50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

EXCLUSIVE: Billionaire Offers Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Rapper 50 Cent $5 Million To Fight In The Ring

(AllHipHop News) While it still remains to be seen if rapper 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are friends or not, a group of investors that includes a billionaire, are offering the pair $5 million to settle their differences.

Billionaire Alki David and partner Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing offerings the pair $5 million for a three-round celebrity boxing match.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have been embroiled in a war of words and tweets over the past month, after a falling out, apparently over business.

The issue appears to be over a proposed boxing venture the pair were supposed to do together called The Money Team Promotions.

But shortly after Floyd Mayweather Jr. was released from prison in August, 50 claimed prison had “changed” Mayweather.

He then announced he was creating a new promotion company with Floyd’s rival, Manny Pacquaio, which was confirmed by Pacquaio’s business manager Michael Koncz.

More recently, on November 1, 50 Cent announced he was done with The Money Team Promotions.

Their war of words escalated over the weekend, when the pair traded shots via Twitter.

According to David, the show would air on FilmOn.com and BattleCam.com, two ventures that David owns or is an investor in.

To make things safe, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and 50 Cent would fight three 2-minute rounds in head-gear, along with big celebrity boxing gloves.

The proposed fight will happen in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 14, if either of the two men accept the offer.

Both 50 Cent in Floyd Mayweather Jr. have been silent on their Twitter accounts over the past several days.

  • make it 10 an they’ll prolly hav sex wit each other

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  • Roberto Ciamora

    Like any rapper is gonna step in the ring with a champion boxer, tell that billionaire to sit down and spend that money feeding the homeless or summin.

    • Why wouldn’t he? It’s not like they are the same size..you can be a great boxer..still doesn’t mean you can take the fight to a bigger man..i’m sure 50 hits a heck of a lot harder than victor ortiz or cotto. We are talking about easily a 60 pound weight advantage, for a guy who loves to fight while resting on the ropes that’s not conducive to a win vs a bigger opponent..which is why floyd wouldn’t fight paul williams and retired instead of facing him..

      • $11625525

        You go look up Stanley Ketchel vs Jack Johnson and tell me that 50 Cent has a chance.

        I picked that fight because Ketchel came up from Middleweight to Heavyweight to fight Johnson who was Champion of the world, Ketchel floored Johnson in that fight and, although he paid for it, it proves that size don’t mean sht when you know how to use what you have in the ring (no pun intended).

        Just go find the clip on youtube and come back and tell me what you think 50’s chances would be. Also, look up 50 training on the speedball and heavy bag, it’ll be like Ali vs Foreman all over again but 50 would get sparked like Hatton did against Pacquiao.

      • $11625525

        Ooops.. Oversized gloves? Non-event! NEXT?

      • You are talking to a hardcore jack johnson fight cuz…Jack would’ve walked through 99.9% of boxers fighting today…Now you seem like a reasonably knowledgable fan of the sport. Where does floyd spend most of the time in a fight? Against the rope..he can do that against fighters his own weight..but he can’t do that against a man that weighs 60 more pounds or more than him..that’s not even a fair fight..plus again..smaller ring…benefits the bigger man.

      • True, but Floyd’s defense allows him to sit on ropes and not get a mark.
        Floyd will pick 50 apart…..and lateral movement????

        It would be like Tyson – Lewis…….starting in Rd 3.

        Floyd would pull away early…….& keep moving ahead.

      • If 50 was a boxer….maybe, but lacking the skill & experience.

        A good big man will beat a good little man……but 50 isn’t good compared to Mayweather.

        It would be worse than Sticky Fingaz getting beat up by that whiteboy, or Todd Bridges beating the brakes off Vanilla Ice.

      • TriggerSampson

        The saying should be “an adequate big man will beat a great little man, especially with gloves on”; I don’t know how big 50 is nowadays but if you’ve got a fit, say, 220 lb guy who knows how to guard his grill and throw a punch vs a 150 lb ring prodigy I’d take the big guy any day of the week, especially in a boxing situation where the gloves increase the importance of blunt force and decrease the chances of a precision one punch knockout from the little guy.

      • In a phone booth for a few minutes…..indeed, but a real boxing match?
        Cardio comes into play.

        Remember UFC #1…back when there were no weight limits or gloves?
        180LB Royce Gracie took on all comers…& won.

    • The billionaire won’t do that the reason being there is a higher return on his investment by hosting the fight.

    • ‘Cheyyyeeeeyayid! for $5Mill, I’d train like Rocky………and then get beat up by Floyd.

