Max B_Pardon The Wave

Gudda Gudda Tells the People to Sign the Petition to Pardon the Wave

(AllHipHop News) The petition to free Max B has started to makes waves in the hip hop community.

When sat down with YMCMB artist Gudda Gudda, he shared his thoughts on Max B’s style of music. He also wants to support “the wave” and sign the petition.

“The Wave…first of all I’m a mixtape head I listen to everyone, if your just the smallest cat or the biggest artist i like to check out everybody music I like to see what everybody got,” Gudda Gudda told

Max B., born Charly Wingate, was sentenced to 75 years in prison, for his role in a robbery that turned into a homicide, in 2006. 

A judge recently ruled against Max B during his appeal, paving the way for a petition, as the rapper fights for another court date to have his case heard again.

‘When I first heard Max B it was a rap i was a fan, downloading all his s**t watching all his videos. I definitely support Max B. Free Max B, sign that petition. I tweeted the petition out, hopefully he will come home.”

Watch the exclusive with, as YMCMB artist Gudda Gudda tells the people to sign the petition @



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  • therealest1

    Ignorant ass shit.

  • Mike9130

    Only thing I will pardon is this ignorance.

    • Celz

      Does this nigga really have the Obama logo in his Pardon logo?? I rock wit the man’s music but I don’t know him he woulda sent his goons after me or you without thinking twice..

  • i’mreloaded!

    Oh it’s okay, he took a man’s life but he makes good mixtapes. STFU Gudda.

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  • Sylvester Daniel

    Phuck AllHipHop

  • Dointer

    Why would I sign something that attempts to release a convicted criminal based solely on the fact that he makes music?

    • xdc845

      because his sentence is ridiculous, tru life and his bro got 10 years for killing somebody, but max b gets 75 years for planning a botched robbery, they weren’t even intending on killing dude, it was planned as a robbery not a murder, his dude was trigger happy, max should cop the robbery charge, but the murder charge should be left soley on the dude who killed him as isn’t wasn’t planned to kill dude, but no you idiots rather listen to AHH who can’t even fact check or spell correctly…

      • Dointer

        He organised a situation where there was clear indication that violence was more than likely going to occur and out of that a person died. If Max didnt put together this plot , it would have never happened. I like Max’s music but you cant just go doing shit like this and expect to get a slap on the wrist .
        Also, before you go commenting on AHH’s grammatical mistakes. Perhaps you should take a look at your own.Capital letters for names? Full stops? And the fact that your reply is actually written as one sentence? Eat a dick.

      • No nigga u eat a dick snitch ass nigga max b wasn’t even there and u wasn’t either u just believe wateva is n da media y’all internet no it alls kill me how can u sit up here and judge a situation u no nothin about and then on top of dat try 2 judge grammer u fuckin nutjob ho ass nerd I hate y’all. Niggas alwayz wanna sit back and judge a nigga who died and made u mother theresa u not perfect I’m pretty sure u did all kind ofbitch made shit I dnt c no finger pointing at u either lmao kill yourself u not even from harlem or jersey so no nun of these people ho ass nigga go play

      • Dointer

        ^ Aint nothing like an internet gangsta.

      • xdc845

        haha I can type however I like it’s a comment section not an english test bitch, I don’t get paid to post stories on here so my typing is irrelevant, besides that wasn’t even the point the dude didn’t plan murder nor was his intent to murder the guy, that choice was based solely on the person who did it, so your saying because he planned a robbery where his dude made his own decision to kill he should serve 75 years for that? You really sound like a cop or maybe you gotta daddy who is a prosecutor.

      • Dointer

        Who ever mentioned anything about an english test ? I never once in any of my posts said Max should recieve 75 years, I just said I wouldnt sign something that was intended to free a criminal.Breath easy my man, you might bust a blood vessel in that little vagina of yours. I really sound like a cop?? Nice one , I never thought you would have guessed,

      • hoeyuno

        good point tho. max didn’t actually send them to kill him so yea he shouldn’t have gotten the murder on his shoulders. maxs original lawyer was weak tho. he was tweeting about the case saying shit like I destroyed the witness we already won!!!

      • Nervz

        Yes, but they didnt orginze the killing and you are right, they should have received a much bigger sentence like life in prison. But this Max B sentence is a good example of what happens when you feel you can set someone up and the outcome turn deadly. I hope he rots in jail so the next idot thinking of setting up something like that can sit back and think about what haapen to Max B. The judge nailed it.

      • Celz

        Your wrong fam.. I mess wit Max B’s music and I honestly hope he gets out but I’m not signing a petition to release him cuz he was the best nigga on Dip Set. If you had the pounds on deck that nigga woulda sent his goons up in ya Mama’s house. And you know what niggas would say? That’s the price XDC pay for being in the game.. Well you know what, when ya lil homies who you thought was solid really aint and kill an innocent man and then snitch and you get stretched out, well that’s the price of being in the game too.. Max shoulda never been doin dirt with snitches in the first place.. If there was police, judicial, or prosecutorial misconduct then yea he needs to get freed. But if he got caught just because he did sloppy street business I’m not gonna ask for him to get a second chance cuz these lil niggas comin up is barely gettin first chances and hopefully someone learns from this..

      • hoeyuno

        that’s how American justice works though. they didn’t give a fuc who pulled that trigger they wanted the man who organized the whole deal.they have let ex mobsters walk who have killed a hand full of people cause they turn rat and bring down the boss.

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  • Vikram662

    Fu*k the petition.

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  • Can you imagine the how fast the tone of a meeting changes when this dude walks in as the VP of one of the most thriving labels in the’s cool to keep it hip-hop but damn homie clean it up a bit. Russell kept his adidas but under the 5,000 dollar suit.

  • water_ur_seeds

    even if he didnt pull the trigger, he was an accessory to murder, so he should get longer than a simple robbery charge… stlll 75 is a long time, but i dount the persons family who got killed wouldnt think so


    Is it me or do all these YMCMB niggaz look gay

    • hoeyuno

      no there all gay. everytime I see that pic with the axe it looks like a da brat type dyke chick.

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  • $18592567

    Max B is one of my favorite artists to come out in last 10 years, but he is a MORON. He had a chance to get 8 years off of this in the beginning. He fought the law and lost. Note to all u wanna be criminals… If you ever get cased up and the state offers you a plea and you refuse; it’s a WRAP if you lose. He lost a felony murder case…

  • hoeyuno

    max is never getting out. sorry to say but it doesn’t even seem like he has the average hip hop head on his side. on a positive note the new French Montana tape is pretty good. not the usual 2 decent tracks with 20 other album rejects. worth checking out my fellow headz