EXCLUSIVE: Max B Co-Signs French Montana and Ponders Diddy’s NYC Domination

(AllHipHop News) In part two of AllHipHop.com’s exclusive interview with Max B, the Harlem rapper discussed what happened when his deal with Jim Jones went sour and he was “blackballed” from radio airwaves. During that time, and with his trial pending, he says he began working with French Montana was a way to build a wave of music that would last.

“I was completely blackballed, my songs on the radio. I couldn’t help myself, but I was always able to help French do what he wanted to do,” said Max B. “I always knew I had this over my head; if I had to blow trial, at least I know a n*gga out there holding it down.

“We was a part of something together. I’m talking to French; we communicate a couple times a week. I’m happy for French; he killin’ ’em, number one. [He] got the mean video; he real wavy right now. I always knew, it’s no secret. Get the Coke Wave; listen to it.”

Max B also touched on French Montana’s signing with Bad Boy Records, saying,”At the end of the day, he Bad Boy Records, but Rick Ross and Diddy is executive producing, so it’s a good thing for him. The studio situation is good. Diddy and Ross have a bunch of studios in Miami.”

About keeping French Montana keeping his brand in New York, Max was supportive of the notion:

“Diddy’s Bad Boy, Diddy’s Harlem, Diddy’s New York. Who else is New York but Diddy? So, Bad Boy [is] New Yorked up all the way. All the Bad Boy artists is from New York, damn near – Biggie, Ma$e, Black Rob…everyone from New York. He kept it New York; he a Bad Boy in New York.

“I could see myself anywhere, but I’m a independent entity. I was trying to build my own brand. I worked with Diddy before; I worked with Diddy when I was with Jim [Jones]. I know how Diddy work,” said Max B regarding which label he could envision himself being signed to. “I never worked with Rozay and them, but I could see myself anywhere as long as I got my own studio, and I can work and nobody interfere with my projects and how I work.

“It’s nothing; it don’t matter where I’m at. I could be out in Cali, as long as I got tracks and a studio, I’m wavy. I’m wavy anywhere. You can put me in Pakistan, Iraq, Libya; it don’t even matter. I’m wavy all over.”

View part two of AllHipHop.com’s exclusive interview with Max B below:

The petition to free Max B can be signed at www.PardonTheWave.com.

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  • Lolrax

    Keep dreaming nigga, you ain’t never getting out

  • johnblacksad

    Does this n!gga even kno he got a sentence like subject-verb-object?!

  • Mike9130

    “Max” don’t quite understand that he got the “Max.”

    Talking about wavy. By the time he gets out, he’s going to be too old to surf.

    • Chris

      Cot damn, bruh. SMH.

  • MadVillain

    these 2 lame niggaz are like the real life Pinky & the Brain. even the writer had that in mind when using words like “PONDER” & “DOMINATION” in the headline. lmao

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    french aint reppin new york or the bronx he dickrides southern artists and copies them

    • YourFather

      Your Proof Is?

      • that bullshiit he just put out on worldstar… devil wants soul or something

      • disqus_X2RqnkPiRR

        If thats bullshit, whats chrome infantry? buncha old niggaz who aint realized it aint gon happen?

      • 7yoyo7

        His music? …..

      • PorchBoySlim

        all of his music….the fact that he jumps from artist to artist to get a buzz….how much more info do you need bruh?

    • tab58064

      Ain’t shit else to be said, because you speak the truth!

  • Max b G.O.A.T

    • MadVillain

      not even top 50

    • disqus_X2RqnkPiRR

      naw.. top 20 tho

  • YourFather

    I smell a pack of “Haterz” Let Max Live….

    • Chris

      Keep it real, though. I rock with Max, but they clapped his life with that prison sentence. You might get an album in 2060.

  • CountDMoney

    I wonder if he can see himself walking out of prison in 75 years??

  • PorchBoySlim

    COME ON MY DUDE…I know you gotta keep your head up and all that but face it bruh…..your not getting out of jail no time soon!!

  • Hector G

    nice pic standin in front of tha TOS sucka

  • tab58064

    Is that “wavy” shit long over with??

    • Ericsson

      hell no

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