Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Lil' Wayne Retiring? Plus, Did He Cut Yeezy From His Album?

Lil’ Wayne wants you to know that he has many other passions in life besides music. In fact, music may soon be taking a back seat in his life, because he wants to focus on some of his other interests. Check out what he told Sway in the MTV Special, MTV First: Lil’ Wayne:

“I’ve been rapping since I was eight years old. That’s a long time. I’d like to do so many more things, and when I like to do something, I end up loving to do it real quick. When I love to do something, I’m fully focused on it and it only. Music is sometimes not that it.”

“I know ya’ll want me around for a little bit and Carter V is my last album.”

Whoa! Do you really believe that Lil’ Wayne will hang up the mic after the Carter V? Well, don’t fret just yet, before his self-proclaimed last album, Weezy will be blessing us with I Am Not a Human Being II on February 19…unless the album gets pushed back again! So far it looks like this album will be a lot better than part one of the album, which was a true dud, according to some hardcore Wayne fans.

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Weezy’s upcoming album will feature a “banging” new song featuring Drake and Future called “B*tches Love Me”. But don’t expect to hear a Drake verse on the album. Weezy says Drizzy’s only contribution on this album will be his guest hook appearance on “B*tches Love Me”.

“He gave me one of them banging hooks, so I told him the hook was so amazing, he didn’t need to say nothing else on the album. I already know that song is probably gonna be one of the biggest songs on the album.”

Hmm, I wonder if there is any truth to the rumors that Drake and Weezy are on the outs? His statement above sounded a little shady to me. What do you think?

According to the interview, so far Nicki Minaj hasn’t laid anything down on the album, but Wayne hopes to get her to drop a verse on a song called “Lay It Down” produced by Diplo.

A few months ago in another interview with MTV (Is that the only outlet Lil’ Wayne will talk to?), Lil’ Wayne told them the following:

“Yeah he got some music on there. It’s crazy, actually I don’t want to give too much up but he’s got a big hand in the album, you’ll see.”

Well, it looks like Weezy decided to scrap all of that “crazy” music that Kanye contributed to him, and has taken Kanye West off of I Am Not a Human Being II completely! What the?! Instead Kanye West will be packaging the album through his DONDA creative company. Check out what Weezy said about it below:

“He wanted that. He was like, ‘I wanna package Wayne’s album.’”

“I’ma let ‘Ye do what he do. As long as it ain’t nothin’ out the box crazy. ‘Ye is ‘Ye, he’s a genius.”

Well, Yeezy did the cover and packaging for 2Chainz album, T.R.U. Story, and that turned out great, so hopefully he will do the same for Lil’ Wayne. But I still have to wonder why Wayne decided to omit all of the Kanye features and music from his album? Is there trouble brewing in this relationship, or did Weezy just decide to take a different direction?

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61 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Lil' Wayne Retiring? Plus, Did He Cut Yeezy From His Album?”

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, that part is definitely to good to be true!

        Packaging an album?

        “Well, Yeezy did the cover and packaging for 2Chainz album, T.R.U. Story, and that turned out great, so hopefully he will do the same for Lil’ Wayne.”..Sydney

        Cover & Packaging are distinctly separate, what is this?
        If not the cover, the plastic container the CD comes in? Shipping crates? Package deals?

        I’m gonna pick this album up, just to check out the packaging materials….then put it back on the store shelf.

      • bisolabliss

        looooooool!!! Fam u should get ur own hip-hop comedy show already

      • EDOGZ818

        Who knows, maybe iLLseed will bring me back on with $chool ‘Em $aturdays & get that knowledge flowing on the board again?

      • hoeyuno

        u use to do a column for these dude I would love to get into writing but I honestly have no experience or education in that ish. me leaving my 2 cents here is about it. where u from anyways?? I originally thought u were from boston cause of the edog ish and your pic but 818 is cali right?

      • EDOGZ818

        818 is Cali, but I’m from the boogie Down, but often get confused with Ed OG from Boston. iLLseed trained me & when he left, 4UMF hired me & further trained me to edit, hmtl codes, etc.

        We have discussed my return, but still working on the contractual issues.
        If you ready, 4umf is hiring ( I got the hook up ) & handle the drug testing!

