that hoodies are related to crime or criminals. If bank robbers start to come back more and more, and they dress in nice suits are we gonna assume all people wearing suits are about to rob a bank? Of course not. Its racism plain and simple, and they are doing a bad job of hiding that fact. Leon you miss the entire point of this, to show that what is seen as criminal (people wearing hoodies, but lets be honest black people wearing hoodies) is not criminal at all in fact they are voting just like the people who “dress nice”. Doing what you suggest is exactly what the government and old boys club that sets the status quo wants. Don’t change to please them when there is NOTHING i repeating NOTHING wrong with wearing a hoodie.

      • jp

        stop dressin as niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss

      • toreal

        So true.

      • juan

        and this is why you should not vote, no pride.

  • Nikki

    love it!

  • TheInfiniteToker

    If Trayvon was white, none of this would be happening.

    • illseed

      Of course not, because justice would have been served swiftly.

      • JimJames29

        More exactly: he wouldn’t have been killed

    • reason

      Stupid thing to say. Think the first two responses told you the reality. I’m white, this is more than white man killing black kid. When the police treat the killer different than they would if the races were flipped, then we got a big problem and a problem that none of us as Human Beings should stand for. For over two weeks the shooter had his gun before the police even thought about taking it as evidence. That alone tells me something not relating to facts or evidence regarding this case is going on and it stinks of corruption, racism or at least a state’s law enforcement agency having differing set of rules and regulations depending on the race of subject and victim. Its time to be grown up, and quit this idea of “well if it was my race would other people care?” because that hypothetical and seeking to be a victim when you are not. If you feel no other race would care, well this is the time to show how real non-ignorant white people think and show support. Just try to imagine and put your self in other peoples shoes, if its wrong its wrong. Not well its wrong but what would happen if it was a white kid because guess what that doesn’t happen and if there are cases they don’t relate to Trayvon’s. All this what if talk is a wall of smokes, trying to confuse and stop us as a people to come together in a way that does not include or reject people based on something as dumb as the color of their skin but includes all based on the content of their character. This idea is scary to the status quo, look at all the people who have had a inkling of this idea and when they tried to act to unite they were killed by a bullet or have had their character dragged through the mud so badly (and often falsely) that they lose credibility. Black and white, from MLK JR, Malcom X (right as soon as he started talking unity not dividing), JFK Jr, RFK, Abraham Lincoln. All these men were killed by an assassins bullet all for the same reason sometimes its more obvious and sometimes less but its the same fear of a unified people (economically too). They will assassinate you with a bullet or by assassinating your character and credibility. For things like what happened to Trayvon and the reaction of the law enforcement, or more accurately the lack of a reaction, to happen in the 2012 is an embarrassment to all of us, the status quo and old boys school that is our government will not change until they are forced to. Can the people rely on the police or military to support them? Sadly i don’t think we can, a strange sickness brought on by the promise of money and power. Does anyone of any race honestly feel like the police are out there everyday just protecting us? As in thats their main focus? Not catch people doing pseudo illegal things and getting that money for the state. We need so many people looking for speeders? What about the crazy violence? And reacting to it is not protecting, preventing is. Sorry for going off but i really feel like you need to think about it more and take your personal race out of the issue, and put yourself in other peoples shoes. Maybe it really is a dream that MLK Jr. had but i think its worth fighting for. And yeah wearing hoodies while voting isn’t gonna do 1/1000th of what im talking about but its a start and a show of unity that we as a people are a large diverse group and we all believe what happened to Trayvon, the reaction by the police, the media, it was all wrong and we aren’t gonna let this end as another young person killed for no reason. This can’t end like a Martin Lee, and thousands if not 10’s of thousands of cases end in America. We need at the minimum a admission of handling this case wrong and a tiny sight of positive change in the future. This era of police suffering no consequences has to end, and on a much lesser level and a different level the police f*ck with and abuse people of all races, not to mention what they do to our women and only to find out the punishment is paid leave for the rapist being defended by our local and federal government. If white people and black people were united there would have been a civil war again, and the way our country is going there is very little doubt our government can keep doing what its doing both internationally and locally. Terrorism is a great distractor, and if you think the terrorists “hate our freedom” well i dont know if i can speak to you. Go look at the history of our country, go look what the CIA has been doing. I mean who really thinks someone thousands of miles away hate our freedoms so bad they want to attack us, and that its not based on what we have done overtly but more importantly covertly in the Middle East since the end of world war two. Remember Al`Qaeda was our ally when they were fighting the russians in the 80s, we even armed them and gave them our untested weapon the stinger so they could shoot down the soviet helicopters and low flying planes. As soon as they beat the soviets we dropped Al`Qaeda like a hot potatoe. What kind of ally are we? Sounds to me like we used them to destroy the soviet armed forces which was a large factor in the fall of the soviet union, but afterwards we didnt want to know them. Sorry for long post i just think that statement is not the way you should be taking this idea.

  • kingsikk

    why vote for obama? Seems like he spends more time partying with celebs than helping the hard working people. Stop me when I lie.

    • Um….skin color?

      In reality, he is the lesser of two evils, but the system will only allow us to choose between evil & eviler.

      1Million hoodies?
      I hope 1 Million brothers don’t get harassed on election day……but yeah, we’ll have ours on….in full force…..& full gear!

      • reason

        Truth. Electing the president is and has been for a long time a choice between the lesser of two evils. We could include third parties in a serious manner, we could include proportional representation when electing the president easily, but we wont because the current system works for the government/politicians but rarely works for people. If 51% of WA state votes Democratic than the democrats get all 12 electoral votes. This means if you didnt win the majority your vote literally did not count. Now if you gave electoral votes by proportional representation and say 60% of people in Pennsylvania voted republican, Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes this year. So the republicans would get 60 %, 12 votes, and the Democrats would get 40%, 8 votes. Now does this not seem intrinsically much more fair and includes EVERYONE’s votes not just the voters who were in the majority as it does now? Many countries in Europe do this, and yes even countries we seem to hate like France. They also have two rounds of Presidental voting so that the first round you could vote for a independant third party and not feel like you wasted a vote because in the next round the top two vote “getters” (or three maybe i dont remember exactly)are voted on. I hope other races show support but who knows.

      • Should be like the Mrs. America pageant, contestant from every state, majority rules.

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  • Bumpy Johnson

    How many times do i have to say “the hoodie didnt kill trayvon” so why the fkk do we want to help these hoodie companies get more money . Black people are always wearing what killed trayvon forget a hoodie.

    yes people jog in hoodies, but most people who wear hoodies with the hood up where them before doing a robbery, home invasion, rape or murder. So please stop the stupidity .

    • Sylvester Daniel

      And ppl that rob, rape, steal all wear shoes but that don’t make us all robbers, rapist so please make sense.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        you wear shoes to walk….hoodies to hide your identity to commit crime…..if you see a person behind you walkin with his hoodie on. be honest would you feel safe.

  • Synista

    You know some retard once said that hoodies were gangsta clothing ,then i thought to myself mark zuckerberg wears hoodies ,does that make him a gangsta??

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  • trayvon’s dad is a freemason. thats y zimmerman got arrested with no evidence. look it up

  • kcgirl88

    how is this in any way shape or form relevant to voting for a president? although a tragic and sad incident – it just doesn’t make sense…. i’m wearin my chucks #TaylorGang lol i mean really???? i’ma wear my 2 chainz smokin on that gas… okay point proven. makes no sense (fyi i’m mixed) and this turned into a huge race issue and nobody stopped to focus on what it means about voting…