  • After his rap career died 50’s life became nothing but a soap opera. I guess after making all that money, the only way to stay relevant is to get involved into fake beef and pointless battles.

  • game213

    Common now, these billionares just love to get publicity with all these stupid money offering, theres no way chris brown was going to fight drake or 50 will fight floyd, cut the shit out, these billionares are just trying to remind everyone that they got a lot of money

    • IDK, Breezy would have took the 5 Mil…….would have fought Drake for $5.

  • johnblacksad

    That billionaire felt like… “aargh… let them monkeys fight!”

  • MadVillain


  • CanYouAllHearMe

    5 mill is nothing to these 2

  • Christian Ramirez

    He’s a billionaire? You gotta offer more than that. Offer 100 million!

  • Chris Baril

    mayweather has walked away with a minimum of 40 mil for each of his last few fights , so he better come with a least 10 mil each just to think about it!!!!!!

    • lmao@40 mill…anytime you see an entertainers number at x amount, subtract 1/3..and then subtract taxes, lawyers, managers, expenses..Floyd is rich but he’s not earning what they say he is..if he was he wouldn’t have had cars repo’d last year.

      • Jared Bolden-Whyte

        he not a rapper his money is reported every fight 60mill was the take home vs de la hoya

      • You straight up wrong son…De la hoya made $72 million…Floyd was reported to have received between $18 and $20 million…DLH himself confirmed his number. Floyd’s last fight was his highest payday ever and it wasn’t $40 million either…

      • Yeah, but Floyd eats off the PPV gate %100? So he’s like a college surviving off student loan payments.

        His spending fuggs him up, but yeah,in reality, entertainers flaunt their wealth to hide their lack of power……& neither are enough.

  • Okama

    i think that’s low balling 2 dudes who worship money and has lots of it.
    10 minimum i see 50 and Floyd only having a conversation about it.

    but yeah, this is some “dance monkeys” offer. “i’m so rich i can have 2 monkeys dance for my entertainment, hahahahaha”

  • 50 would be eaten alive…this is dumb…

  • 50 scared to fight head up. and dude offers 5 mil whats the problem 50 pennies

    • Tell him to Offer !00 Mil & make it a real fight, tv show, reality show & rap battle leading up to it…….offshoot promotions from it, etc. Offer partnership / umbrella organization.

  • How fast people forgot a few years ago they admitted to having a fist fight and 50 said in the press then Mayweather is no longer undefeated! Floyd didn’t say sh**! D*** riders make me laugh! LoL…

    • $11625525

      That was more a wrestling match than a fist fight, 50 probably over powered him… Put a ref and rules in the mix, 50 is nothing against a skilled fighter.

    • Jared Bolden-Whyte

      only one of these cats hands registered weapons… so stop riding

  • Terrance Goodman

    Shit fifty would murder him the weight would be much for may feather

  • water_ur_seeds

    really??? aint this guy suppose to of set up a fight with chris brown/drake???

  • I’d put money on 50..the cat ain’t no gym slouch..plus the weight advantage makes him a favorite..yes floyd is a professional boxer but this wouldn’t be a professional fight and the rings are smaller..can’t run and weave that well in those small rings.

    • Jared Bolden-Whyte

      pros cant land hits on floyd but 50 would, 50 couldnt see Cota, Hatton, Suga

      • Suga rocked the living shhhhhh out of floyd twice…nuff said.

      • 50 ain’t suga…even if he is sweet!

        >>Was shouting at the screen ” DON’T TRADE WITH HIM! GET OUTTA THERE!”

        Side Note: It was stupid, but for once, Suga proved he could take a punch….Castillio proved he could take a beating.

        *He ain’t take that punch to good though.

  • Celz

    Hey Nolan the billionaire offered them 5 million to fight not so they can fight… He offered them 5 million so “journalists” can report on it and give him free publicity.. That casino didn’t buy the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese for a few million because they were hungry..

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  • YaheardSyndicate

    50 wouldnt be able to land one punch in a boxing match. Hed be better of in a street fight. But Floyd would just dodge every punch for as long as it took.

    • Not just dodge…..return fire 20:1. 50 would be in a shell from the second round….won’t even realize he isn’t jabbing……just blocking & catching combos.

      50 Vs Floyd = Speed Bag session

  • Peter Morris

    Lets see 50 and Ross or 50 and Game.

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  • lmfao mayweather expects 30 mill a fight at least

  • hoeyuno

    there fake beef would prob take on a fake fight.

  • who cares, overpaid niggers

  • SpaceAge2012

    $May & 50 aint stuntin no $5mil,that whole twitter war shit was promo 4 bigger business worth 10x that shit.

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