AllHipHop Endorses Barack Obama

The AllHipHop Endorsement For Barack Obama

The AllHipHop Endorsement for Barack Obama

By Chuck Creekmur

It is time for Americans to stand up and reelect President Barack Obama.

During his first term, the Commander-in-Chief has presented the United States with much-needed, resolute leadership, and has subsequently accomplished a string of successes, economically, socially, and internationally as well. Without question, there is much work to be done, but Obama has been able to stabilize the nation despite the GOP’s policy to overtly, consciously block just about every forward-thinking move the president has attempted since taking office.

First, most people understood that Obama was going to need eight years to make true change happen in America. The previous eight were catastrophic to American quality of life and morale, all the way down to the international perception of our nation. Obama has been a great ambassador of the people, and he has restored honor to the presidency. He managed to end the War in Iraq, which he opposed from the very start. He also ended the terrorist reign of Osama Bin Laden, which was a priority for America.

The Economy

Remember, we were a resourceful people facing another Great Depression four years ago. No other president faced such dire economic conditions since Franklin Roosevelt in 1933. In Obama, we found a president that took on another president’s mess and averted an economic meltdown. He kept the automobile industry from flatlining and even added jobs. The housing industry wasn’t resurrected as hoped, succumbing to political and regulatory pitfalls. And, while some people have some level of disappointment about Barack Obama, those sentiments are largely based on the sweeping assertion that he was a modern Jesus coming to save us. Let’s erase unreasonable expectations, and get to the reality of why Obama deserves another four years. Obama has made great strides simply to regain some semblance of economic normalcy to the United States.

Health Care

The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) will certainly be erased if Romney is elected. The historic law initiated by the president would ensure that all Americans, particularly the uninsured, will get healthcare. This is going to revolutionize how we address our lives, and it will cover people with pre-existing ailments as well. Young adults that have parents with insurance can now retain healthcare benefits until they are 26.

For more about Obama’s Health Reform, read up on it now.

Looming precariously under healthcare are hot-button issues such as a woman’s right to choose. The president – unlike Mitt Romney and his counterparts – understands that decisions about sticky topics such as abortion (and supporting organizations such as Planned Parenthood) are better left up to those parties involved in the personal situations at hand. Undoubtedly, retaining rights such as a woman’s choice to decide what happens to her body should be a high priority for us all. The president gets it.

Americans [The 99%]

Off the top, amid his secret meetings with wealthy sponsors, Romney wrote off the 47% of the country he doesn’t feel he needs or cares about. Obama, however, believes in raising up all Americans. My brother and I had a chance moment with Obama before he became president. We held up our daughters so they could shake hands with him. When he saw them over 3-4 rows of manic people, Obama’s face lit up, and he reached over those people to grab hands with them. These are the moments that cannot be faked and they impact the future, even if they cannot vote November 6. Obama even took part in Nickelodeon’s mock kids vote (they reelected the president, by the way). Romney didn’t bother. Not even with the kids. They don’t vote. As president, Obama is far more trustworthy than most, even though he’s got the cumbersome task of making a nation happier. Simply put, he cares.

African Americans, The Poor, and the Hip-Hop Community

Obama has fought steadfast for people of color, youth, and even the poor. He’s outlined an agenda for African American people, created a number of job and mentoring programs (Summer Jobs+) for disenfranchised youth, and courted the Hip-Hop Community like no other president. Sway from MTV’s “RapFix” series interviewed the president; Obama made Jay and Beyonce spokespeople for the campaign, and invited and got the views from a number of community movers and shakers in Hip-Hop on how to make things better. Pointless gestures? I think not.

Obama’s 2008 election proved we’ve made strides, but it also showed that racism has been donning a well-crafted camouflage. Still, Obama managed to do work and expose his adversaries and their racial hang-ups. Perhaps we now understand that we have not achieved the Utopian post-racial America that many – including some African Americans – have trumpeted. There is a great deal of progress that needs to be made in the area of race relations, and Obama is the president for that end.

For more, download the president’s agenda for the African American community.


Pell Grants have been set up to help students in dire financial need, and they don’t have to be repaid. In 2012, The Department of Education announced the designation of $228 million in federal grants to 97 Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The American Jobs Act helped millions of African Americans and others by providing additional financial help.

Eligible students, file for a Pell Grant here. 

Our Collective Plight

The central question to the attacks on Barack Obama has been: “Is your life better now than it was four years ago?”

