Rick Ross

Hip-Hop Rumors: Uh Oh! Florida GD’s Want Rick Ross To Pay Up!

OH MAN! Rick Ross is winning, no doubt, but you can’t help but smell like some sort of change is on the horizon! First of all, these Gangster Disciples appear to be all over the Boss’ every move! First it was Alabama and now it is the gang’s Florida faction that has taken to YouTube for a threatening video.

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I think I’m going to get some of my boys and where a mask and hit up Charles Hamilton! Yeah, we uhhh, want you to pay up in Rahmen Noodles, boy! Give it up smooth! Ain’t no telling when I’m down for a jack move! Just kidding. Anyway, Rick Ross somehow got these dudes upset over some alleged comments about leader Larry Hoover. I know Rick Ross has name-dropped Larry Hoover, but I’m not even sure what happened to upset the gang. I do think that maybe somebody should just say sorry. Get it out of the way.

Nobody needs to die or get hurt. Say sorry. Please? I would.

Larry Hoover should be able to…nevermind.


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  • killerb718

    black people smh

    • Chris

      This does not reflect the entire Black community. Only a simple-minded individual would believe that it does. SMH.

    • Casor_Greener

      This is why I don’t be trying to hear the cries of these broke mofos. Suckaz spent time making this corny video and not looking for a job.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Thank u , they can at least hustle , better yet come together
        N police our own hoods

      • firehawk17

        that would make too much sense.. but thats too much thinkin for them

      • Terrance Goodman

        I agree

      • phillyphillybol

        i also agree that its a handout but as long as they put time and effort into this, its a hustle in its own right is all im sayin lol

      • Terrance Goodman

        I see your point

      • phillyphillybol

        what theyre doin is a hustle

      • Terrance Goodman

        That’s not a real hustle that’s hand outs

      • Hector G

        most my niggaz rob, they ain’t got a job

    • Nasir Isaac

      You can say that again bro!

    • firehawk17

      exactly.. not all black people. white people are habitual drug users.. not all of course but do u say white people.? white people are more likely to be serial killers,, do you say white people? point is neither should be said.. comment on that situation.. no one situation is a reflection of all people in a particular culture.

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  • Giovanna Argueta

    well its the rap world and that fat bastard deserves it.

    • youngstohio

      ignorant comment….rap world or not he doesn’t deserve that its not like he’s a pedophile or serial rapist.he’s just a guy that sells people a rap dream,and you bought the dream like a true “JOHN” lol

      • Hector G

        only person mentioning buying that fake shit is you…i hope he gets his ass beat to a pulp jus for selling a fake dream and glamorizing a life that is nothing like the way he represents it…frauds deserve nothing but to be erased and forgotten…then Beg For Mercy

      • firehawk17

        he deserved this.. he portrayed this boss life like he lives it.. if its entertainment then he should have made that known like rick ross is just entertainment im william.. but he got keys flying over seas, got killas in the street, making all these illegal major moves. now real niggas ready to check him.. not saying he deserve to die but definitely he need to know that shit is real.. Cant talk like u living that life and you dont come from that.. fukin crazy

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  • The Alabama dudes were scarier….then again….these dudes don’t need carfare!

    What’s next? Bloods coming after fake rappers?

    • Terrance Goodman

      hope not brother enough fools done gave this thing the old navy treatment
      Smfh( commercial) lost sight of what it was suppose to be. It was
      Suppose to build our communities n uplift our Ppl . Now its just nonsense
      N no substance

      • United Slaves / Ron Karenga / Bloods? – Black Panthers / Crips?

      • Terrance Goodman

        Nail on the head.. Teach

      • Would be a good topic for $E$? I’ll get to work on it 1 day?

      • Terrance Goodman

        Drop knowledge on em I await it refreshing

  • Dadon850

    I wonder how many of these young dudes daddy’s got they dootie hole searched by Rozay looking for that contraband back during his other profession??

    • Bawahahahaaaahaha…..HAHAHAHAAHAAA!

  • Terrance Goodman

    I know 4 states where the prosecutor n Feds are having wet dreams in they

  • i’mreloaded!

    Can someone please explain to me what exactly do you do once you join a gang? I’m just tryin to figure out exactly what a bunch of dudes that walk around wearin the same color rag do all day. Maaybe that’s why I never joined one. Never saw the point of runnin around shootin and robbin people to prove myself to some niggas who don’t give a damn bout

    • Become a rapper?

    • youngstohio

      lol good one

    • depends what “gang” & what u mean by “gang”

    • fabbidavisjr

      Usually the leaders are a couple manipulating bullies who get a bunch of punk followers….who then continue to manipulate family friends etc etc etc to follow them

  • i’mreloaded!

    their own damn self. Just sayin.

