Kanye West

@KanyeWest “White Dress” [Alternate Version]

[ahh_audio src=/11-15-12/KanyeWest-WhiteDress(AlternateVersion).mp3]

  • I have never seen an artists so pu**y whipped…He need to keep these
    songs to himself..It’s obvious that he is rapping about Kim.

    • Lmao. If you came home to Kim Kardashian, and to a safe full of money that would secure you and your great great grand children, you too would produce songs like this! People need to stop trynna act tough all the time. It’s okay sometimes to talk about how good a female can be and how she’s not a bitch and rap about mistreating her all the time! That shits starting to get old…Plus the song is pretty dope.

      • Not really….The song is about him loving her, why do we have to buy it? We are not in love with Kim Kardashian he is.

      • plsDontreply

        shit will never get old cuz most women are hoes and Kim fits the bill pretty much

  • J.C.

    song is dope tho

  • aroma420

    It.s good too hear real music. no matter the topic.

    • plsDontreply

      to not too