Rapper 50 Cent Drops Snippet Of Track With Eminem and Adam Levine Dissing Game and Young Buck

(AllHipHop News) Rap star 50 Cent released a snippet of his highly anticipated new single “My Life,” featuring Eminem and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.

Tonight (November 26), 50 Cent will debut the new single “My Life” on NBC’s hit competition show “The Voice.”

The track, which is taken from 50 Cent’s upcoming album Street King Immortal, takes aim at former G-Unit members, Game and Young Buck.

Both Game and Young Buck were kicked out of G-Unit.

Game left the fold in a violent feud in 2005, while Young Buck was booted from the camp in April of 2008.

In the snippet, 50’s verse tells Game and Young Buck to “suck a d**k,” and claims that both artists’ careers have fallen off, since G-Unit’s leader is no longer writing for them.

Check out a snippet of 50’s verse below:


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39 Responses to “Rapper 50 Cent Drops Snippet Of Track With Eminem and Adam Levine Dissing Game and Young Buck”

  1. Jeffrey

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  2. DiscoverDior.com

    50 cent is so funny to me….I respect his hustle but, come on how are you on HSN or QVC, and the next week you are back on that hood shit? It’s hard to take 50 cent seriously anymore…His actions are childish, but it seems like the best way for him to continue to make millions.

    • andone

      ur comment is funny to me… bcuz u have to respect his hustle, hes only doing wat any determined responsible entrepreneur would do and thats to follow thru and capitalize… hsn/qvc=$$$$

      and the last time we checked 50 was good in these streets(bowlin wit a funplay chain on) aint nobody sayin sh!t!!

      so its hard to take anything u say serious when it relates to 50 cuz its usually biased… dude has always been overly confident and very comical, but only cus hes not busy tryin to be someone else who fronts for the cam sayin boss/blood after every sentence acting tuff/phony during interviews… theres an old sayin that goes “dont mistake kindness for weakness” nuff said!!

      • DiscoverDior.com

        I get you’re point but…It’s all about growth, and if you’re bank account is growing so should your mind…It’s safe to say that 50 cent will be rich for the rest of his life, no one is arguing about his HSN/QVC appearance, but why hate on Rick Ross for having a real job as a CO, when your on the home shopping network all soft and pink?It’s the same thing

        Everything that 50 cent knocked another rapper for doing he turned around and did the same thing..Ja Rule was on that R&B ish 50 clowned him and did the same, Diddy and Jay sold clothing 50 cent clowned them and did the same thing, Dr Dre sold beats by Dre, 50 clowned him and did the same thing…50 clowned rappers like soulja boy and mase, 50 turned around and signed mase, and is working with soulja boy as we speak…Point is I respect the hustle but why be fake about it? If you are going to stand for something stand for it and hold it down–don’t stand for it and join forces later for some cash. REAL TALK

      • andone

        ur right… it is about growth hence the rebok, vitamin water, video games, g-unit clothing, a stable of platinum artists, books, cheeta vision, sk, and now SMSaudio deals… records dont sale and 50 kno’s that so good for him being smart and gettin it while its good without being a fraud.

        and its not about wat someone did/does for a living its about principle, two completely diff things, i mean u do have morals right??

        and 50 was singing b4 his beef wit jr… he knocked how rule was singing to women, not that he was singing on records… 50 laughed @ puffy for sellin pimple cream not clothes… jay, well who doesnt clown on jay… 50 actually liked dre’s idea so much he did a better job @ it sms>>>beats and yes 50 isnt holding his tounge for nobody even his own crew better stay on top of their game…

        nobody is perfect and 50 does contradict himself like every other human being but hes deff the last person to call out on that as far as rappers are concerned… dude has been consistent/honest wit his for the most part and if u showed up to get @ these other frauds the way u do when its 50 related, u would understand that!!

      • DiscoverDior.com

        Like I said I don’t knock his hustle but–At 50’s caliber he can do way more than posts high school tweets….It’s like 50 cent is dissing these dudes today and he will stop dissing them if he gets a check form it…Come on man…50 cent is just as fake as any other Hip-Hop artist in the game….How many millions of dollars can you make until you realize that you are apart of the disease that is destroying your own kind?

      • andone

        he is doing way more… ever heard of the world food program, united nations, feeding america???

        50 more valid than 90% of the industry past/present/future and it seems u cant admit it…

        fif is doing more good than bad bottom line homie… im not expecting to change ur opinion or influence ur thought process but think about it… i mean really, think about it tho!!

      • DiscoverDior.com

        I agree with you…..But speaking on REAL ISSUES instead of Hip-Hop soap opera would go a long way as well.If I made 100million in 1 year I would do that to and then more…But my real point is that 50 should be more of an impact and use is great star power and change things for good and not just for the moment when he as material to promote—I respect him for giving to charity but just because you do that don’t give you a free pass to continue to block a fellow rapper from eating.

      • andone

        boo boo does have his hand in “real issues” im not sure how any hip-hop head cant see that…

        music is also considered entertainment to some, i personally appreciate a balance between socially conscious tunes to ratchet @ss trap music and everything in between all the way down to the underground… so if u can sell ur story thru music im cool wit it as long as its more than 75% tru… therefore u can understand why i dont mess wit rozay

        but lets be realistic for a sec… theres no tellin wat any of us would do wit that kind of $$, ima give u the benifit of the doubt for the sake of the conversation but i dont see many rappers in that tax bracket takin initiative so lets jus leave it @ that…

        and 50 shouldnt do anything he doesnt want to…. but apparently hes decided to help out, kudos to him…and hes not using it as an excuse to hold back a disloyal sob either c’mon son… 50 doesnt need a pass hes in the right when it comes to that situation!!

    • homiedc

      How is The Game broke? He live in a big house, got many cars and giving turkeys away for free.. He´s not as rich as 50 or em, but broke is the wrong word to used..

      • Tony G.

        Nigga I give turkeys away on thanksgiving..that dont make u rich..lol…Oh..and I have a house and 2 cars as well…dude aint broke..but he doing that whack ass reality tv show for a check…

    • Loch121

      Game is far from broke.Why would you even think he was?Except the last one all his albums sold and he did tours.he’s one of the few multi platinum artists out there and scores big singles too

    • therealest1

      Game will become broke if he doesn’t manage his spending more wisely. He seems to be living for today and tomorrow, but not the long term.


    lol game had more hit songs than fif since the break up 50 just admit if you didnt kick game out he would have went diamond tooo

    • andone

      that may be tru???

      but it still doesnt change the fact that games best and biggest songs were while he was part of g-unit(the only reason he might have went diamond)!!

  4. Guest

    50 fuck´d the song up with these lines(i was looking forward for the song).
    I hope Game just move on, do his promotion thing, let 50 stuck in the past.

  5. Ingrid Fletcher

    50 You are RIDICULOUS!! The Game didn’t become a Top 10 Highest Paid artist until you kicked him out!! No one currently on your label is chart topping so your writing for them isn’t exactly working either. Upon your launch as a music exec and artists I had such hopes, but you are truly beyond a disappointment for the next generation. You don’t create new moguls and build solid kingdoms, you self destruct everything you help reach to any level of success!! The Game and Buck are both better off without your help, which is like help from the devil…even if they decide to never rap another song. Which unlike you, they are that multi-talented enough to be able to do that and win bigger than they ever could with you!! I hope they both take a true mogul and “Bill Gates” approach and keep it moving!! Look at the lack of impact his beef had on Jay Z and Rick Ross…zero!!

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