M-1 (@M1deadprez) Ft. @Nas “Genocide Highway”

[ahh_audio src=/11-11-12/M1ftNas-GenocideHighway.mp3]

  • Jude

    Nas at his best…Nice production

  • Nas is one of the NiCEst in the game

  • m1 went HAM on this shit…dp has written for Nas before, as well

    • Dead prez has never written for Nas check ya facts nigga!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        technically if you produced a record for nas he did write for nas … making beats is a form of writing … and he did pen hooks … it is what it is …. artist collab all the time … people are looking into the whole so and so wrote for nas ish too deep …………………………. we can even go back to the old days where mega actually gave nas a line on afirmative action i think it was …. now if we gonna talk about something talk about that one lol 😉 …. Nas still oen of the best regardless tho … and props to mega to one of my fave mcs …. if you aint up on Cormega … youtube him!!

      • keep it real, we’re not talking about beats. which hooks? we should have already moved pass this whole DREAM by hampton, pun intended, when M1 and J-E already clarified this to be false. I’m a huge Mega fan since forever..rapper/hustler or firm mixtapes, I don’t even know! Nas said it himself that when working with other artist he sometimes changes verses based on their ideas…does that mean they’re writing for him? and again, you can’t tell me shit bout Mega Montana nigga!!

      • you also said “he” penned hooks…you are aware that DP doesn’t mean what you’re thinking and that Deadprez is a group right?

      • a dope female mc?? and a nigga named Washington?? allhiphop is bad enough as it is..get off

  • Meathead gigganigga

    I love Nas, but this is… whack. sorry to say, but the beat is not the kind of thing i expected. But the lyrics are good. Beat needs to be changed.