Hip-Hop Rumors: Shyne Continues His Verbal Assault On Game, Says He Used To Be A “Stripper”

When will it end? Shyne called into the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club show this morning and continued on his verbal purge of words about several artists in the music industry. Just this morning, we posted a story from an exclusive interview with Shyne, where he talks about his first meeting with 50 Cent, and how “Irv and then poked him up.” Crazy stuff.

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Anyway, Shyne went in on Game in his interview with Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlamagne, calling him everything from a stripper to making jokes about his butterfly face tattoo and tongue ring. Wait, Game has a tongue ring?

“Game ain’t no gangsta rapper. He’s a dude with a butterfly on his face and a tongue ring… They say he used to be a stripper.”

Shyne also gives his opinion on Game’s current legal issues with 40 Glocc. Check out the interview below:

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  • Shyne, dammit, if you’re going to yap on like this, make some music at least. It doesn’t even need to be music that any of us are going to hear, but just give your name some sort of legitimacy, ugh.

    • You buggin’, the less music $hyne drops, the more legitimate he seems,
      His best move, would be to copy Dre & Detox….then act like he’s gonna drop some heat….for the next 20yrs.

      His mixtape had 1 hot, ok, 1 Decent, track on it.

      Fred Hampton?

      Wish he was dropping just music like that!

  • therealest1

    Tell us something we don’t know, we’ve been knowing Game was a stripper and had a tongue ring so what’s new?

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Maybe nobody ever sent Shyne the news when he was locked up but people been saying that for over 6 years now, alot of better rappers then Shyne have pulled the “Game was a stripper” card. Ras Kass for example, he wrote like 10 songs about it. Doesn’t change the fact that game knocked Ras out cold in a club tho. Game could shake his monkey for the paper all he wants but if Game & Shyne went hand to hand I’m betting my pay check on Game, lol

    • Southcidal

      Game is 6ft5, Ras Kass about 5ft7. Game better win that fight. But Game better not approach Shyne wanting to go toe to toe.

      • Roberto Ciamora

        Of course Shyne wouldn’t go for that, he’s too much of a coward for a hand to hand, instead he’d just pull his gun out, miss Game completely and shoot an innocent woman in the face like he did that night at the club. Shyne is a clown to me, always was. It makes me laugh that people respect what he did. He was so inexperienced that he couldnt even shoot straight and hit some chick in the cheek, then he went into protective custody for a decade, converted to Judaism and talks tough to guys twice his size from the comforts of an island.

      • sean okeefe

        Haha and your so gansta u would have hit everyone you intened? Most likely he pulled out his ratchet n let them cowards have it cause them suckas had it coming! Let’s see you have a one on one personally n talk that shit!

      • Roberto Ciamora

        I done had plenty of fair ones through the years so that’s nothing, lol, I think it’s funny how you said that, like going hand to hand is some kind of big deal


        Throwing isn’t something that takes He-man, Incredible Hulk type courage bruh……. I don’t see how any grown man would duck a one on one

      • Smashit

        Co-sign 100% – Shyne just runs his mouth for the attention but if he comes face to face with 2 fists he needs a gun – notice how he don’t speak about being in prison because he had no gun & played the peace loving Jew

      • plsDontreply

        Shyne’s gun didn’t even hit anyone, lol…
        He shot straight up so he can shoot straight.
        12 ups on a comment thats based on false info. I see what this sites about… Shyne is a liar the bullet fragments from the face and the ceiling did not match up.

      • johnblacksad

        He’d still be in the bing had he hit anyone…

      • He hit Scar’s man & they both took the stand against him.

      • Shyne shot Scar’s homie, not sure who shot the girl, but a few people were bucking off, in the club.

        The ceiling pop happened with security rushed Shyne, grabbed his arm & pushed it upwards.


      • Don’t sleep, $hyne hit who he was aiming for, and wasn’t the only one squeezing off. Who knows who hit the chic?

