Jay-Z and Nas

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Jay-Z Starting With Nas Again?

So, the streets are starting to talk and I’m thinking they may be on to something. Did you hear when Jay-Z said, “”Yeah, I’m talking ‘Ye/ Yeah, I’m talking Rih/ Yeah, I’m talking Bey’/ Ni**a, I’m talking me/ Yeah, I’m talking bossy/ I ain’t talking Kelis.” And a few weeks ago, Nas announced a dope New Year’s Eve Show for All of Hip-Hop. I’m going! And now, Jay-Z just announces that he is doing a show in BK on New Year’s with Coldplay. Talk about “big show.”

First of all, he disses Kelis, the main character in Nas’ new album, Life is Good. Clearly, he still cares about her based on that album. And then, Jay scoop slams her in song. Then, this blot out of Nas’s show. Somebody I know told me that these dudes are forever competitive even though they may not have beef. What do you think? Nas is working on his new album. Ether 2, anybody?


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  • fabbidavisjr

    “Make records to disrespect me blatant or indirectly”

  • Celz

    Change the name of this section to Grasping for Straws….

    • Casor_Greener

      yep,. this is a joke

    • TheBoxcarHobo


    • Yep haha. truth. You still gotta love this place for its fox news like comedy value tho, hahaa.

  • Brad Angus

    jay think he’s got the game down wit’ the Roc but the kid lecrae aint on so he may as well stop…illuminati or not, ain’t no way that fool is steppin’ thru the pearly Gates n Ye will follow his ass as well

  • Negro Peligro

    He dissed Kelis cause Kelis dissed Beyonce said she was stealing her HipHopRockStyle. Jay Z got the green light once she got divorced from Nas. You slow.

  • Damn AllHipHop be reaching now! This rumor is trash!

  • PL

    Once again tryin’ to stir up some ish…didn’t you learn the last time? Looks like somebody just got around to listenin’ to the Clique song…illseed you reachin’ like Mr. Fantastic…it’s just a line…

  • JohnnyDoe

    This is such a terrible post. Talk about having nothing to say! LOL…AHH is starting to fade.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      how tho, everybody knows jay z a sneak disser.

      • hoeyuno

        exactly. why would jay even go there. and if he said I’m bossy like kelis that would be a different story.

  • hahahahaha smh… wow…smh…

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Jay Z is 1 of the biggest sneakiest motherfuckers in the industry

    • NoGoBoi

      real spill

  • True_Fan

    It doesn’t matter because Jay hasn’t had a good album since American Gangster. Nas’ Life is Good is another classic. Jay needs Kanye to stay relevant in the rap game now.

    • firehawk17

      Im not a huge jay fan but jay and kanye are very relevant… i’d be hating if i said there were not. blueprint 3 was jay worst album.. ye hasnt put out any bad music except 808 and heartbreaks…

      • True_Fan

        This was definitely not a knock against Kanye, to me he is one of the best in the industry. I’m saying that Jay attaches himself to Kanye to stay relevant.

      • MarquisCarter

        As a big Jay fan(Reasonable Doubt is goat to me) I have to agree. He been doin that forever. And Nas said it. Kane to Irv to big…to DMX and Ja-Rule to Philly niggas to stay hood to Kanye. He’s a leech and he been one. He still my nigga though.

      • 7inchblkman

        Kill yourself!!!!! 808 heartbreak was a real emotion that ye was going threw. How dare you say ye’s art work was weak. GTF outta here

    • johnblacksad

      “beat the odds, beat the feds, it wouldn’t be wise to bet against the kid”

    • $28825362

      People gone hate but this is true. Jay needs Kanye, not the other way around. I WAS a huge Jay-Z fan but not since AG.

  • Wooooooow! Really? I’m going to jump out on a limb and say that this is someone masquerading as illseed. Or illseed has officially ran out of fodder.

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Illseed BEEN gone homie.

  • firehawk17

    first off it wasnt a diss… kelis last hit was called “im bossy”.. all he was saying was that he is bossy i aint talking kelis which that was her song. making something into nothing smh..

    • Tbones

      U knw this peeps are just looking to drive traffic to their site

  • PL

    AllHipHop is Dead.

  • illseed you are trying to start a beef? This is what media take out does! They create beefs. You are a piece of shit. I wish you would show your real face instead of hiding behind a stupid as crack head looking cartoon pic. Stop being a coward illseed. You want to start a beef show your face. You are reaching big time. Nas if you read this don’t pay any attention to this shit head as a matter of fact you mentioned you read the hiphopsites like this. Leave Allhiphop alone chuck supports the cooning. This is against what you stand for.

  • Cheeba G

    this is stupid. everyone stop complaining about how AHH is “fading” and just move on to a new website….2dopeboyz

  • Sydny Seed fails again! That was the biggest reach I haver seen in my life! That was a METAPHOR not a DISS! What the f**** happened to this site? Stop trying to start sh**! It’s f***ing maggots like you that escalated the Biggie & Pac beef that got them killed! People like you are poison to the youth!

  • johnblacksad

    Bring Sydney Lace back!

