50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Accepts Promoters’ Offer To Box Mayweather!

50 Cent has officially lost his marbles and has accepted the offer to fight Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for $5 Million! In case you missed it, AllHipHop.com got the exclusive story yesterday on billionaire Alki David and partner Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing offering the pair $5 million for a three-round celebrity boxing match.

Well, 50 Cent must have read our story and actually accepted the fight on Twitter.

EXCLUSIVE: Billionaire Offers Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Rapper 50 Cent $5 Million To Fight In The Ring

Yeah, okay 50, if you say so!

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  • Terrance Goodman

    Get$$ I said this on other post 50 would murder this boy the weight
    Difference is vicious . It’s like bow wow boxing slim thug . We know the
    Out come

    • Black Exodus

      Guess you don’t know Boxing…or real fighting…Floyd is a weapon. He CAN’T hit a civilian or face Jail Time. Weight Difference or not…Fifty won’t be able to touch him. Oh and I researched 50 claim at winning a “Golden Gloves”…no record of his name exists of past “Golden Glove” winners. IF they did fight…Floyd would have to take it easy on him as they are “Friends” but in a real match…No Contest. Floyd is not just a boxer…he is a master boxer…superb reflexes, defense, Fast hands, Deceptive power and balance. But if it has a Dollar sign attached…50 is all in! LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!

      • Terrance Goodman

        I understand all that I’m saying if it were to happen

      • 50 won’t be able to touch him? In a tiny charity ring? Lollllllll go youtube some of these charity fights..

      • Black Exodus

        “Touch” means something different in boxing… the adjective that best explains it is… “Hit Cleanly”…it’s not gonna happen. Think what you want…believe the hype…no street fighter is going to knockout or best a Professional….I box amateur… and no street fighter is going to get the best of Me, has got the best of me or will…it’s been tried, tested and approved…not matter how big or small. I’m not saying 50 doesn’t know how the fight or box but Floyd is in a whole different class a whole different monster. The fight will make for good entertainment…but that’s it…it won’t be real or serious for that matter.

      • Key = Real match

        Smaller ring, head gear, bigger gloves, shorter rounds & less off them.

        Not saying 50 will WIN, per se, but leaving on your own power = win.

        End of bell, 50 still going at May = Win

        This isn’t a 10rd fight, with 8oz gloves…..head gear & pillows neutralize Floyd.

        *As opposed to a sharp 3pc with Fries ( Bruises ) & a shake (Bleeding) from Floyd that would instantly put 50 in his shell & punish him more if he leaves it.

        Rules favor 50…in a phone booth, with protective gear.

        Regulation ring, 50 would quit trying to catch Floyd, let alone if Mayweather makes him pay for every miss step.

        WWF ‘chet?

        Look for 50 to win & May to fight Paq Man…..with this being focal point.

        Might be real beef & get so serious, that 50 makes a video about it!

  • johnblacksad

    Now its on Floyd…

    • This is bigger tha Floyd Pacman fight…or could be…..since it won’t happen until Floyd owes the IRS.

  • dayleedumped

    shit id take a loss for 5 million anyday… it’ll heal up in a month

    • Chris

      Realest sh*t ever spoken.

    • DreamZ

      me too lmao

    • AK

      lol but 50 aint that desperate i bet if floyd agree he would come up with a excuse

  • luke3317

    Height and weight do matter, but NOT as much as people think. IF this
    fight happens everyone will see, but soon forget the lesson. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve seen
    way too many short people whip @$$ on taller people, and also I’ve seen
    some football players whip the hell outta some short folk. Fat people
    actually have a harder time fighting but don’t get that rep cause they
    big. Point is, if you have skills in fighting then THAT means a hell of a
    lot more than height and weight. Why do you think outside of sports you
    don’t see bigger men picking fights with shorter men? You can ask any
    profighter and they’ll tell you the same. The difference is when you
    take somebody with height and weight and equal athletic ability to the
    shorter person then that taller person has a very big advantage over the
    advantages that a shorter boxer has. Money’s on Money and I bet Vegas’s is too.

    • jacksjus

      The height and weight aren’t the issue. It’s professional vs an amateur that’s the concern. 50 might get hurt.

