Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Rick Ross Slick Talk Back To the GDs? Keef To The Rescue!

I told you. I’d be scared to death…well…scared to life…of these GDs. The Gangster Disciples are the hardest gang I’ve ever seen on YouTube! Well, they want money from Rick Ross! Before you go any further, catch up on what happened just yesterday.

Hip-Hop Rumors: The Gangster Disciples Crew Wants Rick Ross To “Pay His Dues”

But, in true Rozay form, he addressed it…slick-like.

Yooooooo….then he retweeted religious and inspirational leader Joel Osteen! Ross is a trip! LOL!!!!!! I know some people hate Ross, but this is funny to me.

Now, call it what you want, but it just seems like he may be talking directly to them. I hope Ross knows what he’s doing! Well, he did survive 50 Cent and rampant rumors so I guess he does!


How cute was it for the boy Chief Keef to put his GD veil of protection over Meek Mill? That’s really nice of the young boy! Wonder why he didn’t do the same for Ross?


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  • Smart move for Chief Keef!
    Co-Signing the Fawlse = Lawse!

    Meek ain’t got nothing to do with that Bool’chet….besides, Hip Hop needs Meek Mill safe & sound for that DNA battle.

    DNA may have to settle for Cassidy….& that will be a tough battle.

    • EL_BARK

      Meek not going to battle him.

      • I know, but he won’t be able to use GD as reason.

  • BooBoo Sims

    Keef not even a GD. He is a BD All hip hop your writers suck ass now days

  • Peace

    Officer Ricky got the boys in blue behind him


      • Peace


      • Abrasive Angel

        This fat fraud nigga raps about wearing tight jeans with no underwear and your gay ass is sticking up for him. You COINTELPRO just like his fake wannabe ass.

      • Alf Capone

        its not hate if its true

  • brollya

    “how u older den me and stil a lil nigga”

  • mike malarkey

    reachin with alligator arms

    • Yeah, this isn’t even a rumor. This is just a lie

  • Numbuh Four

    Twitter got you n*ggas reaching…But then again who knows?

    You got Lupe calling him “Big bro”…now he’s watching out for Meek? This boy Keef got the game all f*cked up.

    “I shed tears; I don’t know what really matters anymore!!!” -Strange Fruition

    • Terrance Goodman

      $$to long to play games other than on the court

  • therealest1

    Is Derrick Rose of the Bulls going to get involved in this since he’s a GD?

  • Terrance Goodman

    Chief piss can’t protect himself if the gunners want that ass!


      • Terrance Goodman

        Oh you a dell warrior?! Well check this out hoe, waste
        Of life ass nigga should have been swallowed ya moms
        Fuked up

      • Chris

        “Dell Warrior.” I gotta borrow that one, bruh. Props. LMBO..

      • Terrance Goodman

        “bows “thank you kind sir lol these e thugs a trip

      • Terrance Goodman

        Says the nugga who hides in his momma basement
        Still getting extorted by the local cats, blowing mid
        Wit 5 other fools

      • Casor_Greener

        This was actually pretty funny

  • Bumpy Johnson

    I dont get it …does Chief Keef think he is that scary….whose actually scared of Chief Keef.?


      • Hector G

        mmg never goin plat….they havent sold combined what just the g-unit beg for mercy album sold and thats including all of ross’s work….finally rich will be the best selling hip-hop album of the year…meek will get buried by cassidy in a freestyle battle and is at the end of his 15 mins cause his boss is an actor/fraud….yer a dummy…those are 5 facts

      • CaliTransplant

        MMG – Wale’s Ambition was considered one of the Top 10 Albums of 2011. Certified gold.

        All of Ross’ albums went Gold except for Deeper Than Rap. Not too shabby. Jus sayin…

      • Hector G

        again…NEVER GOIN PLAT NEVER GONE PLAT…lol @ wale for making a disc with music on it and lol @ anyone that bought it….and deeper than crap was promoted by 50

      • 1SOFLO1

        LOL @hector_g:disqus, you are hilarious, it must be exhausted to be a hater like you. The world need people like you, so keep up the good work.