      • hoeyuno


      • Alf Capone

        toe to toe in a fight?………… not a game fan but come on my dude………game would smash on shyne………..landslide

      • plsDontreply

        Tall niggaz legs to long… scoop them, take them down and beat the shit out of them. Or jump up with a uppercut to the chin. Multiple ways to beat taller opponents.

      • How is he going to go “toe to toe”, Shyne’s not even allowed in the country, lol. Size means nothing dude, this isn’t boxing or UFC…. I know guys that are under 6 foot who are quick as lightning, and on top of that…if Game is 6 foot 5, and your 5 foot 7…then shut the hell up… your a fool.

  • LickAssahole

    Rap industry is fake

    • Not really, life in general is fake… everyone is frontin, rap is just an extension of real life…

  • “STFU shyne your on a fuckin island” 50 Cent lmao

  • Shyne is on point!

    Kendrick’s hype was too much!

    • MadVillain

      fucc anyone who says it was a classic, that sh!t is depressing to hear.

    • hoeyuno

      Seriously your cosigning shyne. his ass makes game seem level headed.

      • Sometimes, but peep the video, what he is saying is %100 real spill!!

        I thought he was crazy, but now….he’s starting to makes sense.

    • Smashit

      I can’t figure out why or how anybody thinks Kendrick is good smh – the only thing I agree with Shyne on is Kendrick is garbage

      • You don’t agree with him that Drake shouldn’t be rapping about catching bodies? Or that Rick Fawlse should be rapping about hamburgers instead of gangster life?

        Stop frontin’, you co signed that ‘chet too!

      • Smashit

        Okay, so there’s only 3 things I agree with Shyne on!

      • AK

        how kendrick is goood??? wow so you dont know what wordplay is ? ever heard of section 80?? overly dedicated?? might wanna listen to that if you truely believe kendrick is garbage

  • Southcidal

    Shyne should make an album of all interviews. Dude is entertaining. And I agree, Charlagmagne is a slut.

  • Mos High

    I really cant believe Im listening to Shyne stuff, I guess its entertainment. Shyne will never be relivant musically in hip hop ever again.

  • RevrendIke3x

    Somebody cut up this dude’s calling card and smash his cell phone until he gets in the studio and makes some music.

    • hoeyuno


  • Simon Adebisi


  • Simon Adebisi


  • Dadon850

    Lol..You can just tell in his voice, Shyne wanna shoot game for real. Lol

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  • jacksjus

    Shyne is real.

  • hoeyuno

    I dont like shyne or game but i’ll roll wit game anytime over shyneburg. SHYNE NEEDS TO LOSE HIS WIFI CONNECT!!!

    • hoeyuno


  • first he go at 50 then diddy, drake, game, now lamar and ross? how many ppl does he need 2 go through to try and get revelant…first off his lyrics r trash, i cant remember the last time i heard a flow as terrible as his and WTF IS UP WITH THAT KRUSTY THE CLOWN are u kiddin me instead of tryna go off ur rep of shootin a female (the wrong person) at the club u need to go pop off on your barber for givin u that fucked up edge up…either make hot music or just shut up n stay on that island

  • You got to empathise with Shyne, he lost part of his life for trying to defend someone who he thought had his back. To him at the time he thought he was doing the right thing and being loyal to someone whom he thought would show loyalty back.

    How many of you wouldn’t be bitter if you defended a friend who then turned against you when you needed them the most?

    As for game, Shyne has a right to defend his opinions, if you feel an album is wack, there is no two ways to saying it, WACK is WACK, others may think its dope but he didn’t and I bet many other rappers may have felt the same way too but were afraid to say it out loud.

  • Joel Griffin

    1. Tough
    2. Knows Being a Gangster Is Dumb
    3. Willing To Go Head Up With Tough Street Dudes And Take A Beating (G)
    4. Doesn`t Need a Pistol in The Field (No Real Gangster Does)
    5. Spits Dope Rhymes, Doesn`t Front.


