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Hip-Hop Rumors: A Rapper Beats Up Cop! Epic Tattoo Fail Involving Gucci Mane!


Yesterday on Twitter, I said that I was a failure. I take it back. This is what failure looks like.

Seen at Black Media Scoop, some fool tatted a pic of Gucci Mane on her NECK. The tat is so dope that it includes the Ice Cream Cone tat that Gucci is so getting rid of. How can you get a tat of a tat that that man doesn’t even want anymore. We HAVE TO DO BETTER!


AWWWWWW! I know I have your attention now. Or you will hate me. Well, Dee1, the rapper from New Orleans is regarded as a very popular figure in the underground. But, he’s now made it to the big stage and he’s beating up cops!

I don’t watch Treme, but this is a good look for the “conscious rapper,” and and odd one since he’s considered a positive dude. I guess Hollywood is what it is.

Here is Dee-1’s “Stupid Fool” video.


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  • Yeah I saw him on there and was like dame he on his hustle

  • hoeyuno

    Chick got a tattoo of a epic fail..

  • AK

    shit whats whit having the worst artist tat your neck wtf, if your gonna do something like that wouldnt you want a good artist even if the tat is stupid af

  • Hahahaha!

    Dude str8 banked the Jake! LOL~N

    Propz for that…..the chic with the tats? I don’t know what’s worse, the Gucci Mane, the Ice cream cone or the fuggin’ EA sports logo!


  • $28825362

    This looks good on film till some 17 year old tries this in real life. I promise you it won’t turn out the same. LOL

  • Speaking of hbo shows that man slater got it last night on the boardwalk what a twist. N yeah i been telling folks for year treme is ill and it was coo to see him on there jay elec needa pop inna ep just smashin the white chicks xD

  • I think Gucci is mentally retarded no seriously. Have you heard him do an interview? He sounds like someone dropped him on the head as a kid. His life is an epic fail. He talks mad shiz about people but couldn’t tell you basic abc shit. He said a dumb waiter was a stupid restaurant server. They ask him so how much of the pie you are going to get from this deal. He states I don’t like pie. It gives me gas. ahahhah

    • i thought the same shit minus the epic fail part..anytime u gettin thousands or millions for rap cant be a fail..but he does sound like hes got like a .5 IQ

    • BlueRoc

      and which interview is that? he may be high but the ice cream on his face i aint feeling that lol

    • Gucci retarded right, but he’s a millionaire, and you are the smart one dead ass broke spewing hate on the blog boards ok.

    • gucci was about to be murdered & he shot the dude quick in self defense. EPIC WIN

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  • alreadyknow

    is that one of them paw prints under gucci eye.

  • wow whats even more weird is she has damn EA sports tat lol.. “its in the game” bitch.

    • I’m Tim Tho. ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌

      Yea i guess your not from my city but that also mean East Atlanta .

  • Numbuh Four

    Gucci’s ice cream tat was an epic fail and she got it tatted on her which would also be an epic fail. This is like an epic fail inside of an epic fail…Inception Fail

  • Antoine Islam

    His little a$$ would have no wins in real life lol

  • Terrance Goodman

    Biting tatts n pics of niggas ya don’t know is wack as Whitney crack
    Line rip

  • Terrance Goodman

    Dee 1 slept on he stay wit heat , Mai stream don’t want that


    some people do really stupid things hence the tat.

  • are most rappers under 5ft lol 😉

  • $11625525

    And when a man buss on that chick’s neck he’ll be busting a nut on Guuci’s face… Nice!

  • Gucci Mane = The best rapper in the world to mofo’s with double digit I.Q.’s. Why does the dreaded homie look like the baby of Chris Brown and

  • King Jafee

    Gucci makes money with his act. His DJ makes more than most people’s DJ, hypeman, and security combined. So icy for real. Burr

  • gucci was about to be murdered & he shot the dude quick in self defense. EPIC WINNER

  • Griss

    smh @this tattoo