Undercover Cops Bust Crooked Couple Over Nicki Minaj/Drake Concert Scam

(AllHipHop News) A thieving husband-and-wife couple were arrested by undercover detectives in Winter Haven, Florida, over a Nicki Minaj and Drake concert scam.

The fake concert with Drake and Nicki Minaj was supposed to take place on October 24, through a company called Big Apple Music Inc.

The company is allegedly owned by Phillip Bradley, 46 and his wife, Evelyn Bradley, 36.

The crooked husband-and-wife were supposed to have the phony concert at Simmers-Young Park.

But little did the Bradley’s know that they were meeting with undercover detectives, who posed as employees of the park, to gather information on the couple, as they discussed the concert.

Yesterday (November 19), Polk County Sheriff detectives arrested the Bradleys for taking $36,000 from residents who were hoping to see the concert.

The couple was charged with scheming to defraud and grand theft.

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