Hip-Hop Rumors: Shots Fired! The Game Disses Shyne In New Rap!

What’s beef? Beef is when a dude deported from America still can manage to get a buzz! The Game and Shyne have been going back and forth for quite some time, but now it has come to a full head! Sorta. You know the background on this story. Basically, Shyne ridiculously dissed Kendrick Lamar’s album as terrible and The Game got pissed. Game basically said he would give Shyne the old “40 Glocc treatment” if he came to Cali. Kendrick is well protected! Anyway, Shyne dissed The Game in a tweet, calling him “bi-polar” and The Game drops a diss video in the form of a freestyle. Check it.

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I think the USA government revoked Shyne’s “pass” in to, not only the West Coast, but all of America!



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  • AK

    ahh better not post no shyne trash, there is real artists out there that need attention dont even post any shyne reply garbage let this be his final mention

    • hahah that is not going to happen. I want to hear his response. You are new to this site I never ever seen you on here years back. This is a hiphop site meaning they report hiphop shit. Battling is apart of hiphop shit. If they was talking about Kim K and how she feels about Kanye I would agree. Mc’s since the begging have battled and there are challenges. AHH does have dope artist like Jasri x or whatever his name is, flatbush zomibes etc. This site at least is not wordstar.

      • Weedras

        Flatbush Zombies get props!

    • Richard Savage

      I agree. im very disappointed in Shyne. The whole 10 years this nigga was in prison i just KNEW he was gon come out wit some ill shit and he is more of a disappointment than Kwame Brown was to the NBA. He is ass trash now. He seeks more attention than anyone in rap including Game. One minute he’s cool wit Puff and then he disses him. he doesnt know if he wants to wear a rag on his head and be a muslim or if he wanna wear a koofi backwards like a fitted cap. He disses Rick Ross for bein a fraud but rides Wayne’s jock cuz he claims blood (but he really isnt). Not to mention the fact EVERY SONG he has released since his release from prison has been TRASH. He should just go back to prison so he could have an excuse to be wack. And since when did shootin in the air and somehow hittin a bunch of people he didnt mean to hit make him gangster? Just cuz you buck off and hit the lil girl playin jump rope in the middle of the street it dont mean you gangster

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  • Roberto Ciamora

    Game is putting his groupie tendencies to some use for a change. Thankfully it’s not Kendrick getting caught up with this. He got to the top on talent and didn’t have to resort to this kid of negativity to do so. Game & Shyne are cut from the same cloth, a couple of groupies who always have someone elses name in their mouth cause talent alone can’t get them any attention.

    • JimJames29


  • sean okeefe

    Game is on top of his game right now!

    • 503birdb3

      yeah he is g-unit!!!!!

  • Dointer

    Shyne = Idiot. What kind of “gangsta” , shoots up a club and hits innocent bystanders? What kind of “gangsta” makes personal threats when he is based in another country. Furthermore, what kind of “gangsta” reports to the media…….

    • 504blacktravolta

      innocent bystanders get hit trynna be heroes

      • Dointer

        You are a dead set fool. Do you think the lady that got shot in the face by Shyne was trying to be a hero?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      one that resides in belize and is banned from where his enemys are … 😉

    • Chris

      Ummmmm, Game is the one making threats from 2000 miles away.

    • Modesto Koczwara

      What kind of “gangsta” shoots period?

  • CountDMoney

    SOunds like a promo diss to get some attention.. Later they’ll kiss and make up on twitter after the album drops.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      def promo game is everywhere right now ….

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Freedom of Speech – should be defended.- one person telling another what not to say – about something that don’t concern his – should be defended! – Lamar is a celibrity – meaning everyone’s opinion is free.

  • mademan3000

    Man I can’t even lie Game ripped that shit, love him or hate him u gotta give props on that one!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yeah he def did on some url summer madness ish …

  • Mos High

    I still wondering why Shyne gets any talk. Maybe if he was a ill MC I could understand, but he is terrible, terrible. Good promo for Game since his album coming out soon. When Game sticks to just rapping I think he is a good artist, but he gets caught it too much mix up and one day he may pay for that.

  • greeneyedbandit


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  • dayleedumped

    it aint about being a groupie.. game and kendric from the same family technically

  • Slaughtr

    Fck Game phony ass nigga what fckn game he on top off.Lil boy ass nigga pull your pants up. Shyne all respect my nigga ring his bitch ass out.

  • 503birdb3

    every rapper sould diss shine till somebody can respect his skills keep makein him the joke of rap cheif keef 2 chains mc hammer mase he fair game gettem!!!

  • Celz

    This dude loves to hate Jay-Z.. He was spittin though.. smh @ 40 and Shyne