Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton

Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Lil' Wayne "Wanna Bang" Paris Hilton?!

Ha ha, he probably has already! But that hasn’t stopped Weezy from appearing on Paris Hilton’s new single “Last Night”, also known as “I Wanna Bang”….how classy! The rapper hopped on Ms. Hilton’s 100th attempt at a singing career, and even gave her a hot 16 for it. I wonder how much Weezy got paid for this one? I’m sure it had to be more than a few stacks.

Check out the track below. Are you feeling it at all? The autotune on this track is so obvious, it hurts my ears. Do you think Lil’ Wayne should have refrained from appearing on this talentless Hollyweird broad’s song, or is it a good look for him?

What’s up with the YMCMB boys? Are they getting soft on us? First, Mack Maine attempting to bag Miley Cyrus…and now this? That’s not gangster!

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  • Swaggout

    He did not appear in the video for the song. THIS IS NOT A VIDEO! Did you actually watch it?

    • Yeah, 1:30 in, he’s in the video.


    who doesn’t want to smash paris? i would kfed dat hoe given any opportunity.

    • >> Gives High 5

      Britney >> Paris

      WayyyYYYY Better!

      No Comparison, but that $$$ will have a Ninja ripping off the Jimmy like SuperMan.

      >> In Kool G Rap Voice : “It’s a Dame Shame What I Gotta Do for The Money”

  • Another fail for Lil Wayne.

    • IDK, have you ever been to a RAVE club / party?

      I went 1x, ( LONG STORY, & I was totally uncomfortable the whole time ) but one thing anyone will tell you, is that them ‘chets is intense.

      Anyway,them fast computer beats, laser light shows had mudda Chuckaz bouncing off the fuggin ceilings, & those are the type of venues that would jump on this track.

      Wayne’s flow fit right in, & Paris was surprisingly good as well.

      Probably the only song in the genre that you can understand the words, all the other music just sounds like that computer part, steady “Diegn Diegn Diegn Deen,Diegn Diegn Diegn Deen,Diegn Diegn Diegn Deen,Diegn Diegn Diegn DeeEEEEn…” ( LOOPED ) Pounding!

      I could see this track getting major play for both & a win for Lil Wayne, actually a big win & improvement, because he hasn’t made anything that I liked except :

      “Martians VS Goblins” feat. Game & Tyler the Creator.

      Still, they gotta eat & even if they did turn out nothing but classic, raw, flavorical material with every track, it wouldn’t sell as much as music that would appeal to people who didn’t know how to download. ( Soccer Moms, their kids, etc. )

      CD’s, as a digital medium, are obsolete.
      A thumb drive can hold more than one CD, it can hold catalogs.

      Hardest part is deciding what to put on it & how to put it on, as opposed to actually getting it.

      You can download straight from youtube, so sales are based on “DISPOSABLE” income. Get a CD, or a bag of boom, dutch, 40 & Pack of Newports etc….& get it for free?

      • brotha_man

        im gonna vomit

      • Me too…but from looking at Paris 1/2 naked though!

  • Chris

    This is some ole’ bullsh*t.

  • her face isnt event hat pretty. shes got a bangin body and shes blond so ppl think shes sexy..her face is busted

    • yes id still smash quick though lol

      • Your fuggin’ crazy, her body is not banging. She doesn’t have curves, she has sharp edges.

        She’s dope fiend thin. Google pics of her in a bathing suit, not professional, regular pics.

        I wouldn’t let her in my backyard BBQ, if she was just some broke chic from the hood.


      • Word! hahaha homie is bugging. He is white so it figures. They love boney white girls with no curves and a body like a 9 year old. Sick!

      • Mos High

        No he must of being doing some of those drugs wayne rappin about, Even white cats I know dont love the as per Edogz “sharp edges” lol ah man that comment killed me.

      • Yo! She is that wack!

      • Potential Child molesters @$$ ninjaz!

    • oh and about the article..this song isnt terrible just not that good.. they been got to soft and pop on us for a year or two now.

    • Did you say banging body? haaahahahh looked at your avi. I see you are not black. No black man thinks 100 pound women with an extremely flat ass is sexy. She is not sexy. Her body is wack. I have never heard men even white men say dam look at Paris Hiltons ass or body on any website or blog. They talk about Kim K.

  • $28825362

    Why do I keep coming back to this site? I have failed as a hip hop fan. 🙁

    • “You’ll be back! …… They always come Back!”

      To answer your question……you come back for the comments.

      Remember them ‘chets used to get 500-1,000 in a day, uncensored, Ninjaz chopping it up all day? The MAGs <>Misses the MAG’s.

      (Remember SMZ, the leader of the “E” Gang ” UMN ” , United Mag Nation?)


      SMDH@ The Fuggin’ MAGs

      • $28825362

        LMAO… They ALWAYS come back BAwhahahahaha

      • The classic AHH line!

        I forgot who says it, but that ‘chet is always on ti,me & true!

        Honestly, I couldn’t wait for my turn to say it! Hahaha!

  • brotha_man

    ILL TAKE A SISTA…..Sanaa Lathan

  • Simon Adebisi



  • Reggie

    when lil wayne is the best part of a song there is a problem. That song was a hot mess. You figure with all that money they could actually make a good song.

  • hahaha Sydney. Wayne has never been gangsta. He is a wanksta! Studio gangsta!

  • brotha_man

    Gangnam style

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I meeeeeean, they berate and disrespect black women to the point that they probably don’t even want one lol. Sad but true.

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  • Southcidal

    How is getting puzzy “getting soft”? You meant YMCMB is getting “hard” right?

  • Alf Capone

    wayne………..hes just………horrible

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