At, we recall exactly where we were four years ago, in every way imaginable. All struggle is contextual, but it definitely was not the best of times. The recession had not yet formally hit, but my independently-owned company had already felt the economic tsunami on the way. My business partner, Greg Watkins, and the staff were attempting to do what would ultimately become the final “AllHipHop Week” to date, and the consistent sponsors weren’t there, unaware of what was to come. The new sponsors weren’t there either. We ended up hobbling through a fractured week. We’d eventually see the recession impact us on a number of fronts, eventually forcing us to stick and move to find fresh streams of revenue. In other words, we were like everybody else feeling the economic crush.

On a personal front, it was a mess, and everybody could feel the sting of the impending economic free fall to come. I remember most of my friends and family were reeling from something job- or housing-related crisis. Others were just suffering or teetering on the edge of the Middle Class and poverty. And guess what? Most of us are still are going through these tremendous challenges. This is not a sprint to recovery, but a marathon to prosperity.

So, are we better now than those times?

Before you answer that, take it back a few years. Ask yourself, is your life better now than it was 8-12 years ago, when President Bush was decimating the country? My people are still coated in the painful residue from eight years of the second George Bush. Obama inherited that. These aren’t excuses. These are facts. In four years, Obama accepted the dire circumstances and has definitely made the country a better place. A better place that had a lot more work to do.

Hit the link and you can see that the president’s plan for America is far more clearly defined than his opponent Mitt Romney’s.

Lastly, who do you trust more – Romney or Obama? Romney appears to be telling lie after lie, seemingly in an effort to satisfy whoever he is speaking to at the time. Some of these whoppers are outlined by Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. Really, Mitt?

To allow Romney entrance into the White House is almost to reward the Republican party for their efforts to stymy progress, thereby disallowing Obama the ability to finish the job he’s finally making some momentum at. Some Republicans, particularly the abrasive, ineffectual Tea Party, were not about the people in any way, shape, or form. Remember, the Delaware witch from last time around, Christine O’Donnell? Really, Tea Party? Really? The Republican-run Congress’ chief priority was to undermine Obama and filibuster everything moving, from legislation to key administrative positions. The true “State of the Union” was subsequently weakened, and Americans became disillusioned by a system that couldn’t get it together to served them. These folks were not about the people. These folks were about their agenda.

For myself and those I know, things are much better on every front. I give Obama some of that credit, and other parts I give to our own inability to accept defeat. Yes, there is much work to do, and we don’t agree with every policy POTUS has adopted. Still, it is time to allow the president time to do the work that remains to be done on jobs, the economy, immigration, the environment, and more.

In 2007-08, we were fired up in the face of a Great Depression, and we are still fired up staring at a Great Progression. believes that the best way to continue making progress in the people is to bestow President Obama another four years.


Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur is a father, son, and the CEO of He’s a cultural critic, pundit and trailblazer that has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR), BET, TVOne, VH1, The E! Channel, MTV, The O’Reilly Factor, USA Today, The New York Times, New York’s Hot 97 FM, and numerous other outlets.

Thank you: Rob “Biko” Baker, Cheo Hodari Coker, Johnathan Creekmur, Mary Seward-Downes, Elon Johnson, Thuy-An Julien, Seandra Sims, and Tonya Pendleton

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  • I’m voting for O, based on this endorsement…..& this endorsement only.

    Yes, he is the lesser of 2 evils, but I’ll keep my eyes open for sure.

    • Thanks bro. Its a two party system right now and we have Obama and Mitt as our options for president. Then there is the work WE need to do in our communities and that’s what people don’t understand.

      • Yeah, in reality, it’s a one party system with two factions & voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil IMHO……but… the scope of the larger picture, my crew will vote en bloc for O, with no expectations & open eyes.

        P.S. – Tell Sydney & iLLseed to check their emails, I wrote an $E$ for this Saturday & since they let the rumors go stale ( The Whole site really ) on the weekend, I added some Hip Hop rumors for them….including the Cee Lo Green Confession tape ( 4UMF )

        $E$ Election Day Special is in the mail.

        My Twitter is down, but Hit me up on aol
        EDOGZ818 & we can negotiate to add $E$ back on AHH if you ready to take it there.


    • Mongo Slade

      U voting for O based on this endorsement??? Really this is what it took to get u out the house and voting huh? I hear u homie

      • Yeah, I wasn’t going to vote, the way I see it, we are at the end of freedom or the end of Tyranny & I’m not sure elections will fix it or stave off the upcoming economic collapse.

      • JDot

        Its going to happen. So batten down the hatches and prepare to weather the storm.

      • Q.

        Storm been here, bro… And if you’re brown-skinned, the storm BEEN been here. Feel me?

