Hip-Hop Rumors: Game Goes In On Sean Kingston, Says He Smashed His Girl!

For someone who posts pictures of themselves going to church ever Sunday on Instagran, this isn’t very Christian-like of Game. The West Coast rapper has released yet another diss song – this time aimed at teenage singer, Sean Kingston. But what does Game have against a popcorn singer who clearly shouldn’t even be on his radar? Well, it’s over a girl, of course!

Sean Kingston is currently dating Drake’s ex, stripper-turned-video vixen, Maliah. Kingston has taken Maliah to numerous red carpet events, and the two are said to be hot and heavy, with Kingston even professing his love to her. The Game is not very happy with that, because according to him, he has slept with Maliah as well!

Even though the Game is engaged and starring in a reality show called “Marrying The Game” with his fiance and his children, he still is a little peeved about Maliah dating Kingston. Check out the track below.

Wow, Game went in! Did Sean Kingston really deserve that? In a recent tweet, Game said that the song, which is titled “Stripper” featuring Wale, was suppose to be on his upcoming album, Jesus Piece, but it didn’t make it “ because some old fart wouldn’t clear the sample ha ha ha…. All good, enjoy the FREE music.”

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  • Tony G.

    Weak song..and other than more promo whats the point…someone smashed ur girl before u got with her….go ahead and marry her and do ur reality show and leave this corny ish alone..

  • RED album was doo doo butter, hope the new one is better.

    • Jas1ne

      Thank god for youtube. I check for albums before I buy them. Too risky nowadays

    • It is, but its still Doo Doo Gritz.

      • johnblacksad

        BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I smell another wooden plaque

      • brotha_man

        game always been wack fif held him down on his first. his name dropping bothers me.

    • u kno what else is doo doo butter? his wife, she fugly.

  • Julius a concerned Brother

    He must be reminiscing over those good stripper checks she had…Now I see why Drake keep mentioning her smh loose booties

  • G. Lamont

    Everything Game does seems forced and fake. He is fighting so hard to stay relevant in the streets, because he’s no longer relevant in the studio.

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  • Calico Joe

    Why this nigga sound like Gucci Mane?

  • Wack track!

  • going at Sean Kingston…”thats NOT Gangstttaaaaaaaaa” (in a Sean Kingston voice)

  • clearly somebody got their number blocked,…SMH

  • Lamonte Johnson

    This joint not even that fine. I never seen her but this the chick drake was talking bout, this nigga dating, and game claim he fucked? Weather she was fine or not don’t make a difference but to real people with good sense they a understand what I mean when I (like i said) say….She’s not even that fine

  • brotha_man

    this dude does a lot of dry snitching

  • brotha_man

    strippers never change *slowly looks at game*

    • Doe Boy


  • chevy_weight_champ

    C’mon Game cuzz, lets get bacc 2 them fire ass westcoast traccz my nicca,do you know how many niccaz have smashed the same girl who are famous or just everyday in the hood, unless he wuz sideway speakin on ya cuzzo, leave that petty shit alone!!!

  • This is why Game will never be the West’s best. I think everyone in L.A. will begin to agree that, while Game boasts about his alliances and interests in other West Coast artists, no one really wants to affiliate themselves with him…unless there’s money to be made, of course. Game is starting to be that dude whose hand I’ll never shake.

  • game is the corniest dude in the “game” for real tho. he claims to be christian and makes all these un-christian songs its disgusting, im not even religious like that, but corny ish is corny ish.

  • Oknas

    Game was a stripper lol

  • oh and games wife is fugly yo… she sound and look like a dude hahahahaha

  • greeneyedbandit

    smh…..ain’t that called “sucka strokin”? Sean betta be careful, he might get beat up!

  • CarlJohnson89

    WTF, that’s mary’s face.. what’s goin on wit this dude…

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