Hip-Hop Rumors: How Did Lauryn Hill Upset Philly Fans?

So you know last night Lauryn Hill and Nas rocked out in Philly. Well, I heard Nasty KILLED! You know, Nas has been on a tear recently and everybody is talking about that dude. In fact, I have a previous rumors regarding Nas from a different source.

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Anyway, here is my understanding of what happened. Apparently, Nas and Lauryn jointly agreed to sell premium tickets to fans. These tickets allowed fans to get backstage with both super stars, get autographs and pictures…even ask questions. Well, guess what happened? Lauryn pulled out to the chagrin of her fans! I heard many, many people were heated that this opportunity was taken from them after it was offered. Guess L-Boogie didn’t want the harassment of fielding questions. The solution? There really wasn’t one. They simply hacked the premium price in half and just had it with Nas.

I heard Nas was super cool. I heard hew as answering all questions and signing anything anybody wanted. Dude is definitely focused!

Well, at least both of these royal Hip-Hop members are working on new albums! Awesome!



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  • TimeWillTellu1

    Nas the man!

  • Good look for Nas, Lauryn gets a pass.

  • She is still a legend. Someone put roots on her. Guess who.

  • Shizznit

    She does not get a pass and she is far from being a legend! It’s been over 12 years since her last & only album and U need way more to be considered a legend. It’s not the 1st time she continues to treat fans like shit. It’s a new generation and if she does not work on her diva like behavior she will lose the fans who still remain loyal. It’s funny when people like her cannot pull another album and blame others…fact she did not write, produce and arrange her album – she had help but did not want the public 2 know. After the co-writers & producers took her to court, it was over for her – she cannot pull out an album on her own and since she pissed off a lot of industry folks no one wants to work with her either……good but still overrated singer

    • brotha_man

      she stillgets a pass no female artist has even come close to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hiil Album……in fact no female has come close to her lyricially assualt on the fugees Album

  • NeonGumbo

    Nothing on this site is believable… its rumors for a reason.

  • Slaughtr

    You can try to come up with some negative shit all day Hill is a legend wether she only dropped one album or not get that shyt straight my brother.Wether you agree or not what you think doesn’t matter.That’s game.

    • bisolabliss

      WORD FAM!!!

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  • why people keep saying she dropped 1 album?!?!?! ….that’s not true!

  • she probaly didnt want ppl askin her questons about fugees, and her tax problems which is why she didnt wanna do it


    nas your da man! haha get it lol stillmatic nigga

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  • AK

    you do realize nas and lauryn hill can have a show anywhere in the world on anyday of the week?????

  • Lamar

    Lauryn Hill MTV Unglugged are two great CD’s

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