  • Joed Smith

    Black unemployment, Black incarceration, Black homelessness and Black miseducation have not improved under his watch. Hip hop and politrix dont mix. Well now they do.

    • Abrasive Angel

      They are not going to improve because we need to take care of our own problems because when government gets involved it will get worst because they will begin dividing people by race and whatnot as always. Divide and Conquer is always used on people who are considered have-nots.

      • I agree totally. And this time, I didn’t stress that this time, but
        in my previous write ups, I did just that. If you go through other
        communities, they dont feel the sting of unemployment as much because
        the employ their own.

      • Mongo Slade

        Facts are facts and too many Blacks feel Obama deserves a pass. Why does he deserve a pass bcuz he a Black Man? A Black Man that NEVER once addressed the African American Community since he’s been in office… I think Obama has made great personal accomplishments, he seems intelligent but this attitude that he shouldn’t be criticized by the very people he NEEDS to be criticized by is ludicrous. I guess people are just happy with a Black figure head because that’s all it is

      • He is African ( Kenyan ) American ( & Ineligible to hold office…but that’s another topic ) & he hasn’t addressed the Black community.

        Difference = African Americans can trace their roots to Africa….Blacks to the slave ports in the south.

        Africa’s wealth needs to be exploited & ravaged & McCain or Rommney bombing Africa won’t fit that scenario…..

        “Every brother ain’t a brother cuz a Black hand squeezed on Malcolm X the Man, the shootin’ of Huey Newton, from the hands of a ni99a pulled the trigga”…Chuck d / PE Welcome To The Terror Dome

    • Nah, he isn’t going to specifically look out!

    • toreal

      Black incarceration, Black homelessness and black mis education is the fault of the mother and father of the person or the person themselves. Blacks did not crash the economy, whites did. Stop asking for hand outs and get your black ass up and do something. You can’t blame everything on the president.

      • Joed Smith

        Really, So that means that black people are just flawed by design. Toreal it is toooooo easy to generalize the problems black folk face a disproportionate levels. Asking the pres to intervene in suffering american affairs is his job. Get it his job. The same way he deemed immigration was a problem for the latinos. Same way he deemed his needed to speak in the defense of LGBT. Same way he passed obamacare.

        Lastly stop not holding any elected official accountable for his.her shortcomings.

      • Yeah, but for Blacks it’s different, we are the homeless people of the Earth, so why should an African American / Kenyan American, give a fugg about the descendants of slaves?

        What choice do we have?

        it’s not like we have a world voice at the UN like…um, the Mexicans?

      • JDot

        So true. So true. More effort is put into trying to fit into their system instead of creating our own. We have nothing of our own. Ooops we got February coming.

        Marcus Garvey said this in 1922.

        Politics without industry means insecurity.

        A man who is going to talk politics without working is going to be a
        charge on the state. You cannot live on politics alone; you have to live
        on industry; industry must be the foundation of your politics, and I am
        saying to the Negroes of the world that the thing for us to do now is
        to prepare ourselves industrially, so that if an industrial pressure is
        brought to bear upon is in the future we will be in a position through
        independence to protect our own interests.

      • I’m stealing this you Mudda Chucka : )

        Ninjaz be killing me talking about revolution & we shall overcome & we can’t even manufacture toilet paper to wipe our butts, let alone grow a tomato to ensure that something comes out of it.

        SMDH @ The State of “BLACK” America

      • JDot

        Its Marcus gift to us. Now are we going to follow?

      • Gonna try & if I don’t, gonna at least share it for others to try.

        It’s the only way to ever be truly free.

      • Well how about you suckas vote for Romney since HealthCare does nothing for Blacks. Since the Fair Sentencing Act doesn’t do anything for Blacks. Since DADT and speak in the defense of LGBT doesn’t do anything for Blacks. Since the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act does nothing for our women. Since Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act, Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, doesn’t nothing for Blacks. Since Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act does nothing for Blacks.
        Barrack Obama has to be inclusive. He is the President of All America. Tho, it doesn’t seem like he focus on us. You better believe that the things he as passed so far affect us by a greater number by default.

      • Joed Smith

        Allllllll that stuff and we still at the bottom. Country 8%, black folk 14% unemployed. Still live in slums, still undereducated, still incarcerated more. Alllll that stuff and we still at the bottom. SMH really bleak. lol. I dont endorse Romney neither. I endore DO FOR SELF and stop being part of the problem. The dems got those social programs in yall veins like a crack IV. Ever heard the saying about teaching a man to fish. Apply it here and get off the (nothing for you) bandwagon. Well if you are LGBT, Jewish, or hispanic vote for him.

