Hip-Hop Rumors: Saigon Reveals How His Beef With Prodigy Originated

Saigon has just released his new album, Greatest Story Never Told 2: Bread and Circuses, you can check out our exclusive review of the album below:

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The Yardfather has been on a publicity run for his new album and has finally revealed the true origins of his beef with Prodigy from the legendary group Mobb Deep.  Apparently, it all started from Roc-A-Fela artist, Tru Life, robbing Prodigy. Check out what he said below:

“The sh*t started with Tru Life. That sh*t wasn’t even my beef. Tru had robbed them n*ggas, and me and Tru like brothers, before rap. I came up with Tru. So when Tru got in the rap game, he was on some hood rule apply sh*t — Prodigy stole $15,000 from Tru Life. Not stole it, but he did a verse for him and went and did the same verse and took the money, and then went and did the same verse on some other sh*t. Tru was like, ‘Aight, give me another verse.’ Son kept ducking. They did what they did with that. I ended up guilty by association. They trying to say, you went on TV and burned our CDs. I didn’t burn CDs, I had a handful of CDs, I was like, all this sh*t is garbage to me. I wasn’t singling out Mobb Deep.”

Interesting. You can watch the interview below:

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  • Dointer

    That album is rediculous, way over the head of todays average hip hop listener..2 chainz fans beware::::: You may lose some time out of your day if you buy this album because you actually have to listen to what he is saying.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      get up off your self righteous throne. The record was good, but it’s not great just because there is so much bull shyt passing off as hip hop. It’s just good. It’s a b-side compared to Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music. Just because the true emcees are few and far between, we shouldn’t anoint any emcee with bars and a “message” as a true cross bearer for the rebirth of the real emcee.

      • Dointer

        A well written essay of yours, but a few points in my rebuttal.

        *I am not on a throne.
        *Explain to me what a true emcee is please?
        *Emcees with bars and a message are not few and far between, there are thousands of them.
        *Nobody described Saigon as your such passionately explained “true cross bearer”.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        ok, maybe i was a bit too harsh on you. but i get tired of heads bashing non lyrical hip hop. “You may lose some time out of your day if you buy this album because you actually have to listen to what he is saying” Yeah, artists like 2chainz and the like are not super lyrical and putting out some thought provoking music, but thats not always needed. Sometimes artists that make straight up party music is what you’re going for.

        Now emcees with bars and a message…let’s be honest, there really aren’t many of them. Some cats may have bars, some may have messages, but there are few that have both and are still able to put together a good song and more importantly a good record.

        Not really sure where to go with this beyond that. I was just trying to make the point that just because you have lyrics that you have to “listen to” what they are saying, doesn’t make them better, it’s just different.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        @facebook-782125510:disqus ahhhh is some little aussie fcuk feeling butt hurt.

      • Dointer

        You must be so proud.

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  • water_ur_seeds

    cant wait for this album to turn up, gonna be on repeat…

    • album dropped last tuesday.

    • water_ur_seeds

      yeah i know ive ordered it already, im in uk aint turned up yet

  • 7yoyo7

    This is not news… And Tru-Life really burn one of those CDs on camera but Saigon wasn’t there.

    Cop the album! From a dude who actually RAPS!

  • Terrance Goodman

    Yard father fire n complex Bars don’t struggle ya brains lil gay fans
    Too much real ish

  • JimJames29

    I believe him about prodigy tho. I think it was on smack dvd where Tru speaks about him robbing mobb deep in the studio. Then they interviewed some dude who was also present in the studio, like an engineer or something, and he told exactly the same story right down to the tinyest detail. I still think signing tru life was a brilliant chess move by Jay. As a rapper he was asscheeks but he had the whole dipset shook, tru life is a straight up hooligan and he would do anything for his chance to make it as a rapper.

    • Tru stripped them naked. RZA was there & they didn’t fugg with Rza at all.
      ( Rumor goes? )

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        sai is tight with wublock, of course he didn’t fugg with rza. protect ya neck kid.

      • ummm you mean dj muggs…absolutely not RZA!!

      • Not sure, never heard the Dj Muggs version…

      • NoGoBoi

        it was gza not rza. it was on one of those beef movies

      • $18592567

        Prince Rakeem was definitely NOT in the building…


      • PEACE!

      • JimJames29

        Actually I don’t remember, it might have been RZA… I think its RZA actually. But the answer is on that smack dvd

      • Check it out! Some say DJ Muggs…but I thought Muggs was Cali?

        Heard that leaving RZA? untouched added insult to injury.

  • Dadon850

    Everybody should be required to listen to rap vs real. This album is the best I’ve heard in years.

  • sydney “manute bol” lace: Longest reach in the game.

  • Calico Joe

    I wonder why they didn’t mention him saying he wanted to punch Rick Ross and 2 chainz in the face for the music they making.

  • rip tru life

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    I don’t care about Prodigy and the rumors of him being gay, who you fcuk is who you fcuk, none of my business, but he is seriously coming off like a bytch with all of these rumors and rumor starting. Be a man P. You’re the Infamous not the InFeminine.

  • yo man…how many times you media geeks gonna keep re hashing the same old ass story? wtf? Everytime yall get saigon for an interview yall make it a point to ask him about prodigy…half these new age niggas dont even know who prodigy is but yall steadily force feeding us the “history” as if its vital that we know about it! foh…

    • Dadon850

      Obviously you cared about it enoug to comment on it. Get out of here you bi-polar crack baby.

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Tru Life and his niggas ran into the studio with guns and made everybody strip naked lol