Hip-Hop Rumors: Your New Reality Show Rap Star Is….GAME!!!

Rappers have been running to reality TV ever since Flav starred on the “Flavor Of Love”. Actually, they were on reality TV before then, on that VH1 show that had all the washed up celebrities..what was it? Oh yeah, “The Surreal Life”.

Anyway, as you guys have heard, hard-core rapper Game has a new show coming out called “Marrying The Game”. The super trailer was released online yesterday and this morning, I got an opportunity to look at it, and I must say that I believe Game may be the next big reality star!

The rapper comes across as very charismatic in the trailer, and it doesn’t seem like he’s holding anything back from the cameras. Check out the trailer for “Marrying The Game” below:

His fiancée doesn’t look like she lets anything slide, and she seems to be good at putting him in his place when he’s not acting like Jayceon and behaving too much like his alter ego, Game. But doesn’t she look a little old for him? She kind of looks like his mom.

Oh well. I will definitely be watching this show, “Marrying The Game”, which premieres November 19 at 9:30 p.m. EST on VH1. Will you be watching?

Sidenote – Yesterday, The Game was in NYC, and he was doing his part and giving rides to NY’ers to their local polling stations. According to him, he gave free rides to over 60 people and also shelled out $10,000 to 500 stranded NY’ers. Of course, TMZ was there to get it all on camera. Check out the video below:

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  • Antoine Hart

    once u get on a reality show..thats when you know for a fact that your career is over..

    • Jerome

      Really? Was Snoop career over after Father Hood?… i don’t think so…

      • Super_Villain

        Snoop has longevity, having long established himself as a household name with the mainstream. Game, not so much. Plus, VH1’s reality shows usually star washed up entertainers.

      • Richard Savage

        Snoop??? when was Snoop Dogg’s last AVERAGE album? The Last Meal? ok that was a classic but seriously Snoop’s career is so dead he became Snoop Lion

  • Good look for game…..his album sales need the help.

  • YungKizz

    aw man im gonna love this show

  • John Davis

    dats a real good look but since its something positive nobody cares as evidence by the lack of comments if it said game disses such and such people all over it sad reality

  • Joseph Thomas

    this dude continues to do things that make me look at him even less as a “Hardcore Gangster” Rapper….but thats a damn good deed for him as far as giving the folks a ride to go and vote…….

  • Infinite8

    You really think he is doing reality for album sales? I doubt it. I can tell you this right now, I aint buying no Game album because he putting his life on TV. If his album is classic (probably wont happen) or good i will buy it. I aint basing my decision to buy his album off of some side sh*t he does. Does acting take away from being a rapper DEFINITELY!! Look at Ice Cube and Mos Def these dudes straight fell off with their rap albums after they were really good rappers man. Look at Method Man! Method Man’s albums is straight TRASH!! But he’s a good actor. I aint buying none of them n*ggas albums!!! And I like all them dudes, they just put weak sh*t out!

  • 7yoyo7

    Dude is wearing a Jesus piece wearing a Jesus piece (no I didn’t write this wrong, he put a chain on his big ass chain) & he bought that leather Lamborghini… FOOLISH !!!

    Damn right you better give money to help people out…

  • $18559328

    this is when you know your career is dead when you doing shows t.i. jim jones now the game

  • ant662

    did his check pretty much say game was fake and he wasnt hardcore till he got famous?

  • if you think of it he was probly one of the first reality show stars also with that dumb ass dating show he was on back in the day the ‘change of heart’ of whatever it was called but this was ‘pre-fame’ Game! but still…..this aint nothing new for Game.

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  • Southcidal

    Everybody is quick to say “washed up”, but Game can spit. Unlike a lot of these other cats who dyck yall quick to jump on. If Game takes his time and collects the proper combination of production and bring that heat the “washed up” shiit instantly goes out da window.


    im gonna watch 4sho, he’s one of my fav rappers jus like t.i! its kool to see that other side of their lives jus like t.i did wit his family

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    sydney looking to get beat on film calling this dude wifey old enough to be his mama. Lol

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    yall catz hating just a different hustle plus game can spit he just name drops too much but i copp all of game major releases.

  • D_Ably

    games name bein in the same sentence as the word ‘reality’ lol this site is hilarious man