  • Abrasive Angel

    So what else is new besides BET being pro-Romney?

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  • He didn’t end the Iraq war and wasn’t a senator when the war started so he didn’t vote for or against it back then. The end of the occupation was set to expire in the year the troops were pulled. Our government attempted to extend the troop deployments to Iraq but the Iraqi government wanted to be able to charge troops within their courts for crimes committed in the country. Our government said no and Iraq said leave so that is how the “war” was actually “ended”. There is a tentative agreement with Afghanistan to keep troops there for another 10 years. That will be negotiated in 2014. I like Obama over Romney but people need to know how shit actually goes down with stuff like war.

    • War = Stick Up on a National level

    • You are right. He about the occupation being set to expire the year the troops pulled out. But even the Republicans would tell you that they don’t believe Obama tried hard enough to renegotiate the new terms. Thus, ending the war.

      Although he wasn’t a U.S Senator (he was State Senator ’97-’04)

      , Obama was an early opponent of the George W. Bush administration’s 2003 invasion of Iraq. On October 2, 2002, the day President Bush and Congress agreed on the joint resolution authorizing the Iraq War, Obama addressed the first high-profile Chicago anti-Iraq War rally, and spoke out against the war. He addressed another anti-war rally in March 2003 and told the crowd that “it’s not too late” to stop the war.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Bullsh@t. Obama and Romney are both puppets for big corporations. I am sick of voting for evil or evil lite. The health care bill was a giveaway for the large corporations, students STILL CANNOT file bankruptcy on student loans and the only thing that they offer blacks/the poor is food stamps and handouts, none of which make them independent. Obama has given the president the right to kill Americans with no trial, extended the Patriot act and will be bringing drones to a city near you. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The Oligarchs got Obama in office buy giving him MILLIONS. Those are the people that he is loyal to. Why would they finance Obama if he was a threat to the status quo? Obama has done more harm to our rights than Bush could ever hope to do. You can believe the BS if you want to but I ain’t buying it.

    • Mongo Slade


    • True!

  • best_believe

    His first 2 years he was able to do what ever he wanted and did do jack. So the GOP could only block half of his term. He said he would stop ear marks and he just added them in Obama care. he said Government would be open and it’s still corrupt. Nancy Pollosi said don’t worry what’s in Obama care we’ll just find out after words. Bingazi Libia is a big cover up (Lie). Obama would have not been able to get Osama if it wasn’t for the so called torture that Bush did. And he won’t give credit where credit is due.

    The Economy – Reagan had it worse and improved it much faster then Obama. Iraq has ended a year already and we are already in another +Trillion dollars in debt. Bush gave a $4,000,000,000,000 in debt in 8 years, Obama surpassed that in 4 years easy.

    Health Care – Government doesn’t run anything right. As long as they can rely on tax payers for there spending there is gonna be spending out the ass. So why would I want them controlling my life with healthcare. They have it set up that eventually we all will be stuck with it. They should be able to set policies but not run the whole thing.

    Romney 47% He was speaking the truth. All he said is 47% Of America is gonna vote for Obama. Just like 47% is gonna vote for Romney. He is just concentrating in the middle votes. He doesn’t mean if he gets elected the hell with 47% of America. The media plays mind games.

    African Americans He enslaves the poor community by giving out welfare like candy instead of to the people who needs it. There comes a time when able bodied people need to get off of it. Not 99 weeks!!!


    George Bushes worst unemployment numbers were only in his last month and that Obamas best unemployment numbers. And i didn’t like George Bush.

    I’m tired

    • The debt will continue to skyrocket expo-nationally, regardless of who is in office, unless the fix the Federal Reserve system, which neither candidate is addressing, so in my mind, they are both not concerned with fixing the economy of country from our perspectives……how you gonna make economic policies when you never had to juggle shut off notices?

      That’s like making drug policy even though you never smoked the chronic # IJS.

  • best_believe

    And Allhiphop needs to stop acting like we’re stupid and didn’t know that they are in the bag for Obama. There is bad out of every president. Not just Republicans. But Obama can do NO WRONG. Challenge the mans policies.

    • You lost me at Reagan.

    • His policies are the same as Bush’s *Internationally….except more of it.

  • Joed Smith

    How many people would continue on investing in something they get no return from. Put some money in a savings account that doesnt accrue interest, you moving banks right?

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Wonder if allhiphop would have supported Obama if he was white though

    • This is a foolish statement. Bill Clinton all day. Can’t wait to meet that man. He helped me get where I am. He wasn’t perfect, but my life was improved under his presidency.