  • Bigfella

    This has to stop fake Chicago wanna be gangsta’s !!! U cats not Folks from Chicago so stop claiming shit ya’ll know nothing about!!! Let Rick Ross make his money and leave it be!!! All these wanna be factions of GD please come to the southside or westside or eastside of chicago and see what that shit really about !!!! Just stop real Gangsta’s don’t make video tapes and put them on the internet!!!!! SO STOP PLEASE

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      True. If he don’t have problems in the city then idk what these imitators are so hot about.


  • Even though these some ignorant dumb niggas Rick Ross talked about that life in his corny ass rhymes now its time to live up to the hype

    • leftlanekb

      what the f are you talking about ? NWA didnt leave up to the hype so why should he?

      • bigdoe6

        Don’t ever in your life mention NWA in a article about Rick Ross. That’s a violation homie.

      • leftlanekb

        why is that ? Cause they so gangsta? Is Dr Dre a Gangsta or a Fag? Didnt know gangstas could be gay (thats real gangsta)

      • firehawk17

        yo son.. there are a lot fag ass killas.. thats real.. you must not know any ol school penitentiary dudes. that dude u know who got 10yr or more fact is over 85% will at least once experience a gay act so get ur mind right about that homeboy..niggas get out and lie like they never did that.. so its best to stay out of jail.. go to school

      • leftlanekb

        I did and if there is alot of fag ass killas name one besides Omar from The Wire. Keep believing that rap music son smdh. Also I dont care what you say faggs aren’t gansta kill yourself for thinking that!

      • leftlanekb

        All these dudes make music and they got yall thinking different smdh
        Aint no killers making music they to busy killing

      • Celz

        NWA exaggerated but Rick Ross is a fabrication he made it up.. Big difference everyone exaggerates.. George Bush, Obama, Malcolm X, MLK, Tupac, Lincoln.. Rick Ross just straight up lies and sells a fantasy to kids who don’t know any better as being real.. Ross would never drop a song like Dope Man

      • leftlanekb

        George Bush, Obama, Malcolm X, MLK, Tupac, Lincoln were either lying or telling the truth

      • Celz

        NWA is entertainment but Ross is in a whole ‘nother category..

      • leftlanekb

        I am with you on that

      • firehawk17

        NWA didnt say they was killas either… didnt say they had drugs on the block..or flying shit in from over seas..

  • uawildcat76

    When you have to make YouTube video about it. You have lost all so called credibility. Dumb Ass Disciples



    • youngstohio

      these new age gangsters are funny. i wonder if bumpy Johnson ever sent a letter to his enemies asking them to pay up lol

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        maybe not a letter but im sure he gave them fair warning before setting it off …

      • Terrance Goodman

        lol black Caesar sure was not gonna ask at all

  • black tarzan

    These sum hungry hatin niggas.. smh it started over black barmitza and they said “the sign of David” was The gangsta deciples logo and he stole it.. smh.. thats not theres to claim that is a jewish symbol. They cant take claim to that. rick ross did not mention any of them in any song. They want attn and think they see a situation they can extort someone. They putting threats on youtube.. see you in jail… Hip Hop is entertainment, Thats ALL it is… MUSIC!! stop being ignorant and taking this stuff so serious. NO RAPPERS ARE GANGSTAS.. Its all a gimic.. show me a rapper with no gimic, i will show you a rapper without a deal. Rick ross is #1. Get over it damn!!!! yall hate so much.. calling him a fraud, a cop, when yall know he was NEVER a cop. a CO is an overhyped security guard and if he is fake for having a “real job” when he was 18 then yall dumber than yall look and sound… grow up dumbass’s I guess thats the only language you losers understand.

    • juan

      Six point star was inherited as the symbol of Crips and Folks in respect for the second leader of Crip. He was Jewish. Just to let you know.

      • Celz

        Crips don’t bang stars man.. That’s straight up false

  • black tarzan

    if i dont like a rapper i dont listen to them. Yall haterz listen to rick ross to find something to hate… STRAIGHT LOSER SHIT!!!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      true and not true … when dealing with a mainstream if you enjoy listening to radio tv etc… your eventually going to be forced to hear something from that artist .. only option u got @ that point is to change the channel or station for those few minutes ………………………………………….

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    fake studio gangsters can only fake it for so long the thing with william is he always takes it too far and crosses the line and doesnt realize cause to him its just entertainment

  • some people listen to rik ross bumpin their heads thinkin it goes hard ?

