50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Floyd Mayweather Gets New Rapper, Dr. Dre’s Old Rapper?

This isn’t really a rumor, but I thought I’d throw it out there. Do any of you remember Hayes? It was a big deal a couple years ago, because both Dr. Dre and Timbaland signed him or something weird. Anyway, it was a big deal, but eventually it fizzled out. These days it seems like he’s rolling with the Money Team! He and Floyd have done some rapping and so now the word is Earl Hayes is now the latest signee by Floyd Mayweather. You think he will be used in the ongoing entertainment battle with 50 Cent?

If you can, click here for our interview with Hayes in 2010.


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  • GC

    This site is ridculous! Y’all are so behind. 50 is cool with Hayes and the beef with Floyd was staged. LMAO! Hayes has been on 50’s last two mixtapes.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol i just knew this was a sidney lace report … damn illseed you slippin mane … step it up mane lol 😉

  • WhatitIs

    nah he aint got beef wit 50 he was on his mix tape gettin shine

  • TonyMon

    The only real hiphop beef 50 had was with Ja rule, everything sense then was for entertainment…

    • cifrank282

      I would say the Fat Joe shit was real as well……at least on Joe’s behalf

      • Only on Joe’s behalf! 50 was playing with fiyah!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM


    • Amaron Mathis

      well game’s nigga got shot due to that beef….idk if it can get any more real then that besides murder lol

  • When will you guys bring back Chopper Suit? That was the funniest time in rap!!! anything else feels kinda ehhhhhh.

  • Marlon Louie

    Earl Hayes been rapping for a long time now. Go get THE JACKA’s 1st solo cd and some more bay area underground cds. He’s a cool rapper but just cause DRE & TIMBALAND cosigned him doesn’t make him the sh it. I hope this deal works out.

  • Dammnn!!! These niggas wearing matching v-necks. It seems there’s a much bigger rumor at hand

  • yall are so behind…the only fame hes gotten in the last couple years is with 50 on 50s last two mixtapes…look at hayes and 50 video on youtube…couple million hits…that floyd and fiddy shit was a joke

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  • They signed this cat? Listening to this track i’m trying to figure out why exactly..i’m going to have to look up some more music because if this is his best..hmmm

    • u should be trying to figure out why u trying to figure out anything about a nigga u dont know u fag

      • Tony G.

        so looking up another mans music makes u a fag? really…

      • This is the new generation cuz..lots to say but not saying much of anything.

      • You call me that but on your facebook profile you like neutrogena? Might wanna check yourself first son. Ethered!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      they signed him cause hes in pursuit of a deal … talent never really ever mattered especially in this day in age … determination and confidence is everything ……

  • i never heard of this guy

  • watcher

    This guy just committed murder-suicide.