Hip-Hop Rumors: Game And Shyne Insult Each Other With Gay Accusations

The Game and Shyne war of the words seemed to be slowing down, but as of yesterday, the beef was back on. In between promoting his new album, Jesus Piece, Game went in on Shyne and his sexuality, accusing him of getting through 10 years of jail by giving the inmates fellatio. Game has since deleted his tweets, but you can check out a few of his one line gay zingers towards Shyne below:

@originalshyne only reason u had a career is cause Diddy’s d*ck being stuck in ya throat made u sound like BIGGIE !!!

@OriginalShyne u bust the 1st shot at the ceiling like Police do in movies & sh*t.. Then yo scary a** shot into a crowd & hit a black woman.”

@OriginalShyne if that make u gangsta…. I don’t wanna be 1, u fake jew, cute curly sideburn havin a** n*gga.

@OriginalShyne suckin all that d*ck in prison… N*gga lost his voice. & that’s how u survived 10 years p*ssy. Tell us the truth C*M stomach

Wowzers! Did Game really say that “Diddy’s d*ck being stuck” in Shyne’s throat made him sound like Biggie. Yooooo! Game went in on Shyne! Not one to be outdone, Shyne shot back at Game with a few gay jokes of his own:

@thegame are u gay? Get off my time line wit all that gay talk. #judas the homo thug!,

@thegame Now I get it…the Lamar kid is your girl that’s why u was on that captain save hooker. U had defend your boo! Coward”

@thegame don’t bring no security or police with u on that European tour. #hooker”

Is it me, or are these dudes going extra hard with the gay jokes? PAUSE!!! Shyne ended his tweets to Game by basically telling him that he is planning on meeting up with him in Europe, and it won’t be to chat.

  • therealest1

    Immature shit.

  • Oknas

    LMAO@ diddy’s dick down his throat, game a fool

  • YungKizz

    OMG cut it out u too lol

  • toptop24

    Lol, Lamar kid is ur girl that’s why u on is captain save hook.. Game over! In my opinion. Game is from the city of scripts, Hollywood gangsta 2 me Shyne is the deal his street cred is to long for game show game.

    • Shyne is a real street dude. Game is a studio gangsta character his brother was the blood he was a good guy then after rap he started banging. LA knows he is fake his brother said The game was not banging. Shyne is not to play with he was never a rapper. Diddy got him from the streets and he wasn’t rapping.

      • “There difference between me & all these other rappers, is I’m a Gangsta, frontin’ as a rapper. I’m a hoodlum in Hollywood, acting like an actor….” …Sticky Fingaz ( G4 TV Freestyle…one of the best )

      • >> PAUSE <>In David Caruso’s Rambo 1 Voice:
        “My GOD! WTF has this guy been in to?????”

        (Knife and gunshot wounds)

      • toptop24

        Yeh Po got those scars from a saw cannon playing that corner in Brooklyn.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        game aint no gangsta but game lost his scholarship because he got caught selling drugs and game took 5 shots thats happends to real street dudes shyne shot in the air and got 10 years he really did too much time tell u the truth

      • Joe Rice

        As much as I used to like The Game’s muzik ur rite… but the crazy thing about The Game dissing Shyne is that if you listen to The Game’s underground albums with JT Tha Bigga Figga he (The Game) use to sound just like Shyne until he switched his style up on The Documentary.

      • leftlanekb

        Shyne was and still is a rapper i brought his cd so what the f u talking bout? You fooled by entertainment. Do you even know Game or Shyne ? I know just a STAN!

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      shyne is from the city of major scripts and 1 thing about game he will fight i respect that about him he aint no punk and game got shot 5 times shyne none so when u say scripts know what u talking about and if you claim to be a gangster and never been cut stabbed or shot or even jail i dont believe you shyne shot in the air

      • toptop24

        U can tell u don’t know nothing, u need to research on hiphop period. Shyne him self was shot too if that’s what makes u respect game do u ever see this guy top right chest?