  • Roberto Ciamora

    More losers acting like clowns on the internet


  • TheBigCheeFa

    rick ross is the Obama of Rap.people hating

  • ladynamor

    Someone has to monitor studio gangsters, or at least show the world they are not about that life. his response is what it is all about. (if its real)

  • Do you really want a “check”? And if everybody’s wearing a mask, how does he know who to make the check out to? …. They didn’t think this through very well

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM


  • Nasir Isaac

    Joblessness is a muthaf***** !


    this would maybe hold some wh8 if it wasnt a song at the end of every video… they want money cause he used they symbol either way you know he getting more security on payroll

  • This shit is funny like the other vid…i will say this again..Real Gangsters don’t make vids or Rap..SMH


    I wouldn’t pay em nada…what are they gonna do? Ross has security up the wazoo…extortion via the internet? how stupid some people are

  • Soulgasm

    They sounded like a cheer-leading squad. “GD-BOSS”. smh….

  • They not gonna do nothing lol. I bet larry hoover, and others didn’t send threats they handled business.

  • Truth Powell

    Ross is way more intelligent,cunning,evil, and richer than these basic gangbangers can ever be. And money = power. They can hoot and holler alll they want but trust ain’t shit gonna happen to Ross, well at least not from the GDs……

  • hiphoponlifesupport

    If this is “true”, will America’s favorite C.O. become a pastor to avoid becoming an extra large punching bag?! Stay tuned

  • Richard Savage

    Well until they actually do somethin to him or someone he is affiliated with im gonna say they’re just bluffin and just want some attention

  • Richard Savage

    real gangsters dont make youtube videos threatening RAPPERS they will just go rock his ass

    • Keylon Jackson Di Natale

      so true and why real gangsters will do that, knowing that ricky always talking good about them, on the mixtape all he do is showing respect like he did to meech and as we know meech said he is happy about the BMF song, weird ass beef

  • Keylon Jackson Di Natale

    now the florida’s GD??? i think they do that for the buzz why a gang would post threat on the internet, knowing cops watching and everybody watching either i think ricky is behind it, nigga was in NC, where you have alot of GD and ntn happen????? it’s weird to believe dis story , florida’s gd every body florida is under the zoe, so this shit is fake

  • Jay

    This whole thing is ignorance at it’s best. Gee, ever wonder why black folks are behind in damn near every thing?

  • WillVetterGoodin

    People know William is a fraud. It’s only a matter of time.

  • imaman2012

    Have they forgot he’s a former co?

    This is what hip hop has come to

    ‘gangtsa’ calling out a ‘former tax payer citizen’ for back due ‘g-taxes’

    I’m i the only one that see the foolishness in this.


  • Emilione

    Illseed, are you seriously linking a video of this on allhiphop?…these dudes WANT attention and you and this (often) GREAT Hip Hop site is putting focus on their destructive gang? So dissapointed. Illseed, so many things to say or write about Hip Hop and this passes as Hip Hop, why? Do you know how many so called gangsters put up videos, threatening rappers on Youtube and such? WHERE is the journalistic integrity? So what RR is getting threatened by the GD´s, you put this on here for shock value and i cant stand that type of ignorance among Hip Hop Journalists. This is new type of low for this site./ Sincerely, allhiphop reader for 9 years.

  • Guest

    Yall gangsters really??? Ok lets say the police kill one of ya folk. Yall gone ride? LOL I think not..Take yall young azz to school and get your own bizness. Your first move begging for bread make yall look broke and desperate. Ross on another level, he aint got to do shows in no lil country azz FLA town no more……….on another note though the song ridin but I dont support hating

  • suge380

    Let’s see which one kills him 1st GD’s for they extortion money or Cholesterol. My money is on Cholestrol. That Donut Eating AZZ Pig ain’t going nowhere near a place dem niggaz can run up on him, and if dis sh!t real, dem niggaz can’t come within 1 mile of a gated community to get at the Hog without the Bacon Patrol picking them up.


    if i was ross i’d be like fuk all u b!tch azz niccas

  • WillVetterGoodin

    I hope that this obese jewish correctional officer with an identity crisis get’s what’s comin to him.

  • Dizzyorder

    Two things going down . 1st Rick Ross is a puppet funded to sale and promote ignorance .By an industry that decided that they could make more money by promoting gansta rap then positive rap. Half the labels were bankrupt back then . The prison industrial complex maid a big investment to to found gansta rap back then. Hence you got Nwa Warren g Jay Z and Rick Ross All these people promoting the worse parts of the modern reality for money and riches.They get the money and forget whare they came from or never new it in the 1st place .
    2nd so now here you got Rick Ross a high school football star turned prison guard know turned rapper. Who never lived these situations using and yelling all these people names that was really about . Come on some one was gonna say some then . The fucked part is that by them making demands and threats they helping sale more albums to even more play his fantasy role .

  • pay one you gotta pay all of them,….stall em out!!!

  • pacpac

    is it ture

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