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Mixtape Review: Action Bronson and The Alchemist's "Rare Chandeliers"

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If an MC brags about how delicious his “soup” recipe is, one might think that a new drug has hit the streets. But if you’re listening to Action Bronson, chances are he is really talking about a broth and meat delicacy. And that is why Bronsonlino is Hip-Hop’s official monkey wrench. Last year, the Queens chef/rapper garnered a hungry following for his left-field metaphors, over-the-top charisma, and a whole dictionary of Bronsonlini slang that had more heads scratching than since Wu-Tang Clan taught verbal intercourse.

Even while Hip-Hop heads are still digesting his jazz and blues spiced Blue Chips, Bronson decided to head to the kitchen with The Alchemist to serve up another full-course meal under some Rare Chandeliers.

After a “Big Body Bes” intro celebrating the fact he no longer needs to steal out of the supermarket to feed his big appetite, Bronson digs right into a gluttonous lifestyle of luxury on the project’s appetizer, “Rare Chandeliers”. The Alchemist makes it very clear that he put his toe in this recipe samples to mix together a seamless collage of voices that appropriately talk about rare chandeliers between Bronson’s verses. On “The Symbol”, Alchemist’s grooving guitar and stabbing organs sets Bronson in his now classic braggadocios demeanor that pulls together a clutter of images that tingle the taste buds.

“Vultures flying over the carcass/bitches blowing on my d*ck like a cartridge/ throw some grass up/ aim a little east of the target/ my brain was sculpted at Harvard…”

After this track, though, Bronson seems to get bested a tad by his guest cooks. Partners in rhyme, Meyhem Lauren and Ag tha Coroner, both mangle the smooth bass and dark organ on “Syvester Lundgren”.  Bronson’s almost freestyle-like verse seems to be only an after-taste to Ag tha Coroner’s verse, where he uses biblical reference on why he is a born rebel:

“One way ticket to the fire and brimstone/my mental locked up but my physical been home/Question I ask god is what do I sin for?/He said I do wrong because Eve is my kinfolk/bloodline of a disobedient/mix with the heart of a butcher make tha Coroner ingredient”

When “Randy the Musical” plays, The Alchemist starts to play a game of Russian Roulette with Bronsonby switching the beat from lounging horns, to break beats and striking bass, before finally landing on some cruising keys. Bronson remains unfazed by The Alchemist constantly changing the beat tempo and adjusts perfectly to The Alchemist’s trademark beat switch ups like on “Eggs On the Third Floor”.

But not everyone can find their stride over The Alchemist’s innovating production. Schoolboy Q tries his best to keep up with Bronson on “Demolition Man”, but gets out-stunted with Bronsonlino lines like “Caught a statutory rape because the steak wasn’t mature/I’m laid by the lake/ you laid by fatable mate/I lace my shoes tight I’m ready for the paper chase.”

The Alchemist has proven once again on Rare Chandeliers how far a talented producer can go sonically with a crate full of lush samples. “Gateway to Wizardry’s” high-pitched strings and haunting guitar rifts create such a menacing and suspenseful atmosphere, it could give Alfred Hitchcock an anxiety attack.

Overall, Rare Chandeliers is another staple on Bronson’s growing menu of delicacies. Although Bronson seems to be a little more predictable and has a lot less spontaneous lyricism on Rare Chandeliers than his previous work, The Alchemist makes the project a rich sample stew that is an absolute must-try. If Bronson’s lyrical ingredients seem a tad stale, guest bars from Roc Marciano and Ag tha Coroner are sure to freshen up its taste. Besides, a Chef is only as good as his co-cooks.

Rating: 8.0/10

Download Rare Chandeliers HERE

  • Bgood

    Shit was 10 outta 10 and I never even listened to him before this

  • timwest1000

    sampled back-pack rap is played. im not feeling this wu-tang remake shit. all of them sound like rza on the beat and ghost rapping. shit is played out fam. even the west coast is up to date now w/kendrick lamar,new york rappers are still stuck on that same annoying what up son shit. shit is annoying after a while. thats why this shit never gets big play. just loop a record and rap over it?

    • CamAm

      Obviously you don’t know shit about Hip Hop

    • 7yoyo7

      His voice obviously sounds like ghost but his flow is not the same at all, not even the same pace (not on some Guerilla Black shit).
      Free to you to draw your conclusion over the sample up there but dude can definitely spit.

      • hoeyuno

        yea and ghost did a track with him and if anyone had reason to hate it would be him. this dudes flow is mad original to… 10 points for originality

    • atlantahiphopshop

      I been saying the same thing 4 yrs. Wu Tang wannabees. Sampled loops and all that garbage. When you cant make music, take music and fake music. Its all some old school recycled garbage. And I know rap, Im from NY.

    • atlantahiphopshop

      Looking like the white rick ross LMAO

  • Nasir Isaac

    Some nice flavour hip hop

  • andone

    b!tch i deserve u, has been on repeat since this dropped… bam bam and ALC came thru!!

  • Big Crimes

    ***** 10/10

  • hoeyuno

    this guys pretty dope. dude does have a similarity to ghostface but if ghostface cosigns him then who are we to hate. dudes white-blaxploitation is classic.

  • WillVetterGoodin


  • Rob

    This is Bronson’s best yet. HUGE props to Alan The Chemist.