    • 7yoyo7

      Hell no!!! Get a real writer.

    • LOL!

  • mike malarkey


    • 7yoyo7

      shit you ropped it before me…

  • Ellsworth Allah

    damn if tht site never led me here i wudda never known tht this site still existed



    • scullyson


  • BlueRoc

    AHH is fucked up now i only go to TORCHENT.COM

  • NAS may not have money like Jay,but he is better than Jay

  • 5789007

    Reach of the month!!!

  • The_truth

    Lol… Jay was taking about Ross… people in his Clique… Ye, B, Him, Ri and Boss… (but not talking Kelis)….

    Please take this down….

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    ACTUALLY! Where people think this is a stretch, yall forget how slick Jay is. I don’t think Jay was trying to diss Nas per say. Perhaps he thought it was ok to slight diss Kelis thinking he was taking up for Nas. But we all know that Nas still has feelings for shorty. So THAT is the true sign that Nas & Jay are cool but not on no true friendship or Jay would have not mentioned shorty out of respect for Nas.

    But no Nas diss. IMHO

    • Tbones

      How u know Nas still has feeling for Kelis? U just passing ur opinion as a fact or what?

  • Weedras

    Why whenever these writers are reaching for a buzz or tryna start shit they always say “the streets is buzzing” lol!!

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    This is what happens when lyrical content becomes so far removed from the forefront of a hit record or a dope record that mafukkaz dun even know how to interpret lyrics when they hear them…so you start reaching for shyt…this site must be owned by those who are trying to destroy hip hop becuz they promote nothing but nonsense and spend too much energy trying to get two black men to wage war and hopefully kill each other

  • somebody mike brown this dude please smh

  • $18916246

    I’m a Jay fan and I didn’t dig the line either…kind of senseless intrusion as she is Nas’s ex-wife and mother of his son? I agree again that putting on a show the same day can be seen as a damper on Nas show…but I also feel Nas can handle it, his career pre-dates Jay-Z’s and he has a core HIP-HOP following he can and has always relied on. I hope Nas ignores the slight thrown his way in the Clique song and if what Jay mentioned is truly an issue or feels like a cheap shot..then damn the lyrical sparring we’ve seen this already…Knock Jay on his ass and call it even. Some people ask for confrontation.

  • Cold Hard Truth

    Benzino, is that you ?

  • FaSho Money Prince

    who cares, they’re friends they always have been… they gone always battle for the king of new york its in there nature…

  • anemia716


  • thuglifefukdapolice

    bad boy killa jay z die too

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    why they be reaching putting batteries in peoples back!!!

  • BruceLeRoyGlow

    you cant seriously think that was a diss fool…smh

  • Just caption the picture… “This D*ck Head Thinks Your Dissing Me… LMAO”

  • scullyson

    Damn illseed you got folks tryna knock yo block off….lol…

  • brandan evans

    cmon man wit this
    Nas & Jay z are on the same page for awhile now.
    they are the last 2 kings we have left.

    they have a alliance.

  • tab58064

    What a reach!! Slow news day huh AHH?

  • Jared Bolden-Whyte

    wow wont get that time back

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    only a reference to her song title and nothing else and we talking about New Years Eve every body who’s some body has an event planned for this day. GTFOH and stop reaching……. now what do you think?

  • hoeyuno

    I donno. I’m with seed on this one. jay knows dam well what he’s saying and knows how it will be takin. and it sounds like what beans was saying in average cat… which was a diss .

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    @ the end of the day Kelis isnt a boss .. shes bossy tho for sure .. but def aint no boss …. its a legit metaphore (meaning it has background) ingeniously placed in bars by jayz… so like Lauren Hill said LET THE PEOPLE CHAT (aka instigate) !! AND TAKE THE HIGH ROAD …. 😉

  • ccwaterbound32


  • Leo Picasso

    Damn this is 50 dot Com Just Became My favorite site for HH News Y’all Disgust me here at Allhiphop now RIP thx for the memories SMH

  • DJ Malie

    Anyone believing or thinking this is remotely close to a diss has got to be out of your mind… Jay-Z wouldn’t respond to most attacks against him but he is going to go in on KELIS…. Get The Eff Out Of Here!!

  • Big Crimes

    Ether 2 anybody? Anyone?? Hello???

    *crickets chirping*

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  • Tbones

    Illseed is reaching like a mofo, who cares of Jay is following in Nas’s footsteps n=by announcing a New yrs eve show in New york? hows a metaphorical reference to Kelis’s song Bossy a diss to Nas?

  • damn… sydney signing in as Illseed again?? I knew it before I even read the article because she always poses her headline as a question…

  • eiroc55

    is laughable he was referencing Bossy a play on words..He also proceeds to say
    “You’re money too short, you can’t be talking to me” is he dissing
    too short as he was featured in Bossy??

  • what about on that song they have together and Jay’s ” yo Nas let that bitch breathe”

  • Slaughtr

    If Jay is dissin…don’t you think ether was enough son raise your baby now what you have to prove?Nothing.

  • Slaughtr

    then I’m thinking stop trying to find anything to talk about it was just a reference damn these younginz wild.