Album Review: Lil’ Fame and Termanology’s “Fizzyology”

Here’s a union you don’t see every day; Termanology and Lil’ Fame (of M.O.P.) have teamed up to create Fizzyology, a clever blend of both of the artists’ styles, lyrical abilities, and literal names (hence the title, get it?). Crafted from the jump to resonate with Hip-Hop lovers, the entire LP is bathed in that raw, underground sound, making it a project that can easily slide under your radar if you’re not paying attention. With the likes of Busta Rhymes, Bun B, Freeway, Styles P, and more lending verses to help, however, Fizzyology pushes that real rap sound for the entire play that makes it difficult to ignore on any level.

The intro track, “After Midnight”, sets the tone out of the gate as Termanology goes right into the street narrative and lyricism that he’s been making his name known for, while Fame gives vintage verses with slick quips that sound straight out of the M.O.P. catalog, complete with the hyper ad-libs. The relentlessness never stops until nearing the back end of Fizzyology, even as the subject matter switches up. It’s on display, from the Bun B feature on “Hustler’s Ringtone”, to the M.O.P. reunion on “Crazy” ; even with those being the drawing point form pressing play, one of the true highlights of the entire project is the reflection track, “Family Ties”. As they rhyme about their past with their kin, it’s more of a revelation as to what both artists have been through and how it made them who they are, but not in a cliché way. There are other mellow tracks as well (“Pray For Me”, “Lil Ghetto Boy”), but this one stands out.

Although it was a legit move for each artist to have solo songs through Fizzyology, it’s hard to not wonder how Fame would’ve sounded on Term’s tracks and vice versa. Thankfully, the union is heard on most of the tracks here, and it makes for an enjoyable ride that flows pretty well, all things considered. If you’re one of those people complaining about the lack of rugged, raw Hip-Hop, you’d be remiss to miss this one. Fizzyology delivers, point blank.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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  • Ojay Juice Henry

    between this shawn P and siagon I can listen to some heat in the whip for the winter!

  • dexterthegreat

    Fizzy said, “I will put two in yo chest like implants” Whoa… He aint bullshitting

    • Tony G.

      I caught that line and was like Whoa too lol

  • 7yoyo7

    Holy shit, I’ve neer heard about this project O_O

    Another good CD to put money on!

  • Tony G.

    Cot Damn…..real hip hop….guarantee u’ll never hear any of these songs on the radio yet its better than anything they play…#salute

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  • Carlos

    gonna check this out, but still hoping for a reks and term album.

  • Can Allhiphop please break down the criteria they use to review albums? I understand politics within the music scene, but nothing seems consistent.