      • Hector G

        people that are talentless and do nothing but copy others then try to discredit those who’s style and formula they stole deserve nothing but hate

      • Hector G

        lol….one of the top 10 albums of 2011!!???…you just owned wale yourself

      • Bumpy Johnson


      • Do your homework fam before making statements. It only take s a few minutes to google the charts. ROSS HAS NEVER GONE GOLD. His latest album is VERY close to going gold.

      • CaliTransplant

        Look stupid, you need to re google cause he did indeed go gold! Wales cd was dope regardless of what you think, doggie. Apparently, so did a whole lotta other people. Besides, I wasn’t speaking directly to you. So hop off my sack..

      • Bumpy Johnson

        brotha lynch hung went gold….do u even know him ( no offense to him he was a very good rapper in my opinion but no one even knows him) gold is shit buddy.

      • Hector G

        lol the guy who’s “got philly” works for a guy that worked 40 hrs a week in a jail

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i wonder if he was the type to give alot of toilet paper or not.

    • james larger

      chief keef is bd black deciple that alone holds alot of weight that OTF #300 click you keep hearing him shout out is not just adlibs is a set conist of atleast 100 sum members bunch of crazy young dudes who actually think they lived in iraq calling chicago chiraq and that killing is only way to survive OTF, O BLOCK ,SD, LAMRON belive it or not holds a lot of weight in the folk nation they young n willing to kill and since th last time you heard 50 or the game having shoot out with the police lmao have to remember chief keef is not rich he just has a couple stacks its nun to him to be on the red carpet one day n the next b out on his block with a 9 going bang bang that my friend is very scary

      • That_N

        I’m from Chi and please believe aint nobody fearing dude. Most niggaz heavy in that gang shit don’t even know who he is. Chi is wild because its always been wild. Since the 1920’s. Dude aint got nuthin to do with it.

      • disqus_ZTJxGjMaUL

        Since when is Keef BD? His peers, teenage niggas his age, laugh at the though of him saying 300 in every song. That nigga wasn’t even no gang banger. That BD set probably don’t have no issue with him saying it in every song, because he representing that area. It gives them publicity. Listening to that shit you would think Chi Town is run by BD. It ain’t.

    • disqus_ZTJxGjMaUL

      Nobody in CHI. Niggas his age in the CHI area, don’t rate him like that. Get that money, but, being real, teenage niggas laugh at the though of him saying 300 in every song. He ain’t wasn’t no gang banger.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        im guessing you live in the CHI…i got respect for niggas out there because they do their thing and they do it hard. i got one question though.

        Do the niggas on the block/gang bangin out there actually Dress like chief keef my nigga?

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    william is just doing what he always does talking shit

  • brotha_man

    ahh! the state of black america *reading invisible man by Ralph Ellison*

    • That is an ill book! Classic…just gave me an idea for $E$’s ” iLL Book Club”

    • Art Of War

      Should read ” The Creature from Jekyll Island ” a very eye opening book especially in regards to The Federal Reserve and the current Global Economical Crisis.

      • brotha_man

        will do. good look

  • GD’s no joke they very well organized. Rick Ross got to be easy he should have been a mentor Correctional Officer scared straight programs bringing the youth to the prisons where we worked and show them how life can be if you choose to do crimes and get caught.

  • come correct mr. writer…BD and GD is different and will war in a minute…learn the details mane..

  • SpaceAge2012

    Aint nobody stuntin no damn Keef.He out in L.A. actin tuff on twitter cus he’s Jimmy Iovine’s new pet monkey now. But shoutout 2 dat boy Rozay! Dem GDs act like they created da damn star of David.Ross’s new shit is called Black Bar Mitzvah! If any1 has da right 2 be mad @ da cover art it should be da damn Jews.

    • disqus_ZTJxGjMaUL

      Ross need to keep Hoover name out his mouth.