        >> Winkz “E” eye

        Google “$chool ‘Em $aturdays” on All Hip Hop & read one, but most were lost in the upgrade.

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha hit my email homie. joeyuno81@gmail.com let me know how that ish even goes down. can you make a living off of it? good side gig? I’m literally clueless. and you know I live on the cold side of the boarder right??

  1. EDOGZ818

    “But I still have to wonder why Wayne decided to omit all of the Kanye features and music from his album?” Sydney

    That was my first thought, second was the marketing aspect, which doesn’t explain why he would delete Kanye’s music, but the bottom line is, the album isn’t relying on skills, it’s relying on marketing & promotion.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        a serious rumor is – Jimi Hendrix was killed – because his contract was over.

      • Chris

        Do you honestly think they’re going to let their biggest artist get away? I don’t think so. They’ve been eating well off of Dwayne since the 90s. If it ain’t broke…

      • Kevin Washington

        is wayne really the biggest star there these days ?? drake and nicki are doing just as good if not bettter than wayne … and arent as oversaturated … i think we can use a break from wayne for awhile to be honest .. hes already got the I am not human being 2 coming and then carter V … thats two full length albums and im sure a STRING of collabo on other folks projects + a mixtape will follow …. let wayne do him for awhile ….. Eminem had to do the same thign …. well wayne is choosing to do so in his case … but hes done so much work he can afford it !!! and probably needs it ……………. let the folks start requesting him again …..

      • Renee

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      • hoeyuno

        ha ha.. the spamtards are way worse on twitter. you’ll get 20 smoking hot virgins from 3rd world countries follow you at the same time. all with no tweeting history who have apparently been looking for you since the beginning of time. and all seem to have magazine quality photos.

    • MadVillain

      considering how much of a money hungry scumbag Bryan Williams is, i wouldnt be suprised if Wayne just “happen” to die.

    • hoeyuno

      I agree those 2 need Wayne like suge needed pac. what the fuc does slim do anyways…. dude just walks around all day trying out new fir coats…

  2. Synista

    rappers don’t retire! there is no 401k no home for retired rappers,how many times have we heard a rapper say these words only to comeback talking about “I couldn’t stay away” shiiiiiiiiiit GAY-Z will be 95y/o in a Mercedes Benz custom wheel chair talking bout “uhh uhh uhh *COUGH COUGH* yeah it’s HOV”

      • Synista

        Well in the case of the BLAST MASTER he can give lectures or even write books being that he is an MC!!! most rappers just make money,blow money and go broke then go to jail or go back to doing dumb shyt that make them more broke and irrelevant.

      • Synista

        he is one of few exceptions ,which i why i say most rappers ,you know the one who make it rain but don’t have money to pay for diapers or own an escalade but never have gas money …

      • EDOGZ818

        >>In Rick Fawlse Voice:
        “The money looks funny in the lighTTTTT!”

        The money compensates for the lack of power to flaunt!

  3. chevy_weight_champ

    To stay honest cuzz, wayne have ran out of shit 2 talk about besides his gang affiliation, his skate bord, and his over the top metaphors which sum of them are hella corny, so maybe cuzz do need 2 find a new hobby!!

  4. eyeAm Melos Manager

    its probably due to the health problems caused by his prolonged drug use and jail didnt make it better. its worse to quit for a while and then go back because your body began to heal add that to the more than likely poor eating habits and how much more he can charge for concerts if theyre sporadic instead of annually plus his shits been getting progressively weaker, why not retire before you fade out…

  5. hoeyuno

    you know not a lot of rappers can stay on top of mainstream rap for a couple decades like this dude has. I mean ja z may be the only other who has been that successful. and now for that comment my next 10 will be focused on how bad Wayne is for the image of hip hop. and Wayne your a litle too old to want to start a sKateboarding career. you will fuk your bones up real bad. you need youth to go through all that and that’s not hating that’s real talk.

  6. BXWarrior

    Wayne has 2 options…1 retire for a year so the buzz builds for his return. 2. try and retire for good and get murked by unnamed sources….cuz his catalog is worth a lot more with him dead than alive. He probably knows this and plans to retire, then come back like Jay-Z.

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