    • If Clinton was running against Romney or even if McCain ran against Romney, I wouldn’t side with Romney. He is a liar. He changes his views every time he faces a different audience. He of course will fix the economy. But what is his plan? Cut taxes for the richest? Cut taxes for himself?
      Maybe Obama is not the best expert when it comes to economics. But the Republicans have had 4 years to find somebody who understands this field much better and they failed.

      And for all those people who like listening to lies. And Obama is in the liar club as well. The Jobs are not coming back. Technology replaces manpower. Simple as that. every company optimizes processes to lay off workers. Thats the main reason why jobs are gone. 30 years ago companies used thousands of workers to fix their paperwork. Nowadays a software solution and a server does most of the job.
      Every ATM machine replaces a bank teller.
      Those jobs are never ever coming back.

      • Eli Whitney’s cotton Gin started the civil war because it could do the work of 10 slaves…. industrialization in the North, combined with slavery would have wrecked the economy because of the unemployment rate created by slavery.

        Pay you an hourly wage or buy a slave to run the machine?

        How are non slaves gonna eat?

    • Joed Smith


  • Well written Chuck and also thanks for the honesty. We readers here don’t think about what is going on behind the scenes of this site, when we are sometimes a bit harsh with criticism.
    Same goes for the president. Of course there are a lot of issues he could have mastered in a much better way. But his overall performance has been overshadowed with a terrible economy which was not his fault. It was G.W.Bush who spent all of the budget. And also the faulty credits were not really a secret if you followed any financial news. People were already fearing such an event as early as in 1999.
    Sometimes we just expect miracles from others even as we know that it is impossible.
    And we all did expect Obama to perform miracles. But we never ask ourselves what we could do to show support. Many of us live the same stupid lifestyle as before he came to office. Many of us are still involved in drugs, abandon their kids and do bad investments.

    We rather dress in a 1000$ outfit, than educating ourselves.
    We rather buy a new ride than sending our kids to school.
    And we don’t trust our own people to make things worst.

    We would invest into anybody than the nigga next doors.

    Real talk here.

    So before judging on others we should also judge on ourselves.

    • Thanks. I actually writing something new along these lines, directly to Black men. But the fact is, most people don’t know what goes behind the scenes in this company and we work hard to rep Hip-Hop and to continuously push content to people that visit here daily. As far as Obama is concerned, I was saying the other day, I can’t even imagine the pressure and scrutiny he’s under as the first African American president. Its easy for Clinton to implement policy that helps or Reagan not to care at all, but race is tricky for a Black president. At the end of the day, we have to make hard personal decisions and prioritize for what’s best in the long run.

      • Joed Smith

        Race should have nothing to do with it. He should help the groups of americans that suffer more than most. ahhhhhh who is unemployed the most? Who is undereducated? Who is incarcerated the most? Jews? Latinos? Gays? No but they all seemed to get attention from the white house. You cant prioritize resources you dont have.

      • Mongo Slade

        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We forget a BLACK GUY also put some other BLACK GUYS on a ship headed for America that BLACK GUY got paid off to help set off what we know as the NORTH AMERICAN SLAVE TRADE which made America a very wealthy nation — our BLACK BROTHER did that

      • Real issue = reparations & the option to do for self

      • Holla at me, I’ll write some ‘chet for AHH,….it will tackle real issues that get avoided, with real facts & most of all, will get minds to thinking about serious issues that affect us daily.

      • JDot

        Edog I would look to see some educated unbiased commentary. If not here lets create a blog. You shouldn’t expect too much from a site (no offense to your business Chuck) that supports coon music (coon music is degenerate music that does not uplift the race).

    • Joed Smith

      You cant make excuses for not getting done what he prosmised. This mess wasnt something thrown at him to fix, it was a job he campaigned for and claimed he could fix. This shouldnt even be a white or black issue but truthfully the only reason sooooo many people are politically aware is because he is black. The black effect ladies and gents (cheers and applause) ask golf and tennis how it works. But this time that man might not be the answer. Consider and analyze the numbers and take emotion out if you can. Ever heard the saying love cant pay the rent?

      • I don’t disagree with you here. But you are missing the topic(see my other post here). Obama failed in some cases, but ask yourself. Is Romney the right one to do the job? The Republicans had 4 years to find a suitable candidate. And they have no one better than Romney?

      • Joed Smith

        I agree with you. But answer this is voting for obama the lesser or two evils (like I been hearing)?

      • Yes & a vote for the lesser of 2 evils… still a vote for evil.

      • JDot

        Exactly. A lose lose for US! I shocked at the artists supporting him im shouldnt be though. His employers employs them.

