Hip-Hop Rumors: Is EPMD’s Hit Squad Still Beefing?

I heard a lil rumor! I don’t know if you know this but…wait a sec…

Do you know who the Hit Squad is? EPMD, Redman, K-Solo, Das EFX, Keith Murray, DJ Scratch? I heard a rumor about them on the heels of their recent show on the East Coast in Newark, NJ. Anyway, these dudes are the best of the best lyrically. While they may have had varying degrees of relevance, they are all dope. As a crew they were unstoppable. But, EPMD broke up and the crew split in half. Neither side was what the collective sum was…but that’s another story. So, a year or so ago, they got back together and started to tour as a unit.

And the tour has carried on as usual. BUT, I heard these dudes still don’t really get along all that well and most are deeply bitter towards each other for some reason or another. I heard that just about everybody is type-upset with EPMD, because at the time of the legendary group’s break up, this was the strongest crew in Hip-Hop. After, a lot of powerful regimes emerged. Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith (EPMD) eventually reunited but they never fully captured the magic. I also heard its mostly “strictly business” and not very “personal,” if you catch that pun. They are still one of the best group’s ever. Anyway, read up on these dudes. They had street beef on the real before it was all over TMZ.

Here are some EPMD / Hit Squad bangers:



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  • Mike Davis

    illseed taking us to Sunday School this morning talking about “Eric & Parrish Making Dollars….Excel, living well, taking no shorts and why botherTo whine while I dine, sounds genuine You walked in the wrong camp, punk, stepped on a land mine Boom bang, bust the slang that I bring From Brent wood, Long Island, all the way to Sing-Sing” – For My People

    • Dope!

    • hoeyuno

      ha ha at Sunday school….. I refuse to type (lol) but its starting to get hard.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Eric set parish up for a roberry back in the day cuz he felt parish was jerckin him out of money…. true story

    • Co-Sign

    • Terrance Goodman

      Agreed heard bout that


    One set up the other, as the rumor goes, beef over….but bad blood lingers.

    • hoeyuno

      fo sho. glad to see all these guys can still go out and make a buck off the art.

  • hoeyuno

    hit squad is the def squad plus diggity das efx and search I guess. this is the first I heard of das efx since camouflage suits and timbos. so eric and parish smile at the crowd and go through there hits then give each other the stink eye back stage. remember when k solo did that lie detector test to prove he made some verse that him and dmx were arguing about… lotta hip hop history in this bitch.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Real hip hop

  • Pierre Elliott


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  • Truth Powell

    So Def and Hit Squad merged as a new Hit Squad?? When did this happen? Thats a beautiful line up and with the right production would be monstrous(never will happen tho cuz rappers don’t respect dope producers) but I couldn’t imagine Def Squad giving up their identity to join with Parrish and Das Efx

    • cifrank282

      They were all originally the Hit Squad…when E and PMD broke up in 92, Das,and DJ Scratch went with PMD and kept the Hit Squad name….Red and Murray went with E and became Def Squad…K-Solo just fell off.


    ok anybody know how old illseed is —- he sounds like a youngin

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