Meek Mill Vs. Cassidy

Meek Mill, Cassidy Promise New Songs Today Addressing Growing Feud

The war of words between rappers Meek Mill and Cassidy continues to escalate, the latest coming earlier this morning (November 15), via Twitter.

The beef started when Meek Mill offered up $100,000 to witness Murder Mook and Cassidy battle.

According to Meek, his original tweet was taken out of context, and many thought he was offering $100,000 to battle any rapper.

Several rappers accepted the challenge, including Cassidy.

Meek and Cassidy went back and forth last night over the social network, hurling insults at each other’s careers, while promising their fans new music to address the situation between the Philadelphia natives.

“You can’t pave the way wit “come 2 my hotel” @CASSIDY_LARSINY,” Meek tweeted. “Get ya shots off now cause tomar ima drop some new shit and we gone forget about ya again.”

Cassidy also revealed he would be delivering a new track today.

“I been popping for over a decade! Ni**as get 1 year in and get carried away.. I paved the way for these dudes.. Ni**as is scared,” Cassidy tweeted. “That would be the easiest 100k I ever made in my life.. It’s like taking candy from a baby..

“I’m putting out something new in a few mins “The Diary of a Hustla” I’m talking that s**t.. Just recorded it!!#Ni**asIsInTroublee smh”

Check out some of the tweets below:

  • Just have a producer send these niggas the same beat, have them rhyme over it and play it on allhiphop, World Star on one of those other websites and let the people vote.

    • Perfect idea!

    • Chris Baril

      theonly problem with that is more young cats will vote for meek just cause he got a few songs on the radio!! Name Recognition only!! I like both artists but my opinion is cassidy is Botha better lyricist & freestyle rapper than meek!! Meek is close though.

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Meek is obviously more popular in 2012 but his still a rookie and letting all this hype go to his head Cassidy been doing his thing for years and when he was popular he was still in the hood showing Meek love when Meek was a nobody. Then Cassidy fucked up and caught that charge and had the accident and the industry pushed him to the curb and forgot about him. Meek needs to sit his ass down cause we all know Cas would destroy him.

    • disqus_ky2N5SrutO

      So true Meek was looking dirty and Cass showed love

  • Meek obviously wasn’t serious. Nigga was talkin shit and didn’t expect a real polished emcee to take him up on his offer. Now he wanna switch the subject and talk sales. Another MMG credibility fail.

    • Chris Baril

      MMG is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • disqus_ky2N5SrutO

        Yesssss Thank you

  • last one

    meek NO BETTER CASS WILL DESTROY HIM IN A BATTLE NO CONTEST EZ 100k for da hustla…. he back pedal faster than anyone.. ya boy came out and said he would battle . cass answered , and he said na i dont wanna battle..LOLOL sound just like gucci when homie answered about the fade.. OH AND LMAO CUZ HE COME OUT WITH A SINGLE THINK WE GONNA FORGET ABOUT the problem?

  • Suava

    meek poppin right now though cass is ready doe

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  • Guillaume Pilon

    who care bout cass anyway

    they both wack

  • Qadir Muhammad

    Cassidy already dissed meek on that Tone Trumph Afghan Remix

  • Hector G

    Meek is a hoe and errybody know

  • It’s funny how the media just created a beef between these two.

  • Cass hasn’t been popping over a decade LOL. After that wack ass hotel and hustla songs he went into being a ghost. Not riding with meek either, but c’mon cass has fallen.

    • johnblacksad

      You obviously just listen to the radio…

      • Nope, listen to everything but radio. Cass is trash.

      • Mic

        I call bullshit.

      • true^^.. cassidy is an animal..listen to under pressure…cassidy so good at battlin and songwriting he battles himself lmaooo.

    • queta

      u also forgot he caught a murder and got in a really bad wreck that fukkd him up but what have u accomplished?

      • More than you did. 2 jobs, college degree. Bawse mode bitch

      • PorchBoySlim

        if you got a college degree and need 2 jobs ur degree was useless lol

      • 2 more than you could ever have, and the money is wonderful though. Cass is irrelevant, the diss was trash. Admit it stans

      • CaliTransplant

        a murder is an accomplishment?!? fail

  • fukbamas

    meek mill is about to get roasted… its a battle of swords…n cassidy will always have respect..if meek mill gets roasted hes always gonna be the rapper that got ate up… smh…meek why did u do it to urself…there crew mmg is loosing respect by the second.. no crew has been disliked this much.. wu,, bcc g unit ..outlaws…dungeon fam… dpg.. ect.. always got love for bn a crew.. this is the only crew that gets no love cuz they poisoing the youth w/ fake gangsta… fuk bamas.. matter fact im bout to watch officer rick ross baby mom get slutted out again …. all that gangsta shit in his songs and he aint do shit… they whole crew needs to get beat the fuk up… i like meek but damn show some respect to a real nigga.. prob dont even know est or schooly… show respect to those who came b4 u… a real dope nigga at that .. for that.. lik my balls u lost a fan

  • fukbamas

    the only reason why mmg is poppin is bcuz their slave masters want u to put that negative shit on the radio… shut the fuk up u the only fat rapper i never liked… ur beats go but fuk u… u bitch.. i hate what yall r doin to the game.. all yall old mf’s u too 2chains .. if u cant rap w/ out saying anything negative or evil or something God wouldnt approve of u shouldnt fuk up the kids n hiphop.. shut the fuk up.. u read this shit reply bak so i can tell u where to find me.. u fags

  • fukbamas

    imma take ur wife.. what.. these slave masters dont want u to be Gods n Earths… n the real gods n earths r poor making good music.. fuk u i hate everything yall do.. n if my kid raps my shit im going to ur concert deep w/ niggas to wreck ..lets see who runs and asks for secuirty.. take that shit off the radio.. dont ever make any negative songs.. spit no evil.. or die slow.. u bitch fuk u ya will never have respect

  • fukbamas

    i dont nobody to lose life.. i just want yall to get beat the fuk up

  • Dointer

    Get em Cass!!

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  • last i knew hiphop was about battling, lyrics, not about whos poppin or whos got the most money at the time, which noone knows if meek has more money just bec he hot now doesnt mean he has more money, cass got longevity. this song he dropped on meek is fire, im waitin for that reply meek… u said 100K would get u in the ring w anyone, cass responded..lets see wut u got..

    • plus he prob heard the song where cassidy battles himself n thought damn if he say this shit about himself what he gonna do 2 me ha that being said ill hold judgement for a few days to see if meek drop one back..

  • disqus_ky2N5SrutO

    Meek is the worst philly rapper tho lol greasy ass face

  • stretch$

    Im from philly and know both these cats they cool with each other they have done mad songz together this is some promo shit they aint beefing niggaz are just trying to sell records!

  • wild sh*t is Meek was biggin cass up to start this “beef” he esentially said him and mook are the two best at it….., at the end of the day this sh8t WFF , and good philly rap promotion,…..cass diss was cool but if cass was really going at it, he would of and could of came way harder,….this sh*t ends w a posse cut with about 6 philly rappers all over the same beat…..’Brotherly love’ Meek Mills feat Cassidy, Peddi Crack, Freeway, Neef, Wil Smith, and Beans on the outro on the phone from the Feds produced by jahlil beats

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