    1. Weak.
    2. Thinks Being A Gangster is Cool
    3. Not Willing To Fight Anyone Hand To Hand. (Coward)
    4. Needs A Pistol To Prove Himself (Half Way Crook)
    5. Can`t Even Spit A Decent Bar (God Giveth and He Taketh, Life is Cool That Way)

    • blamfam313

      your retarded the game is more overrated then blue carter

    • daveofthematthews

      Realest Article i never wrote, Anybody with any common sense knows Game has overemphasized certain parts of his past to create a more authentic character in Hiphop but everybody and every rapper does that especially now days, And they do it mainly to appeal to the very same people that seems to think Shyne is so special, which in itself confuses me considering 1, He needs a gun and 2, he can’t aim one for ish leading to him getting into a lot of trouble! And 3, see the list above. For the record Rick Ross is a great example of what happens when you overemphasize overemphasis, Anyway i ride with Game all day in this side show, Unlike Shyne Game is actually a good rapper my only message to game would be don’t bother with no 600 Bars because frankly Shyne ain’t worth it.

    • plsDontreply

      The Game.
      1.Butterfly Tattoo on face
      2. Had toungue ring
      3. Was on a dating show (and Lost)
      4. On DvD’s crying all the time
      5. Very sensitive
      6. Name drops every song

  • po is the realest..the rap game is saturated with frauds n fags, thats why people dont know how to act when they see the real

  • Losing

  • sean okeefe

    i spent many years in prison and Shyne need to keep from pullin that card cause Game killin him on wax!

  • i’mreloaded!

    At first I was hard on Shyne, but now lookin back at it, how dare any fool judge MY opinion and threaten me because I personally don’t like someone’s album? People, remember, your opinion is only important to you if not asked for. Just for future reference, Both of em need to get a grip.

  • blamfam313

    this interviewer seems like he wants to give game head

  • Alf Capone

    i guess judaism doesnt teach turn the other cheek……….shynes a clown………..but so is game

  • He is just trying to get some “Shine” cuz he aint did sh1t since he left the pokey.

  • Letter to Shyne, 50 is played out, GAYme is played out, and everybody else you goin’ in on is played out. if you ‘re looking for some recognition make a diss track to someone relevant.

    • Who? Kanye? Jay Z?

      Word is, Jay Z looked out, so….that leaves????

      Who is actually relevant?

  • Lamonte Johnson

    One nigga a a curly haired side burn fake jew and the other got a butterfly on his cheek covered up with a big ass la print. And they having middle school you gay, you this, you that arguments. Both these niggas sounding like some fools

  • Is Shyne a rapper or a radio host? Why does he talk so much? Your supposed to be a rapper, then stick to wax buddy….Grabbing a cheap headline for 24 hours on the weekend isn’t going to help you musically in any possible way.

  • Joel Griffin

    The Game
    -Willing to fight tough street dudes -Doesn’t need to carry a pistol
    -Hot MC-Knows gangbanging is dumb

    -Not willing to fight an elmo doll – Needs to carry a pistol out of fear
    -Wack MC -Thinks gangbanging is cool

  • Shyne need to shut up….He clearly has nothing better to do.

  • fukbamas

    omg. shyne will u just shut the fuk up… nobody will ever buy your records.. u suk for trynna discredit 50… niggaz tried to kill the nigga period.. 50 aint snitch.. if he did he wouldve had to testify…why didnt he have to be at court… nigga please niggas try to take my life.. im takin theres… u goin down either to jail or 6 feet under.. 50 been followin the street code.. in fact he is the main reason NYC started jumpin again… thats good for hiphop… not sounding like another rapper like u do.. rabbi boy… shyne u r wak.. what does his life have to do with yours… ur like a crab at the bottom of the barrell.. the real person that u should be worried about u scared to open your mouth about.. look if a nigga tried to kill me and poked me up all crazy i would get a protective order against them too… fuk u mean… and imma hope the police watches my bak.. in fact… ur irrelevint to hiphop.. niggas think of u and think about the dood that sound like biggie.. who the fuk are u??? u fuckin suck.. never heard of a kosher gangsta snitch.. thats what ur doin cuz u r snitchin n tryin to discredit people.. u fuckin suk and i hope nobody ever listens to your music and whatever country your in deports u again for bn a fuckin bama.