Chief Keef and 50 Cent

Hip-Hop Rumors: Chief Keef Leaves 50 Cent And Wiz Khalifa Hanging

Yo, Chief Keef is a true renegade! The Chicago rapper is a brand spanking new artist, and he’s already acting like a huge diva. Chief Keef has made headlines this year for all the wrong reasons and now, according to 50 Cent, Keef was a no show at his own music video. Where they do that at?

The teenage rapper was scheduled to shoot his music video for “Hate Bein’ Sober” featuring 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa, and decided to skip the shoot altogether and not show up. Check out 50’s tweet about the incident below:

The video shoot took place yesterday in Las Vegas and featured 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa driving four-wheelers. For reasons that are still not known, Chief Keef did not show up to the video shoot, which is rumored to be his first single off of his upcoming debut album, Finally Rich.

I’m sure Jimmy Iovine, Interscope’s head honcho, is turning all kinds of colors right now. If Chief Keef can’t even bother to show up to his own video shoot featuring big-time names like 50 and Wiz, how can he be trusted to go on tour, or be on time for an interview, or a photo shoot? Also, didn’t Chief Keef sort of disrespect Wiz and 50 by not showing up?

Check out a few photos from the video shoot below:

Well, I hope the risk is worth the investment for Interscope, and hopefully Chief Keef will get it together. His debut album, Finally Rich will be in stores on December 18. Will you be buying it?

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  • Casor_Greener

    He’ll start showing up when his album goes double nickel

  • bigdoe6

    Well they’re dealing with a irresponsible artist who hasn’t had artist development. What do u expect?

  • That last pic looks GAY!

    • Casor_Greener


    • Q.

      Jimmy always gets first dibs on the new “talent.” #Hollywoodgaymafiasexrituals

    • Calico Joe

      All them pics look gay, even the album cover.

  • johnblacksad

    The song title is self-explanatory

  • Q.

    Maybe he got lost on the way ’cause he couldn’t read the street signs.


  • Keith Brickz

    lol hell no we wont be buying it…this lil snot nosed dread head is a clown

  • dayleedumped

    damn this nigga stood up wiz, and FIddy? lolll i know wiz didint care cuz he was high, but fifty always sober this nigga musta been mad

  • Guest

    He probably though fiddeee will jack his chain and pants

  • timwest1000

    “How can I get away with pushing that same condescending industry message like “finally rich” with a bunch of industry clowns on my CD and still look hard”? {In Chief Keef voice}

  • He probably thought fideee was going to jack his chain and pants. LOL

  • AK

    i doubt he would just not show up, maybe he caught a flat or some other shit happened, im sure he can still shoot hes scenes and let the video editor work magic.

  • So_Subby

    Hell no I’m not buying his trash album or support his movement In killing our own people

    • CaliTransplant

      word…this kids music is trash; dangerous trash…

      • ..

        stop hating on a young homie. there are snakes that gotta be taken care off lol

      • CaliTransplant

        it’s not hating on him…his music and his message are trash…if that’s what he reps, then let it be known…it’s hot ass trash

  • 50 will forever be a lame

  • water_ur_seeds


  • i’mreloaded!

    I see a huge downfall for this young kid. When you are young and runnin around wit the type of crew he got, it’s nothing but disaster. I knew he was screwed when he interviewed with Charlamagne and said that his mom would be on the stage and in the club jumpin around when he performed. He could walk away from this hip hop game with something if he would surround himself with successful artists like 50 and Wiz. People have to remember, this dude is just a kid who grew up without male guidance. He was just lucky enough to end up in a promising situation. Living too fast young boy! Plus, it’s only so long before you get dropped by your label because you have become more of a liability than an asset. Help the boy Fifty!

  • Oknas

    Wiz Khalifa pants are extra tight LOL

  • Dega67

    He might be slumped somewhere in an alley with 2 to the head, dont asumme.

  • Bitchfuckyou

    I Believe Chief Keef Had A Good Ass Reason Why He Didnt Come.

  • abilliontrillionStars

    Why does 50 look more like Bill Duke? Maybe a better question is why he is still attempting to be in rap limelight? (I’m a an old 50 fan). And is it just me but WTF is Wiz doing wearing purple skinny jeans? HipHop done fell off!

  • Weedras

    This kid seems to be just along for the ride, no professionalism and seriousness when it comes to his career and reputation… by the way what the f**k is Wiz wearing in that pic… (o_0) lol!!

  • i dont think an artist needs a label, or a tour, or promotion, just a their own youtube channel and a soundcloud. then post ya music. thats what its about right? The music. id like to see someone take over the game from their laptop at home. thats be dope.

  • This kid is a lost cause send him back to the streets of chi town and let real talent be signed i hope he takes Jimmy and interscope to the cleaners for signing trash.


    I miss the Wiz that was wearing 5x tall tees on his album covers..

  • ..

    hell yea ima buy chief keef album. niggas got lives lol

  • hoeyuno

    Dudes 15 talking hes finally rich. You know the day his ass turns 18 the IRS will have his ass for lunch for tax evasion.

  • $25041764


  • $25041764

    wiz look like a gay wheres waldo

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