Hip-Hop Rumors: Extortionists Spoiled What Rapper's Thanksgiving?

Only on Thanksgiving, can you give thanks to the rumored thugs and extortionists that populate the Hip-Hop underground. Well, this rapper has been trying to make a comeback for years. He was down with one of the biggest crews of the 1990’s and successfully crossed over from the grimy New York underground to the pop with his big, ol’ smile. The ladies loved him and the dudes didn’t hate him either. Anyway, he retreated to the South after the beefs got to be too much and thought recently that the smoke had cleared. But, what do we have here? Despite having the support of some of the present day big names and his pals from the underground, he completely stopped a recent comeback attempt. Everybody was talking about it for a second and it was gone faster than a “hacked” tweet dissing 50 Cent. I heard some of the forces of thuggery that were there in the 90’s are still around and made it clear that there will not be any come up in the rap. I heard that the rapper had planned to release a mix tape on Black Friday only to postpone it indefinitely. He’s always got that backup job anyway.

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  • Chris


  • water_ur_seeds

    When i bounce thru the club, everybody still scream Murda
    Dont need security
    Im same route, chained out, everybody still scream Murda
    Dont need security
    Im two Double R’s, no entourage, Murda
    Dont need security

  • Damn mase is blacklisted by the gangstas?

  • billeh


  • Ronlg1

    Quick question. Why does the photo on the front page show Snoop Dogg???

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  • Mase!

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  • scullyson

    Paster Mason Betha aka murda mase aka shiney suite man. Lol

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      why? – what wil they do if he make a comeback? – I don’t understand.

      • scullyson

        Good question. If I remember corectly Mase was having some kind of problems with his original comeback. Remember Diddy was blocking Fif from signing him and Camron was going at him on some other ish. IDK…

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        but what they gonna do? – kill him? – what is the thret of happining if he comeback? – what’s gonna happen to him?

      • scullyson

        LOL…right I know exactly what your saying and i agree Mase needs to get his tail from between his a** and do him thats all. seems simple right ? Guess somebody got him shook foreal….Real talk the threat is worst than the action….If you take the head ( instill fear) the rest of the body gotz to go….smh….

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Scully – they win too – by scaring him out of money, and career.

      • i think this stems from when mases homey got killed … which is the reason why cam and jim and all of them are sort of mad @ mase too … but mainly cause he left ny during that situation …. or something like that its vids on youtube you can look up where cam and jim speak on it … theyve even been on the radio with mase trying to air the situation out … but mase is pretty much trying to move pass that but he speaks on it ….

      • that was diddy that wasnt street NUCCAz stopping him from doing the deal with fif ……. different situation …. and is also the same reason why fif lifts his eyebrow when he sees diddy lol

  • Sounds like bull$hit

  • whodatcat

    FAT JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eli Pinilla

      it sounded like fat joe to me too..but uits mase..he moved to atl cuz he was getting extorted in harlem.

      • Plus Joe is in Miami!

        The South? Joe didn’t run from Beef & is not under pressure.

      • Eli Pinilla


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  • AKA Sharpcrease27

    ITS SNOOP DOGG Look up Snoop Dogg on Lopez Tonight on youtube and you can match the outfit.

  • Banksy

    Mase will never make a come back, hes disrespected way to many people. Both in the industry and the streets.

    • what do you mean he already came back numerous times ??????? nobody from his era will have a run like drake or nicki … but he can still shine and does everytime he speaks or rhymes on a track …..???????

  • hypnotice7

    these so called “extortionists” should want him to come back. the more money he makes, they more they have to extort.

  • DJshawntouch

    i was about to say either Mase or Eric Sermon. lol, but yeah big smile sounds more like Mase

  • hoeyuno

    Louisville slug from ogc?? or is it just ma$e

  • YungKizz

    yeah im guessing is ma$e lol

  • ye sounds like mase wen i red tha bit about 50 cent i was thinkin slim tha mobster


    niggaz need to let that man shine the game need mase and so you saying jayz and them niggaz cuz he sent the word in the 90’s to abandon ship lol


    Soundz like some ho azz niggaz hating

  • Casino Banks

    Ma$e played himself on numerous occasions, and Im a fan of Mase Murda, Children of the Corn!
    1. How are you going to become a pastor and do secular music?
    2. How can you be a man of god and be fearful of man?

    Dude is a walking contradiction!!

  • chippc

    The indians? oh my bad i missread the title…