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New Tell-All Book “JumpOff” Exposes Rappers, Actors

(AllHipHop News) A number of rappers and athletes private secrets will be shared in an upcoming book titled “JumpOff,” written by rapper/author Jara Everett.

Everett, who is self-publishing “JumpOff,” details her life stories since the age of 15, throughout adulthood.

Everett claims to have had personal and explicit relationships with artists like Tupac, Suge Knight, Young Jeezy, Shaq, Jazze Pha, Shawty Redd, R. Kelly and others.

Everett says she wrote the book from a point of “self-reflection.”

“I wrote this book for other women to learn about themselves through my stories,” Everett stated. “So many women are ‘Jump Off’s’ whether intentional or not; but now they can see themselves where they are right now and take control of where they are going!”

“JumpOff” is slated to be released on Amazon on Friday, November 23.

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  • therealest1

    Not really important to know shit.

  • Chris Baril

    what’s this supahead the sequel!!!!!!!!

  • Sylvester Daniel

    Another batch wit no career or talent tryin to make a buck off a nigga rep…smh, whn will cats learn that these jump off chicks will get a reality show or book deal off they lame asses as their career go down the chicks are plotting…but whn a man plots & gets his K-Fed on he a lame

  • johnblacksad

    by all means necessary uh?! no malcolm…

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Too late, Superhead already has the “Former groupie whorebag turned Author” market cornered.

    • Young Savvy


  • CountDMoney

    This kiss and tell shits for the birds. Now she’s playing victim.

  • why give this the time of day..must be a slow day this isnt hiphop

    • disqus_LEtNBD7wtC

      I agree! This shits headed towards (ALLR&B.COM)!

  • Young Savvy

    When I get on I’ma smash and put these hoes on TV myself. “$avvy’s Angels” comin to VH1 soon lol.

  • ulostatlife

    So some slut is writing a tell-all…How original…and P.S. Just because you recognize the fact you are whore does not give you a platform to teach other upcoming whores the error of your ways.Just say you are a smut looking for a payday because the men tricking on you tossed you aside like the condoms they probably didn’t use with you..

  • These rappers do it everyday in their rap songs..I salute her doing it her way. Get it girl

    • lol why is it always one chick tho lol and yall call us dogs … i fell asleep reading the names of guys on her smash list lol … rappers dont call out chicks left n right especially not specific names … its just one chick like i said lol example rhianna …. all the other women get love …. every rapper name 1 chick everyone else smashed lol … and that 1 chick (rhianna) will name 10 dudes she smashed lol …. whos the dog ??? lol before rhianna that 1 chick was superhead lol 😉

  • Freebe Jackson

    These books are like gangsta movie’s, even though the gangsta dies or goes to jail at the end, all the kids remember is the glorified parts and flashy life style. All girls will take from these books are having the chance to be around famous people and getting tricked on but won’t remember the part about being disrespected and not having anything to show for all the hoeing around at the end of the day. These book does nothing but encourage hoes to be hoes and think I won’t end up like her cause im not stupid.

    • if u think about it since the success of super head book the supply for ratchetness has been thru the roof lol

  • Pstokes

    Scram with that ish!!! Superhead rode that horse to wayyyy too many Derbys already…

  • i’mreloaded!

    If I was these rappers, I would write a book about these thirsty azz groupies, complete with pics of them gettin they gutz banged out by every celebrity. Also if you act now, I would throw in the complimentary DVD of me kickin yo ratchet azz out naked afterwards. Some rappers should think about doing that. Let’s see how many jump-offs make more books after that. We’ll call it “I Thought He Loved Me!”


  • damnnnn i might be in this book lol

  • nonhatingbitch

    Jara would like to personally thank each and everyone of you haters for all of the wonderful compliments! Please keep ’em coming…she absolutely loves it…this publicity is priceless!! and since none of you have obviously even read the book, it makes this even funnier..hilarious! but once people who can read, check out the stories, they are going to have a very different opinion. I read the book, it really is good…and everybody in that book is shining…Oh, and she cant wait to read YOUR BOOK, HEAR YOUR SONG, SEE YOUR MOVIE, AND HEAR MORE ABOUT HOW RELEVANT YOUR LIFE IS. ISN’T IT FUNNY HOW ITS OK FOR REGULAR CHICKS TO SLEEP WITH A NEW MAN EVERY NIGHT THAT SHE MEETS AT THE CLUB, OR GIT WITH A DUDE, AND GIVE IT UP TO GET A PAIR OF SHOES, OR BE TAKEN TO DINNER…YEA, SPEAK ON THEM LOW BUDGET AND LOW LEVEL HOEZ..DIFFERENCE IS, JARA KNEW PEOPLE YOU ONLY HEAR ABOUT. WHERE Y’ALL AT WITH THAT…LOL…TOO FUNNY…CRABS IN A BUCKET..REAL TALK

    • …Says a person who is obviously not Jara.

      • Freebe Jackson

        lol “Jara would like to personally thank…….” What an idiot…….. I’m sure this book has a ton of grammatical errors …..

    • Freebe Jackson

      ummm Jara is a regular chick… so people are commenting on A REGULAR CHICK who sleeps with a bunch of dudes……… Jara just got a book about how she was a jumpoff ……. still a regular chick tho…..being a jumpoff aint a talent….its a bunch of chicks that run around being a jumpoff for rappers, athletes, etc…..I wish all the jumpoffs write a book about there experience and it will be the same name drops and a million books out and ya’ll could see how irrelevant you jumpoffs really are ……

      Jara finds some type of value in the fact that she slept with a bunch of rappers…..Per the names mentioned Jara not even good at being a Jumpoff to the stars when the website has to name drop currently irrelevant people like Jazzy Pha and Shawty Red ……. Jara was a jump off to all the opening acts ….”AND OTHERS” lmfao


  • toreal

    And black women wonder why they can’t find a good man. Stupid bitches.

  • Slaughtr

    It is what it is if niggaz didn’t invest in ho’s so much they wouldn’t be book news.

  • SMMFH! i truly feel sorry 4 whoever decides 2 read this book & i never got the idea of being a jump off as somethin’ 2 b proud of. #peoplethesedayz

  • @jumpoffbook IS NOW AVAILABLE .. go to http://WWW.JUMPOFFTHEBOOK.COM

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