      • Not with the over sized gloves, head gear & limited rounds….he may actually win.

      • jacksjus

        C’mon Floyd is a professional not a celebrity. He’s trained to put as much of his body as he can into a punch. Small he is but the average small man he is far from.

      • True & he isn’t that small……he’s solid.

  • jacksjus

    Floyd would embarrass 50, and probably bust him up a bit. To 50’s credit he does have an amateur background so he should remember how to throw a punch properly.

  • if 50 tried to box him he would probably get put to sleep, but if he bullies him he can definitely win..Thats one of the only ways to beat somebody like Floyd, push him into the ropes n throw to the body..especially with as big a weight advantage as 50 would have

  • CanYouAllHearMe


  • You can tell whose actually had a fight in the past 15 years on this thread lol..yeah go fist fight a man 60 pounds heavier and see how that works out for you pro or not..matter of fact go look up felix trinidad club K.O. see how that worked out for him..this isn’t a professional match..it isn’t a full sized ring..if you get anywhere near the ropes a 60 pound man will break you down if he has any kind of stamina..yeah block with your arms see how long you can keep blocking with them..

  • AK

    50 wouldnt land a single punch if a a top of the line welterweight can barely touch floyd 50 is gonna look slow motion out there compared to him. Floyd should most def do this it would entertaining to see 50 getting hit or even KO’d if floyd has a clear shot.

  • andone

    lol @ AHH thinkin 50 be checkin this site… to the point tho, three rounds is a safe fight for both these guys… but floyd wont step in no celebrity fight even if it was for charity… nuff said!

    • Yeah, 50 got it from AHH, it was an exclusive.

      • andone

        lmao isnt everything an exclusive on here… i seriously doubt they would reach out to ahh of all sites, before approaching 50, floyd or any other respected media outlet wit the proposal first for that matter… could be wrong but i need a dialogue transcript/interview b4 i take their word for it… hell there wasnt even a pic of the investors posted in either of these threads… and it doesnt really seem possible due to the the fact that may is a pro and wont/shouldnt take fights unless its worth his earning potential… so i dont expect for it happen @ all if there is any truth to this!!

      • What you sayin’? Some one would get on the internet & lie?

        Now that would be wrong!

      • andone

        hahaha silly me… none of wat u hear and only half of wat u see is the motto and we bout it err dey!!

  • JaffarR

    This is why 50 is still a highly respected entity in the music industry no matter how you feel about his material.. He won’t back down from ANYTHING when given the task/challenge. No matter how rich and lavish he gets, he’ll always be that real street gangsta at heart. And for a person to keep his real identity with him even after massive success, is definitely commendable.

    • Yeah, no doubt….now if he could still rap like he’s hungry?

      50 is a big dude, rules favor 50 on this one.
      2 Min rounds, head gear, over sized gloves….. It should be winner take all though $10 Mil.

      • jacksjus

        True if it were a mixed martial arts type of fight. No body slamming allowed. As a matter of fact how is 50 going to actually land a punch?

      • He isn’t, but as long as he doesn’t do as bad as Sticky Fingaz against the white boy, or Vanilla Ice against Todd Bridges, it’s a win.

        I don’t expect lighting fast Victor Ortiz KO combos….then again,but 50’s plan is to smother, hold & chase.

        He can’t give Floyd any space.

      • jacksjus

        “He can’t give Floyd any space.” Haha isn’t that everyone’s game plan? I’m talking professionals.

      • Yeah & even worse, being close to Floyd isn’t the best defense either, but 50 could neutralize May’s advantages with dirty boxing & a good old fashioned mugging.

        I doubt 50 will outbox Floyd, or even try, so that’s his only chance.
        Prediction = 50 Holding & hitting

      • AK

        lollll 50 has no chance, i usto box when i was younger and i would man handle bigger opponents with less skill .. they cant land shit and if they go inside they are asking to be knocked out by the uppercut. 50 can hurt dude if he landed a punch but pro boxing is much different from amateur! especially when you facing the best defense of all time it would be a a total joke to take him on, on behalf of 50.

      • Yeah, but dig…what chance does 50 have to trade potshots? LOL

        He will definitely get knocked out!

