Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Rick Ross Sign The Game?

The Game has been on Interscope Records since the beginning of his career, but there’s a change coming down the line. This isn’t exactly new news, but we’re now hearing that The Game is looking for another place to release his albums. And, that place may well be with Rick Ross’ MMG! What do you think of that? I’m not sure. Once upon a time, The Game had Black Wall Street, which really was the first movement to successfully defend itself from 50 Cent’s carnage. But, now The Game is looking to get down with RR? A year or so ago it was Baby and Cash Money. Either way, I think Game needs a winning team so that he can just be a dope MC.

The Game’s Jesus Piece comes out Nov. 11.

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41 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Rick Ross Sign The Game?”

  1. SpaceAge2012

    Game needs 2 just do his B.W.S. shit & promote himself & his own team.Y join another nigga’s team when u’re already a boss?

  2. chippc

    Game actually has decent artist on his BWS label that if given the right push, he can make some money off of them. Juice McCaine, MENACE, kANARY diamonds, Nu Jersey Devil, all have made some noise. Why do artist sign people and never make the effort to develop them?

    • Mark Olford

      Game can’t even get his shit right….look at what he’s done with his career business wise….not much, he might get some publishing dollars on the side for writing for artist, but with the BWS brand, he should have had somebody holding it down by now….Game has talent but his attitude and bi-polar personality is killing his pockets….he’ll truely understand this soon enough…..the 40 glocc thang got him warm again, but that won’t last….

  3. Griss

    This nigga should have enough money to have his own shit like seriously signing to a nigga who u said “50 was eatin” … someone who blew after u …. thats like gettin money from ya nephew …. smh Game i know u wont be that dumb besides no one on mmg ever sells … not a platinum album in sight …. unless u count the ones that do plat after 2 years…. n hell ask bow wow if u should sign with ycmb … im sure u will enjoy ya 4k a month

    • firehawk17

      you right dog… plus the only gold just happened with ross fat ass last album.. took 4 albums to reach gold once smh. thats sad.

      • C.H.

        First gold? You must not be familiar with billboard archives…Ross first album went gold the first month on the strength of everyday i’m hustling which was like 4x platinum not including the jay-z featured remix.

      • Dee Donald

        gold the first month? so that mean the album didnt sell after the first month cuz ross has never went patinum and that was 06

  4. firehawk17

    Game can spit…i dig him as a artist. as a person he is schizo .. something wrong with dude and the cop ricky rosizgay is plain delusional… game doesnt need him though.. rather see him with YMCMB. really i dont care either way they dont pay my bills just giving an opinion.. bored at work

  5. IV in the Clouds

    Succesfully kept BlackWall Street away from 50’s carnage? Name one BlackWall Street artist or album that dropped. Yeah the Game came out shinning from that battle haha. Fitting that 2 fake people would link up like minds as they say. From dropping names of everyone possible to getting shine For singing over 1st of the Month the dude is trash. Jesus Piece as good as the Chronic Jayceon!? Get outta here man Hold up a stay together sign and look crunchy like you change of heart days.

  6. C.H.

    Not a bad move..MMG is under Atlantic right? That’s not a bad look right there..they seem to be the only ones properly promoting hip-hop albums right now.

  7. Charlie Kelly

    im not a big game fan by any means but damn homie, it should be the other way around, game should be signing rick ross lol.. and wasnt YMCMB talking bout signing rick ross when he is a free agent awhile back? reminds me off that pusha t line… u kno the one i ant gotta say it.. LoL

  8. steven smith

    Game should start hes own distribution, what so hard about that. hire experience staff and back it up with a mill..after a while don’t depend on others. they can drop you anytime.

  9. Oakli

    man mmg maybe a winning now but for how long will that stand the music stays the same my ears are not feeling it right now…. and Ross should respond to Fifth as a real boss

  10. Alf Capone

    whatever………..i dont buy game albums anyway………..well………i bought the documentary……..but that was a long long time ago

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