  • Dave Williams

    all because he gave his opinion ? damn you cant crtique stuff no mre or your considered a hater? smh i dont get it critiquing is not hating people!! kendrick lamar album is tight too

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    So this is all because Shyne said he thought Kendricks album was trash. What has it gotta do with Game. This dude is so corny just copying 50’s formula and dissing someone he has name dropped a bunch of times and even jacked his sound for a minute.

    • dayleedumped

      It’s game’s business cuz they came from the same hood. Compton is small, compare to the industry. So its basically the hood vs EVERYBODY ELSE. Yeah its Shyne’s opinion, but the album was pretty good, and it talked a lot about LA lifestyle, basically Shynes dissing the hood by saying the album is whack… I think you got to check out the album

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i did its not that good. its not as good as people say it is….its better than the rest of the trash out.

      • J Fuller

        That album was not that good. I bought it, listened to it, and fell asleep. Since a lot of music is corny these days..I listened to it multiple times to see if it would grow on me. Of all the Dre artists he invested heavily in….Kendrick’s album is at the bottom of (Dre co-signed) debut releases.

      • Tony G.

        That has nothing to do with it…Lame has an album coming out….and he’s taking the promo opp

  • They both are the most petty and annoying rappers EVER…All these dudes do is bitch.

  • andone

    Then yo scary a** shot into a crowd & hit a black woman…

    so would it be ok if he hit a white woman… smh its such a pitty when minorities play the race card as to act tough about their stance with it… ninja try not being so damn ignorant for once, then maybe ppl will take u serious!

  • I really don’t know what to say about these supposedly grown up guys.

    I thought this was what kids do on twitter. These dudes just do not deserve any attention.

    I hope they learn to grow soon.

    Reasons to bring up your own children and not leave the responsibility to someone else. Kids are learning from these fools.

  • gomer_1

    The funny thing is game first created a buzz because he sounded like shyne.

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    shyt is petty tho they both need to chill cause the game took shyne flow on his underground shyt before gay unit and shyne need to give props to game becuse game shouted him out in alot of songs more than nyc rappers did even on game red alum song born in the trap game shouted him out

  • beefin with this dude promoting his jesus peice album.. lmfao.. whoops i mean smfh

  • i’mreloaded!

    It’s all jokes until they meet up then one of these clowns is going to play tough guy. Classic negro sh#t.

  • izzyklutch


  • when I 1st heard game I heard biggie in his flow like he was TRYING to sound like the nigga…with that being said…all this is over an opinion? over kendrick lamar? game actin like he about to ride over the death of his brother or some shit! and didnt game name drop shyne in almost every one of his freestyles back in the day? nigga used to rhyme for 20 minutes straight name droppin…AND he not even a real blood let his own brother tell it! And doesnt game have kids? does kendrick have kids? so game is pretty much willing to throw that away all over an opinion of an album thats not even his…and he’s not even featured on or getting paid off of? I mean I know he referenced game on a track but really? This guy is like a true industry hoe that believes in that any pub is good pub bullshit when this got him looking CRAZY right now…

  • sakiru oresanwo

    people cant even diss each other nowadays without calling the other person gay. I’d rather listen/watch a ‘yo mama’ throw down than listen to 2 washed up (IMO) artists who dont say the facts.

  • Tony G.

    I can’t express enuff how tired I am of lames going at it on Twitter…for these two cats to be going back on twitter calling each other gay is umm…yea GAY!

  • D_Ably

    wow grown men ya know. Wankstas.

  • leftlanekb

    This is stupid everyone on here trying to validate Shyne and Game about who is gangsta? Yall dont know none of these dudes and listen to there music to determine who is the most gangsta (smdh). Can you say Studio Gangsta for both of them. I said it before and I will say it again, Most killers are in jail or out killing they aint rappin! Listen to music for what it is entertainment thats all!

  • Pierre Elliott