The Game and 40 Glocc

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 40 Glocc Lie About Game Having A Gun?

A few weeks back, we heard about 40 Glocc officially suing the Game for beating him up over the summer.

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Well now that Game has officially been served with the papers, he is now claiming that 40 Glocc is lying about getting jumped and also lying about him having a gun. Check out what he told Funk Master Flex on Hot 97 last night:

I smashed him, smashed him. You gotta break it down, man, you gotta break it down. I smashed him. He said he got smashed. Little fabrication in there, he said we pulled weapons out and he got jumped. We’ll be back, man. Don’t worry about it.”

Can’t the court and police use Game’s interviews and tweets admitting to beating up 40 Glocc against him in court? Well, that’s not stopping Game, because he’s been tweeting up a storm and threatening to “beat 40’s *ss again & again.”

In a tweet that has been deleted, Game tweeted, “Called police & a lawyer cuz I beat yo azz. SuperCrip got his cape snatched !!!”

Not very smart, Game. Check out his interview with Funk Flex below:

Sidenote: A rep for The Game told TMZ that he feels the lawsuit is “bulls**t” and he plans to fight the case in court.

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  • Dave Williams

    how can you been a so called thug and taking another dude to court ? smh

    • Bumpy Johnson

      how bout all the reall ass niggas making songs with RICK ROSS.

  • water_ur_seeds

    i guess bigg bad 4.0 is planning on getting mills and retiring to a island somewhere

  • Mranderson

    Not a smart move to be doing interviews when you already got sued for the situation. Need to learn from other people’s mistake..e.g tupac

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    didn’t 40 put a gun in the worldstar guys mouth a few years ago? I remember @illseed posting something about that a few years ago. Now he’s suing a guy for doing damn near the same thing. he’s a punk.

  • 40 Glocc has recorded enough videos defaming other rappers and intimidating people to have have any law abiding jury through this out. if it makes it that far. Remember the Menace fight? He said he would snatch Compton Menace chain, The Lil Wayne situation, the time he knocked out the bum, the Plies situation, the Tyga situation, rumour was he shook up Haitian Jack in the hotel room All-Star weekend in LA. Game aint that dumb to care about 40 glocc! two bi-polars in the same boat!

    • not Haitian Jack, meant Q. Jack been on my mind tho….

      • Ok, Q from WSHH? That’s different!

      • Richard Savage

        lmao i was bouta say aint no way he did anything to Hatian Jack and live to tell it lol

      • Jack was a snitch though!

    • Fugg no, he ain’t fugg with Haitian Jack…..the other stuff, yeah. jack is deported & if he did come back to the US…..he’d tear 40Glocc out the frame if 40 stepped to him.

      • John Davis

        I heard he was light skinned, stocky with a Haitian accent
        Jewelery, fast cars and he’s known for flashing (What’s his name???)
        Listen while I take you back (NIGGA SAY HIS NAME!) and lace this rap
        A real live tale about a snitch named Haitian Jack
        Knew he was workin for the feds, same crime, different trials
        Nigga, picture what he said- tupac -against all odds

      • Yeah, feds put Jack on Tupac, to set up the rape case after Pac beat the charges for shooting the two police in Atlanta.

        Tupac was getting Too Big,

        Haitian Jack = Birdy from Above The Rim, like Nino Brown = Alpo


      Haitian Jack was a snitch, but I can’t see “40” doing some schitt like that to him!!! Haitian Jack is one of those real grimy street ni99as.

  • Craig_r

    U can only get 800,000 thousand for what 40s suing for. It’s a new law since a lot of people were bating celebs then suing for crazy money. Still a lot tho, and 40 is looking real bad from this.

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  • game corny tho, saying he turned christian to release an album called jesus piece is pretty lame.. im not even overly religious by any means but thats just lame.

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  • Richard Savage

    Man i thought 40 was a gangster. How is he even allowed back into his set after running to lawyers and the judicial system like that???

  • D_Ably

    yeah cause Games got a sick reputation with tellin the truth hasn’t he…. LMAO

  • hoeyuno

    Yea game just making 40s lawsuit easier. All it takes is one judge who is given the history on both of these guys to throw this case out tho. And is 40 crossing that snitchin line??? I think a bit but if game beat me up I would sue his ass to. You know games loud mouth is gonna get u that mil or 2.

    • Yeah, but then the people 40 beat up & robbed at Gunpoint should sue him.

      May 40 spend on lawyers.
      Tyga, Weezy, Q,, etc.

      40 = Lame on some ‘ole dish it out but can’t take it type ‘chet.

      • hoeyuno

        Yea I agree.

      • hoeyuno

        and I bet u just gave game a idea. watch some random guy is gonna come out in a couple days and sue 40 on behalf of game. ha ha

  • Lance King

    Yo, If you look at the video, You can see the cat with Game putting the gun back in his waist. The Game is wack for that. A 5 on 1, AND your man has a pistol pointed at 40 Glocc. #notAtoughGuy

    • Yeah, but if you look even closer, you can see .40 get jumped… the bushes.