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Hip-Hop Rumors: Slim Da Mobster Hits 50 Cent With The Most Sensational Allegation EVER!

Well, this whole twitter beef just got a whole lot more realer. First of all, Twitter beef gets real corny, real fast and that’s why I don’t cover it so much. BUT, the truth of the matter is, this sh*t cray with 50 Cent and Slim Da Mobsta. Now, Slim did something Slim on Twitter and he didn’t “@” 50 Cent on it so that leads me to believe he wanted it to slide by. But, my eagle eyes don’t miss a whole lot.

Slim Da Mobsta alleges that 50 Cent had an affair with Chris Lighty’s wife on his twitter account, referring to 50 as “feddicent.” Now what? What the heck he do this for? Peep the tweet.

Not sure what was to be gained putting this out there. Sure doesn’t add to the legacy of Chris Lighty. Certainly, not 100% believable even in the war of the tweets with 50 either.

On top of that, Shyne is talking about 50 Cent again.

EXCLUSIVE: Shyne Recalls Meeting 50 Cent For The First Time; Blames Rapper For Irv Gotti’s Down Fall


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  • mosestobymcgeethree

    if this is true then (cam’ron voice) dddddddddddddddamn

  • Dointer

    Hip hop has turned into a sh*t heap of F*ucken rubbish…

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Whole lotta snitches in the rap game nowadayz, but then again thats what women do..and its a whole lotta undercover brothers in the game too. So i guess they are all coming out in thier own ways.

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Maybe Slim was jus airing fif out….but its snitching at the end of the day, all the way down to how it was worded

  • bart

    not a big deal of history…its like no news to the industry lol..to me its like if you asked me “did you know that Nicole schrezinger is jimmy lovin side chick”

    • like omg like ur so hip to ‘the industry’ omg like cool

    • johnblacksad

      i thought Chief Keef was Iovine’s sidechick?

  • Truth Powell

    What does this have to do with 50’s and Slim’s “beef”? Slim is weak for that.

  • Chris

    Sh*t just got real.

  • Smashit

    How is it the ni**ahs with the hardest names is acting like the biggest b*tches?? Show Lighty some respect & let the man rest in peace – if he got a problem with Fifty then go see Fifty don’t bring other people into it especially someone who no longer around to speak for them self

  • $28825362

    (Stephen A Smith style) So disrespectful!!!!!!!!

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    How the hell would he know that. This guy seems obsessed with 50, He can’t stop talking bout him. He got 50 on his mind more than 50 stans.

  • when niiggas got me on their mind first thing in the morning i call em gay….

    • $28825362

      I just looked at what time he sent the tweet out and busted up laughin

    • Ice One

      I don’t think that shit my nigga, ….what i think is that they got dick on they breath early in the morning..and then didnt brush they teeth ..then i think about that homo shit lol

  • SMDH @ Slim

  • andone

    i dont understand how this ninja can have a problem wit ricky, then turn around and have a problem wit the only guy who embarrassed rozay for the world to see… imo slim should be grateful towards 50 if anything… on twitter crying/complaining about how fif got his album pushed back when he should be thankful for that too… @feddicent saved him from the hardest flop since kreayshawn and triple c numbers lol!!

    • pam

      actually trick daddy exposed officer ricky

      • andone

        i didnt say exposed tho… i said embarrassed!!!

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  • Roberto Ciamora

    I dont even really like Jay-Z, but I can’t think of a line more appropriate for Slim the Mobster right now


  • johnblacksad

    so he offered to pay for private investigator to shake everybody off?

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  • CountDMoney

    Slim The Who??????? Album coming out when?????

  • Richard Savage

    Dayum so if this is true could it have been 50 that had Lighty off’d and make it look like suicide? When you got money Nia Long like 50 you can have one.

  • hoeyuno

    DAMN!!! I buy it. 2 things can happen now. Slim will claim his account got hacked or fif is gonna kill this dude. In all fifs beefs I have never seen anyone really get personal with him. This could be interesting.

  • WhatitIs

    He just want 50 to react and say something, this niggah on 50 dick word!!

  • disqus_LEtNBD7wtC

    That nicca was up mad early tweeting that F**k shit! Only thing on my mind that early is WAKE&BAKE Lmao…disrespectful ass nicca!

  • dumb

    he didnt tag him or whatever because it would be slander. i think its safe to say that this has moved from the keyboard to the streets

  • water_ur_seeds


  • i’mreloaded!

    That was real tasteless. Ain’t even bout dissin 50, it’s about spittin on Chris’s grave wit that bullsh#t. Shoulda never said anyhing.

  • blamfam313

    slim snitching I think he is finally ready for the mainstream

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  • mike huffman

    oh man that’s a totally “sensational allegation.”
    who gives a shit?


    Now thats desperation and he know he wrong for that.


    That was a punk bit** move on Slim’s part!!! Let that man Chris Lighty rest in peace!!!