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EXCLUSIVE: Philly Rapper Tone Trump Talks Meek Mill Vs Cassidy Controversy

(AllHipHop News) Philly has produced some of the biggest Hip-Hop Acts from past to present from Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, to Beanie Sigel, The Roots, Eve, Freeway and Cassidy.

The city also has a crop of rising MC’s represented by acts like Meek Mill, Young Savage, AR-AB, Chinko Da Great, Chill Moody, Dice Raw’s Raw Life click, Tone Trump and others.

During a recent interview, Meek said his $100,000 offer was misunderstood.

He said he offered the bounty to the winner of a battle between Cassidy and Murda Mook.

Regardless, both rapper have taken to social media over the past several weeks, to take jabs at each other. recently had the chance to sit with Philly native Tone Trump about escalating tension.

“Ni**as love negativy. If Meek Mill and Cassidy was on Twitter shouting each other out and showing each other love, nobody would say nothing about it,” Tone Trump reasoned to “Because their having a disagreement, people try to instigate it and pipe it up. I’m not taking no part of it, I got respect for both of them. For what they are doing and did for the city and opening up lanes an creating opportunities for ni**as like me to get money.”

Tone Trump noted the seriousness of a rap beef between artists as well known as Cassidy and Meek Mill.

“A lot of people on the outside looking in just look at the Philly beef s**t as entertainment, but me being from Philly, I know how real certain rap beefs done got. Ni**as done lost their lives over this s**t. Ni**as in prison over rap beefs from Philly, ni**as who never going to see their kids because of rap beefs.”

Tone Trump said the beef between two of the city’s most famous, well respected rappers was bad for the city – and dangerous.

“I think its a step backwards for us, we need to be on some unity s**t and getting money so we can control our market the way the Southern artists [control] their market,” Tone Trump told “Where they don’t even have to leave their market to get a whole bunch of money. I feel like the best way of doing that is to mess with each other and not diss each other.”

Watch the first part of the exclusive interview with Tone Trump:

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  • scullyson

    Man aint nobody immune to beef….. Casidy and meek know what it is…Beef can be Healthy and Beef Can be Unhealthy …Take your Pick

    • Shonda Johnson

      STFU,you sound stupid and ignorant. I see the public school system failed your dumb ass.

      • scullyson

        Ha ha its music Shonda…You gonna mess around and catch a stroke….LOL…Calm yourself down…Breathe…..smh

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  • PhillyKing


  • Roberto Ciamora

    I haven’t cared about a “Rap Beef” in years. I dug it when I was in high school and Jay and Nas were beefing but I just can’t take it serious anymore. I think 50 Cent is what killed it for me, writing 5,000 diss records every time he had an album to promote and then Game with 1,000 bar Diss freestyles, them dudes woke me up to how gay rap beef really is, haven’t paid attention to one since.

    • brotha_man

      if u want the crown u gotta slay the so called kings…. he did what a lot of rappers are scared to do…..and no body came at 50 real or not

      • 50 is the GOAT of rap beef, just not because of his lyrical skills!

        He will either an mc on the joke diss tip.

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  • brotha_man

    this brotha drunk its not the negativity that makes this interesting it meek calling out cass. Meek want the crown i wanna watch, because he cant get cass

    • Nah, Meek demanded a $100K bounty to battle & suggested sponsors be found, yet now he’s offering $100K?

      For all that, he could put up the $100K if he really had it & really wanted to battle!

      • yeah that nigga pulled a switcheroo and think nobody peeped it.

      • I guess we the only ones that did?

      • PorchBoySlim

        naw u aint the only one

      • Aight! ‘Chet looks mad suspect!

      • Kevin Farley

        i heard tone trump is from norristown not philly?anybody know?

      • Not sure, but they are close enough to generalize…..but Meek back peddling on the battle tip.

      • Kevin Farley

        its a good 30 miles thats like someone from wilmington or trenton reppin philly

      • Kevin Farley

        your right about meek though

      • scullyson


      • True, but these are RAPPERS, not MC’s, so for them, it’s much easy to hug a new nut….than put Ya’ ‘chet on the map single handed.

  • brotha_man

    I just hate we a “real” rapper gets dissed and raps about murdering people for looking at them the wrong way but when somebody disses them they are all like i dont diss people. if somebody calls me ashy larry we gonna have problems

  • That idle bottle called Ciroq must be very popular I keep on seeing it in every rappers interview.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    rap beef and rap battles is two different things…

  • Synista

    I know one thing controversy sells !
    I almost forgot about cassidy !!!
    Meek mill not too familiar with him either but Young Savage IMO is way better than both of them.

  • tone need to worry less about money and more about making some hot songs, cause IMO he suck big time.

    “If Meek Mill and Cassidy was on Twitter shouting each other out and showing each other love, nobody would say nothing about it” No shit!!! I mean would you expect to see “Meek shows love to cassidy on twitter” in a headline somewhere??? lol “Breaking news, cassidy said salute to meek mills on his twitter page, next up how hurricane sandy has affected the area” gtfoh.

    • scullyson

      LOL !!!!

    • tab58064

      I agree with you, but the reality is this; if Trump had the luck of landing on a “hot right now” label like Meek has with MMG and had push from an artist like Rick Ross damn-near regardless of how hot or not the songs he make just the association with Ross & MMG would make niggaz swear his shit is fire. Honestly we see it all the time now with Meek’s shit. Shit ain’t even that ill and djs, the media, etc. swear his shit is hotter than it really is and the sheep go right along with what someone else is telling them.

      • well he is signed to young jeezy… regardless he is trash. but i feel u

  • DJ Markflexx

    He’s a smart dude with everything he,s said in this article.HIP HOP BEEF in PHILLY would just be stupid and bad for the struggling city of philadelphia.Didn,t niggaz learn anything from past beefs ? They usually don,t end with a positive result and makes niggaz look ignorant and crazy.Team up and do a song together,after all these niggaz are from a city thats supposed to be about brotherly love!!!!

  • BXWarrior

    Tone is right. If they unite it would be a good look for Hip-Hop and bring more shine to Philly . Beef is played out and even if it escalates its just going to show 2 talented cats being ignorant.

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