      • Yeah, that’s like being shocked at the rappers supporting a lifestyle that leads to prison….or being shocked that Private prisons own the rappers…indirectly, like Kiaser Sosay!

      • I don’t believe Obama is “evil” – sorry, I don’t. But, IF you take that position, wouldn’t you want the lesser of the two? That’s just common sense talking. This is America and somethings can and will change and others can’t or won’t. Its a system. But, sadly, most people wait for a handout and that’s what I don’t do. I don’t much care who is in office. Mine will be taken care of. Everybody cannot take that position for different reasons. That’s my position in life.

      • Of course, the lesser of the two, with the caveat “The Devil you know….is better than the one you don’t” / “Meet the new boss….same as the old Boss”.

        O is a sleeper move, I mean would you co-sign McSame if he bombed Africa?

        All I’m saying, to you included, but you already know, is keep ya’ eyes open, no matter who is in office or what color they are.

        The bottom line is that us as a whole, need to do for self, and not depend on the corporate candidates.

        You & yours will be alright, but like you said, not everyone can take that position, some won’t be alright regardless of who is in office.

        Neither will their future generations nor their current ones.

        The Federal reserve system is a ponzi scheme, tantamount to fractional reserve banking, and the failure to address this glaring deficiency by either candidate is a glaring indication that the fix in in.

        O is a pacifier, like excess, to distract from the fundamental issues regarding an ever increasing police state that is locking down Americans of all colors & creeds.

        A shooby do move / C3 / Fugazy.

        The system grooms candidates to govern from the left & right who will still steer us toward a facist state like they have a Military Industrial Complex.

        I remember when, although it still might be, correct me if I’m wrong, but there were only 5 distribution licenses in the country:

        Warner Music Group


        Sony Music (known as CBS Records until January 1991 then known as Sony Music thereafter)

        BMG Music

        Universal Music Group


        Now it’s Universal, Sony & Warner?

        Owned by Israeli’s, so who has the final say on what music represents the culture? Them or you, KRS One, Chuck D, etc?

        Who owns the “Federal Reserve” ? Israelis

        Who has more power the boss ( YOU ) or the employee (iLLseed)?

        If the Israeli’s “ISSUE” * the $$$$, they control the country.

        The upper hand gives, the lower receives.

        In effect, the country has been overthrown, technically speaking & I can document it for you.

        Still, speaking of being all right ……What’s up with a job writing for AHH?

        You know you need at least one board member on staff : )

        I sent a submission to Sydney Lace & Illseed, have them forwarded it to you & check it out. I did a guest spot on the Rumors (To High Light 4UMF ….cuz we get the news & rumors first….I’m telling you, put us in your news feed, the news room is bananas, we got friends in low places : ) & dropped an $E$, but I don’t want to do the RUMORS per se, but $chool ‘Em $aturdays is a perfect fit now, site goes dead for the weekend, for the most part, & if the rumors are gonna go stale from Friday to Monday AM, might as well have $E$ as the sole topic on Saturday, the Sabbath, so it’s a win win situation in the sense that the site is a little more livelier, and the topic that is getting stale, is about the Three E’s – Energy, Environment, Economy.

        You sleeping on your power as a Hip hop Platform, if O likes Common, listens to Jay Z & brushes dirt off his shoulder…’s totally conceivable if the government doesn’t regulate the internet & shut down AHH, that a future POTUS could have been on AHH, ‘chet, might even be campaigning on AHH, like they do MTV, BET, CNN, etc?

        Might even have a POTUS who can remember what it feels like to not “BE Ai’IGHT” no matter who is in office, might know what it’s like to have to choose what shut off notice to ignore, might know what it’s like to be in a situation where their best choice was to take a risk that wasn’t worth the reward & so on.

        I mean, that can’t happen as long as the fix is in, it’s insiders only.

        Like the KRS-ONE Vs Nelly Battle….

        Yeah, Nelly “WON”, because the label got behind him & gave a big push, commercialized, etc…..that resulted in Nelly’s disappearance from Hip Hop for those 5yrs, as opposed to what normally would have been a LIFETIME ban for Nelly resulting from the lyrical roasting Nelly endured…..but is Nelly really a better MC? Was Jackie Robinson really better than Satchel Paige?

        Better at doing what’s required of them by the positions managers.

        What I’m saying is that “IF” the fix is in, we don’t have a plan B. We don’t even GROW tomatoes & might not even know how.