    • EL_BARK

      50 a gangsta ?????

      • JaffarR

        Regardless of what you take him as now, he was a gangsta in his young days before his worldwide success. He was a hustler from the hood, that’s been through at all. And THAT’s what my point was. “He’ll always be that real street gangsta at heart”. I don’t know how hard that line is for you to interpret..

  • NotTomFromMySpace

    u do realize that 50 is way bigger in height and weight? floyd would def run all night and jab but thats nothin new doe.. yah know floyd dont knock no1 out right? i think 50 loses and it would be quite boring

  • scullyson

    Bwaaaah !! Fif shot out….Said Floyd will see a white light ……lmao!!!

    • Yeah, when it comes to “E” Beef = 50 By KO…..every time.

  • brotha_man

    investors are dumb for thinking theses dudes are really beefing.. thats free money for the both of them. the wont go hard

  • i mean no one can expect 50 to whoop floyd, thats like expecting floyd to whoop 50 in rap, but i tell u what if 50 did that’d be epic for him!!! lol if floyd kocks him out then its like well yeah that was expected…theres no real win for floyd other then the money and floyd bets a million on college football games so…

  • VentKing11

    That’s the problem 50…you wouldn’t land a punch. By the time Money would be through lighting your grill up like a Christmas tree, your new rap name would 49.

  • Lamonte Johnson

    Nothing against gay people when I say this cuz I personally feel ain’t shit funny about gay unless you trying to hide it and these two niggas is definately but buddies and if they physically not they mentally are. Take the cocks out your mouth and ass and stfu already. They need Muhammad Ali types back. I hate one foot in hip hop one foot in the ring ass sports figures and vice versa (50 cent types)

  • you guys know 50 boxes too right? like really boxes. former golden glove. not saying he can beat floyd, but he boxes and watches.

  • funny alot of you guys dont kno that 50 is a boxer ..he was gonna get a undercard fight …dont get it twisted ..there a reason alot of the rappers cant get this guy..lol

    • AK

      are you serious a ametuer record against the best boxer of our era??? PSHHHHHHH

  • steven smith

    What wrong with us black man on some supid shit. too much money and we don’t act right..50 needs to make records, we an’t heard notting banging no more. and Floyd you need to fight Paquea. the Philipino dude. make boxing history.
    Learn on what happen to Michael jackson saying on camera he sleeps in bed with other people kids. asking for his milk at night. [propofol]
    Mike tyson partying with a girl and catch a rape charge. C murder doing life. Withney Houston, and others doing stupid stuff. and it always backfires.
    Message grow you wealth and start a factory in the ghetto and employ other blacks.

  • 50 was a boxer before he was a rapper…dont let him fool you.

  • Young Goku

    I guess people forgot 50 is a southpaw

  • King Cold

    Floyd betta not take this lightly. 50 been boxing for years

  • YouKnowWhat…..

    people are forgetting a few things…
    50 and Floyd have knuckled up a few times already
    50 has a background in pugilism, not world class like floyd but he knows how to fight
    50 is a 200+ pound man, Floyd is around 150.
    Not saying 50 is going to go in there whooping Floyd by any means but he isn’t going to do anything he knows he can’t handle. I don’t think he will look too bad and may even rough house ya boy up a lil, lol I could see him getting in Floyd’s head easy, Floyd is a certified idiot and 50 has Sun Tzu like stratagem. I’d pay to see this before I’d by that Manny vs Marquez 4 crap…..

  • Lou Velazquez

    people are so ignorant 50 use to box he was a golden glove and he is way bigger than floyd.floyd is faster and a professional boxer but i think 50 will give him a good fight

  • Dokter_Mindbender

    People put to much hype on the name. Boxing is a sport, so with proper training anyone can get in the ring and fight. This doesn’t mean they will win but with desire and skill they have a chance.

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  • 50 was a boxer for a while..im sure he can go wit floyd bitch ass..shit its not like floyd will be boxin his baby moms like hes used too..GO 50!!!

  • KobieDixon

    would be a good fight. 50 is much much larger than Floyd tho less talented I’m thinking he could hold his own. And I’m a HUGE fan of Floyd not so much 50