Pitbull’s Video Banned In The U.K.; Rapper Drops Track List For “Global Warming”

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Pitbull is causing controversy overseas, with the release of his latest single and video “Don’t Stop the Party.”

The new video for the single was banned in the United Kingdom television airwaves, after it was deemed too risqué for younger viewers.

According to reports, there were over 25 violations in the “Don’t Stop the Party” video that made it to raunchy for UK TV.

The video features Pitbull flanked by a bevy of sexy models in pools, on the bed  and other settings, as the Miami rapper clutches bottles of his own Voli vodka line in various scenes.

“Don’t Stop the Party” is from Pitbull’s upcoming seventh album Global Warming, which is due in stores November 19.

Check out the track list for Global Warming below:

1. Global Warming (featuring Sensato)

2. Don’t Stop The Party (featuring TJR)

3. Feel This Moment (featuring Christina Aguilera)

4. Back In Time

5. Hope We Meet Again (featuring Chris Brown)

6. Party Ain’t Over (featuring Usher & Afrojack)

7. Drinks For You (Ladies Anthem) (featuring J. Lo)

8. Have Some Fun (featuring The Wanted & Afrojack)

9. Outta Nowhere (featuring Danny Mercer)

10. Tchu Tchu Tcha (featuring Enrique Iglesias)

11. Last Night (featuring Havana Brown & Afrojack)

12. I’m Off That

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  • johnblacksad

    Love how ninja switched his hu$tle! Gotta respect that…

    U.K. tryin to stop the party… smh… i’m sure Prince Harry approves this video

    • therealest1

      I know, its crazy how he started as a street style rapper wearing nondescript white t-shirts and jean shorts, just street clothes in general.

      But the last few years he’s been making club and dance songs and wearing suits. Now he’s all over the place like that on TV, commercials, and appearances.

    • $11625525

      It’s all hype, the’ll show it but they’ll just blur loads of scenes out.

  • Galactus

    Who Gives A F**k?? What Is This TMZ??

  • $11625525

    This will be huge next Summer.

  • Richie_Ochoa

    Why is pitbull news on a hip hop site???