        EROEI = Energy Returned On Energy Invested

        UpKeep > Income = Down Fall = Economic Law

        Hurricane Sandy = No “ENERGY” = No trucks, no heat, No Food = DEAD

        Consuming more energy than producing = Deficit / Negative Energy

        Planet = Finite Resource / Energy *IE Oil
        You can’t run a linear economy system on a finite planet.

        Economy = Petro Dollar / Oil
        Oil Consumption = Linear / Ever Increasing

        ( Think Bush 1, Oil Fields, Sydney Lace fuggin up the Kanye West Cruel Summer / President rumor by confusing the two Bushes , NWO speech Sept. 11, 1991….ten years to the day, before 9/11, the phrase New World Order was uttered / coined…….)

        So don’t sleep, you may be aight with who ever is in office, but others, are actually strategically regulated into that position. Even if they weren’t, that %47 isn’t what’s causing the deficit….and it still doesn’t add up to any where near what the U.S. gives & has given to Israel.

        If it did, Mercedes. BMW , Gucci & Nike would all have commercials talking about how easy it is to have these ninjaz drop what their doing & rush over to bring you a Benz, while a Nike representative cleans, them eats your toe jams before fitting you with the newest, newwy new custom Jordan’s…’chet, it might even be Michael Jordan eating them toe jams for that kinda money. #Just Kidding

        Hurricane Sandy = 100 Billion in Damage

        115 Billion = Handouts given to Israel

        16 Trillion = Current National Debt

        It’s hustle… the game monopoly….& they are the bank. Technically speaking, the old white due on the “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, is J.P. Morgan, the due that started the Federal Reserve system, the original Monopoly Man, go look at the back of Sydney Lace’s EBT card ( > $hot$ Fired at Sydney Lace….but they were wide right……… intentionally : – ) JP Morgan’s bank runs that.

        I’m not sayin’…I’mJustSayin’

        Anyway, email me about a staff position so we can negotiate.

        Rumor has it, when it comes to business negotiations, your nickname is “The Hebrew Hammer”, for clutching a dollar a legendary tight fisted grip, that would make Rza’s Iron Fist look like a squished Twinkie!

        >In Rich People’s Voice:
        “Have your people call my people & see if we can do lunch? Let’s say tentatively 3PM , Monday at Kennedy’s Fried Chicken.”

      • Q.

        “You can’t run a linear economy system on a finite planet.”

        This planet offers more than enough resources for us to thrive. It’s just that man’s greed has rendered us dependent on its finite resources…
        FREE ENERGY, anyone?

      • If we live off the interest instead of the capital….maybe, but eventually, resources will run out.

        Like in the movie 300, Zerxes? stated his crew would “drink the rivers dry”….same concept.

        Free energy – IE: Solar doesn’t eradicate oil usage.

        Plastic = Oil

      • Q.

        LOL. You misunderstood me, my brotha.

        When I say free energy, I’m not talking about Solar!
        Think WIRELESS ELECTRICITY (See “Tesla”).

        The technology already exists. The question is, “Why aren’t we using it?”

        Let’s start from there.

      • Whoah……..but Yeah, even still, that doesn’t replace a car tire or food container.

        Why aren’t we using it?

        Debt is the name of the game, but wireless electricity been around since the turn of LAST century….oil’s usage hasn’t kept pace with it’s discovery & production.

        Hosea 4:6 ” My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

      • Q.

        There’s evidence that free energy was a part of ancient human societies, but that’s another topic…

        But you’re right–DEBT is the name of the game we’re playing, the game that dictates our current system. So, the next question is,

        Why are we, the people tolerating the current paradigm of a debt-based world society, especially when we realize that it’s unsustainable?

      • “The spirit of my people is broken, starving & sweaty, dreaming about revolution, looking at my machete, but the workload is to heavy, to rise up in arms & if I ran away I know they’d probably murder my moms, so I pray to Heso’ Christo when I go to the mission, process the cocaine paste & play my position” Immortal Technique – Peruvian Cocaine

        *If you haven’t heard, youtube it = Real HIP HOP

        People are too poor to rebel….by design & pacified by excess.

      • Q.

        No doubt. Revolutionary, Vol. 2 has been in my iTunes library for years.

        On the contrary, mass poverty is EXACTLY what induces rebellion/revolution. An economic collapse may be just what the doctor ordered to invoke REAL change in America, the world. It’s just that the illusion of everyone being able to reach “ultra-capitalist” status where we can individually hoard resources is what keeps the everyday man stuck in this cycle. However, every cycle must come to an end. It seems more and more people are getting fed up with this unjust economic system and living a life of debtorship, based on monopoly money. Mass American poverty should put the rest of the world into perspective for us, shouldn’t it? But that’s just ONE step. So…what comes after that?

