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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Lil’ Scrappy Get Kicked Out Of A Hotel By The Police?

Even though Lil’ Scrappy is one of the stars of cable TV’s highest rated TV show’s this year, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, that didn’t stop a local promoter in Kentucky from trying to jerk the rapper out of money. According to Scrappy, he was booked to perform at a local club in Kentucky, but when he got there, the promoter did not have his money. Scrappy did not want to disappoint his fans and in exchange for a small amount of money, he agreed to do a meet and great at the club instead of performing.

Once Scrappy got back to his hotel, he was told that his reservation had been cancelled and he had to vacate immediately. The promoter had cancelled Scrappy’s hotel because he was upset that he did not perform. The hotel took matters into their own hands and called the police to make sure that Scrappy left the premises peacefully. Come on son! We hear that Scrappy left the hotel with no further issues, but was very embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

Well Scrappy, that’s what happens when you deal with Janky Promoters!

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  • What was Lil Scrapey’s last song of ANY relevance. I genuinely mean ANY RELEVANCE! He is a reality tv person, not a rapper. (Sidebar- Why ppl keep dissing Sidney Lace? Media is changing and all she can do is attempt to adjust)

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      we’re dissing her because she does nothing more than take things she has seen on MediaTakeOut or HipHipDx and then posting it hours if not days after they posted it as news. This is a rumors section, not tabloid news. Go back to a year ago(and the years before that) before she started and read the rumors. they were actual rumors. Murmurs of what may be happening, people potential working together, some backroom ratchet ish that wasn’t posted on most sites. The ill community used to be vibrant with arguments and exchange. All the cats that use to post on here have left. There only only as few of us left that have been posting on here since before 2010. it’s because she dumbed down the forum so much that there is little for us to talk/argue about anymore.

      • Thanks for that. I used to hear about the ill Community, was never sure what that was about. I remember Illseed having loads of other Editors but I’m sure he said everyone moved on or went to twitter.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        that sounds about right, its sad, there use to be so many great discussions in here. Everyone hated on illseed but not like they do on syd. Oh well.

      • The iLL community was the iLLest!

        Like AHH before the moderation, chains were off the hook!


    I guess “them paws” is for entertainment purposes only…..


  • Terrance Goodman

    Man ass should be glad anybody books his ass still

  • iJustKeepItReal

    scrappy is ass , this happens to him alot lately, the promoter books him , the tickets don’t sell so when scrappy arrives of course they they don’t have the money to pay him, b/c he can’t sell tickets, i went to a show scrappy did in south carolina and it was literally like 25 or 30 ppl there, i was embarassed for him lol , but yea … if you’re a promoter don’t book this guy , you’ll make more money having an independent artist showcase and charging them to perform!

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