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Hip-Hop Rumors: Loyalty Over Logic? Swizz Beatz Says He Would Put His “Money” On A Cassidy Vs. Meek Mill Battle

This Meek Mill vs. Cassidy rap battle rumor just will not die, will it? Now, Cassidy’s ex label head, the renaissance man Swizz Beatz, has voiced his opinion on who would win the battle if these two were to ever go head-to-head in a rap battle. The producer/artist/ philanthropist was a guest on MTV’s “RapFix Live” show with Sway yesterday and said that he would put his money on Cassidy to win.

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“I’d put my money Cass just because I’m a loyal person,” Swizzy said when asked who he felt had a better shot at winning in a rap battle. “Cass is somebody that I groomed, put a lot of time into, just off of [general purpose] and loyalty, I’d put my money on Cassidy. 100 percent.”

Way to stay loyal, Swizzy! The people really want to see this happen, and I hope that Meek Mill has a change of heart soon and steps back into the rap battle scene with Philly rapper Cassidy. That would be one hell of a show.

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  • Negro Peligro

    Didn’t you see them two trading bars freestyling and Meek wasn’t even close. His simple world play got played out after the second time he did it.

  • firehawk17

    um this wouldnt be a great battle…Cassidy as a freestyler is dope..i’ve seen dude spit while high and drunk in cyphers off the top.. this dude is way nice on that freestyle shit. Meek doesn’t have a chance, aint no question about it. You see everyone calling everybody out except cassidy even in the battle rap arena.. they dont wanna see cass

  • dayleedumped

    dude meeks would get killed honestly. meek millz got flow, but he aint got bars like cass. BARS AFTER BARS, BARS ON BARS

  • Loyal? Umm wasn’t Cassidy airing him out for not even picking up the phone? Wasn’t Cassidy putting him on blast for turning his back on him? Now he’s loyal? Guess the Dean clan has a loose definition of loyalty, guess they were loyal to Dame Grease when Swizz jacked his style and then sidelined him…some loyalty…

    • AK

      he found the wrong word for honesty

  • Frank

    How ’bout just cuz Cass is dumb nice? Meek is nice too, but we’ll see.

    • Frank

      on a side note, the Boy B been doing this since ’98-99. And he was nice then. Over the phone.

  • “just because I’m a loyal person” man ur not supposed to say that, ur suppoosed to say “cass would beat him cause cass is the better battle rapper, cass got bars.” If swizz was really loyal hed be still working with cass instead of posting pics of all his damn shoes on twitter LoL

    • I caught that, one of the weakest co signs ever.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      may be that’s the problem cass being to much of a battle rapper and not being able to put together an album with written substance, that’s the problem with most free style artist.

    • blitz

      good point

  • but on the real cass would beat him, thats what cass does, meek did some battles but he was spiiting some prewritten ish in those, meek could bring how he popin right bow and cass is MIA, but cass was already in the position he is now, the only thing meek got on cass is flow!! meek got da hungiest flow in the game right now!!! like i dont think he even stops to breath LoL

  • AK

    i dont even see meek as a good freestyler he too simple, i like some of hes tracks to a have good time turnt but nahh he aint built with bars like most philly rappers.

  • Alf Capone

    cass would murder meek……….cass delivers some punchlines………..ive not heard one verse from meek i was impressed with………..just based off of these rumors i went on utube and watched meek is some battles from a few yrs back and i was completely unimpressed………..meek is all hype……..no skill that i can see

  • i’mreloaded!

    I know Meek is hot right now but Cass just bugs me out. He just has never-ending bars and each one is just dope. No contest there.