        In other words, when we talk about the nuances of politics and how to sustain/ preserve the current system of debtor slavery to the banks by quibbling over, as you said “a one-party system with two factions,” what are we really talking about? Aren’t we basically arguing for the continuation of our own slavery?

        The planet is naturally shifting into a higher gear. Are we going to upshift with it, or just die off? This deleterious, artificial world cannot be sustained infinitely.

      • Indeed, if it happens quick, recovery will be easier than a slow decay, where the infrastructure deteriorates over time.

      • Joed Smith

        Btw you cant blame this on a “black lifestyle”. lol That is laughable. I am sooooo sick of everyone especially black blaming blacks for some of our backwardness. When WE dont excel in their flawed system we critiicize each other. You are right WE dont invest in each other but we can whole-heartedly endorse a man who has never said he would do anything for us. Backwards right.

      • I hear you. I don’t put Obama in any liar’s club. I think he’s tried to create jobs in other places, like the green movement. Honestly, I’m very resolute in the view that we have to do for ourselves and that means making hard decisions about where you put your money. The president of the US (any president) will never, ever, ever make sweeping changes for the poor or African Americans. Some will benefit, but more importantly, we need to invest in businesses and not Jordans. We have to study from a global perspective, in science and math and forward thinking technology. I was forced to create AHH, and I’ll alway be blessed I was, because we adopted new tech early. We need to invest in local politics and policies as much or more than the presidency. We slept on mid-term elections and hence the Congress that stopped Obama from implementing a lot of what he wanted do. As for Romney, at this point, cannot see how any reasonable thinking person could vote for him based on his penchant for the lie and the flip flop. Its amazing.

      • JDot

        Flip flopping is part of the job. Ask the current about marriage.

      • Mongo Slade


      • Exactly

      • Or buy you clothes.

        Fact is, the electoral process is flawed because the candidates don’t have to act as our proxy. It is totally legal for them to act against our best interest & in theirs.

    • >>Plays Ice Cube’s “Us”
      “Sometimes I believe the Hypeman, we mess it up for ourselves & blame the whiteman, but don’t the finger you JiggaBOO, take a look at yourself you dumb Ni99a you”

  • Joed Smith

    Hip-Hop has stopped being revolutionary. It has merged with corporate america (politrix) and has lost its identity. Especially if it has joined forces with the very system it used to rebel against. The sheep never aligns itself with the wolf unless it wants to be eaten.


    • Mongo Slade


    • True!

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  • yeah


  • yeah

    I’ll be honest, I don’t know where to start. I think in a nutshell, vote for how you want to vote for. You know what, if you don’t want to vote, don’t. I am so sick and tired of these same regurgitated arguments by pseudo intellectuals.

    Here is the truth, there is no black community, we just live by each other. When you see a black person you don’t know on the news for a crime, do you feel ashamed or somehow responsible? Do you dislike it when someone who is not black says “you people”? If you said yes to both of these you are conflicting with yourself because they are both based on the same flowed logic. That one representative is a reflection of the whole.

    Each person regardless of his color needs to be held accountable for his or her actions. It not Obama or Romney’s job to save you. Stand up and save yourself. Stop being a victim masquerading as a revolutionary. A lot of ya’ll are so wound up in you own bulls88t, you don’t even know you have a defeatist attitude. If everything is so bad and there is no hope, stop crying about it. Do something about it (B1tch1ng about it doesn’t count). Stop trying to poison everyone else with your dismal view. Stop living in fear, man up.

    • Joed Smith

      Smh! Things outside the black community no would who say. Do white folk feel this way? LGBT feel this way? Latinos feel this way? The things these groups have in common is a financial base and (drumroll please) collectivism. No one man can correct the system alone. (refer to garvey, malcolm, martin, medgar and countless of others).

    • Damn shawty, this statement reached me. “When you see a black person you don’t know on the news for a crime, do you feel ashamed or somehow responsible? Do you dislike it when someone who is not black says “you people”? If you said yes to both of these you are conflicting with yourself because they are both based on the same flowed logic.”

      Good shit!

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  • Both of them are globalists and zionist filth, vote gary johnson 2012, no more foreign aid.

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  • Q.

    A VULTURE has a Left wing and a Right wing. Which wing is better?

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  • DannyBoy

    I just found out that the black “eye candy” man I voted for last time is 50% commie white. It’s no wonder he has done nothing in 4 years. Instead of blaming Bush for the problems he can’t solve, he needs to blame his big mama! I am voting to send this jerk back to Chicago. Just one last plane ride for this failure.

  • Gerard Neumann


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