      • SpaceAge2012

        He never said anything disrespectful about King Larry or Big Meech,if anything he shouted them out as a sign of respect payin homage 2 da O.Gs.But truth is Ross aint even da real problem,da industry big wigs like Jimmy Iovine & Clive Davis r da 1s tellin da minor labels like MMG,YMCMB,G.O.O.D Music etc.. 2 make da ignorant music that’s destroyin our ppl & Hip Hop culture 4 $ & fame.

  • So Keef a shot caller now cuz he got a hit record? C’mon bruh, you a doljah that raps.

  • jacksjus

    These rappers need to leave these street niggas alone. These young cats today will kill you for the hell of it.

  • chief keef cant do shit and plus he is on probation if he was smart he wouldnt get involved in anyway wot so ever

  • $17637591

    Meek Mills D&N didn’t live up to expectations. His album sounds like a Rick Ross carbon copy. Kendrick Lamars GKMC is better.

  • Ross ain’t no different from 90% of rappers..if he’s a fraud so are 9 out of 10 on your playlist. Ice Cube was screaming f the police,gangsta ishh while collecting an architect degree, Dre was one minute wearing shiny tight lycra outfits and wearing eye liner and the next screaming compton g’s, Jay-z was jaz-o’s and Kane’s hype man while he was supposedly a drug lord, the list goes on and on but Ross gets singled out..hip-hop is full of double standards..

    • definitely agree. the small % that really are what they rap about dont go around shouting it either.

      • Jeremy Scott

        the deference beween your examples & Rss is that Ross is a all around fake ass dude. I know alot of cons with degrees like Cube. Dre apart of boule so he gets sideye. On the otherhand, Ross stole a nigga image & dude is suing him to stop using his name. The fact you was a CO disqualifie you from any Gangster shit period. William was made into this person to mislead youth, he’s educated that fct alone holds him responsible for all this backlash he’s receiving.

      • disqus_ZTJxGjMaUL

        Totally agree.

      • Really, I guess you never met an actual C.O. off the job..some of the grimiest human beings on earth. The only difference between a gangster and a C.O. is a job title and a certificate. Dudes that handle the worst of the worst mofo’s on earth when they in a pen grouped up is a bad mofo, you wouldn’t take the job for all the money in the world, believe that cuz. Ross talks drug ish, you are right about that but show me where he’s ever said I ran cali, I am the crack king…that would be stealing the dudes entire identity which he hasn’t. Go look at the interviews on why he took the name.

      • NEWS

        u only defendin that fake ass shit because you a fake mufckkka yaself! them other dudes was really in the mix – ross was a c.o. PERIOD! yeah the police a gang too but to a gangsta, police the enemy…

    • Bwj

      I agree wit 66.6% of this. But the jay z thing is off. Do remember, bein a hype man was a way in the game back then. Wasn’t no YouTube to get famous from. Had to grind. And boy was def grindin

  • LickAssahole

    All fake publicity stunts

  • LickAssahole

    How long has chief keef known meek? These two must. be lovers because how you just meeting somebody and already talking about whoever got a problem with meek they got a problem with keef? These rappers be coming out the closet on the sly.

  • LickAssahole

    Dang Keef , I guess Meek Mill got some good D!ck, huhn?

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  • Ross Didn’t survive 50 he coulda been the next 50 if it weren’t for 50 lol!

    • Peter Morris


  • i’mreloaded!

    I don’t think Ross is worried bout that because he is connected with Zoe Pound and them some cats you really don’t want it wit. If you don’t know bout them just google them.

  • Alf Capone

    whatever………….dont care what anyone tells me………..gangs are for pussies………real men stand on their own……..i dont need a gang behind me………and if they didnt need it they wouldnt be in it

  • Eastwood

    First off Keef is BDn not GDn big difference….

  • black tarzan

    GFID will be platinum in a week or 2. They really gonna hate you then ross!!! Keep the haterz talkin!

  • disqus_ZTJxGjMaUL

    That boy ain’t even BD. They may let him shout 300 because it gives them publicity. He may be cool with BDs in the area where he resides though.

  • Q.

    I guess we’ll find out soon if reality catches up with fantasy.

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