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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is $2 Million “Small Change?” Find Out Which Rapper Thinks So!

Last time I checked, $2 Million was a fortune, especially if you owe it to somebody else. Well, according to some people in Lil’ Wayne’s camp, 2 Milli is allegedly “small change” to Wezzy F. Baby. The rapper just lost a little over that amount in a lawsuit brought up against him by filmmaker, Quincy Jones III. If you all recall, Wayne allowed him to do a documentary on him, but then bashed the film and said it was defaming his character.

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According to one of Lil’ Wayne’s boys, Weezy is not upset about losing the money, but believes that the judge and jury only ruled against him because he didn’t show up to court. Wayne feels like he was punished for being too sick to fly. According to TMZ, Wayne had a “medical emergency” and was ordered by his doctor not to fly, so he could not make his court date.

The judge was not trying to hear that excuse and awarded QD3 with $2,195,000 in lost revenue due to Wayne bad mouthing the indie movie.

Sidenote: Weezy was too sick to fly, but he allegedly drove from Louisiana to Miami to attend a Heat game. Talk about not having your priorities in order.

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  • Casor_Greener

    Little things like this are why rappers go broke

  • YaheardSyndicate

    That first picture is all photoshop. Thats a picture of Mexicos biggest cash seizure. I dont know who tried to put their self in their counting money but its absolutely hillarious.

    • Look Deep

      One of two things. Either the editors of this site believes the readers are clueless to other world events or the cut and paste artist (can’t call him/her a writer) of this transcript (can’t call it an article) has no clue that photo has been chopped. I’ll go with the latter.

      • therealjjohnson

        Or its just a picture. I doubt anyone is trying to fool anyone. Its just a picture of alot of money to go along with the title of the article. Now if Lil Wayne was photoshopped in the picture i would tend to agree. It just a picture they grabbed that had alot of money it.

    • Some food stamps in there too!

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  • E McArthur

    I don’t believe this will be the only lawsuit yet to come….

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  • MarquisCarter

    Of course them ignant ass faggots think that shit. Dickridas need to swallow some bleach.

  • Wow! some one actually tried to photoshop them selves in that drug money seizure pic… SMFH!

  • johnblacksad

    prolly a different software… these dudes too broke to even have Photoshop… smh

  • Mos High

    Why do some of you always knock this website. If you dont like dont come back its your choice or go set up your website and try and make it relivant every single day, This is entertainment. On to this matter do you really think the editors wanted you to believe this was the 2mill. I agree with Amen Ra this some of the reasons why rappers go broke.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Well pay manny fresh n countless others then.
    If $ so long

  • ladynamor

    (As far as that pic on top) NO black dude would wear those shoes if they were around that kind of money. LMAO And you know that! As far as the Lil Wayne story, 2 Million is a lot to any smart man. If he pays one, he has to pay em all.

  • Fail!

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  • D_Ably

    a rapper that thinks 2mill is small change is a rapper very much out of touch with us, the people.


    lmfao tell dat shit 2 bow wow

  • David Sentongo

    lol RIGHT. take a couple more Ls like that and it’s not “small change” anymore.