Hip-Hop Rumors: NOW Black Masons & More GD's Have Beef With Rick Ross?

What is going on? I mean, I have never seen anything like this in my entire life! They are making Rick Ross’ beef with 50 Cent to be a joke! First of all The StreetKode folks posted this video showing the freakin’ MASONS have beef with Rick Ross now. Remember, Jay and Rozay recorded a song called “Free Mason” and I thought they proclaimed they were NOT masons. So, I listened again and decided that Ross never said it outright like Jay did. In fact, I have to say that it was confusing. I never thought Rick Ross was claiming Illuminati or Free Masonry. Well, they did. Here is their response to it.

And then, the North Carolina faction of the GD’s (Gangster Disciples) have issue with The Boss Rick Ross. This makes Miami GD’s, Alabama GD’s and now NC GD’s. This is pretty crazy! “RICK ROSS IN TROUBLE WITH THE GD’s – NORTH CAROLINA!” No, sir! Not me! This is scary!!! In the video they said that Rick Ross gave them fake contact information and they were offended by it. They also said that they didn’t appreciate him “perpetuating their lifestyle” on record. I don’t know what that means, but I wouldn’t want to be in this place.

What’s the craziest is that these dudes actually have some dope graphics! Maybe I should hit them up for the cartoon version of illseed! Editing is pretty nice too! Creepy music too!


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77 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: NOW Black Masons & More GD's Have Beef With Rick Ross?”

  1. TruthSerum

    They don’t have beef with Rick Ross. Beef requires 2 sides and I’m pretty sure Rick Ross doesn’t care whether or not these guys live for 100 years or drop dead tonight, either way it wouldn’t make a difference in his life. They just mad at a total stranger they saw on TV. That’s not beef, that’s attention whoring.I don’t even listen to Rick Ross, I’m just being objective. Do you really think a guy with Millions of dollars cares that a bunch of illiterate gang bangers that are probably still on the government titty are crying about him on world star?? I wouldn’t.

    And you know what’s funny, these clowns upload threats online like the police don’t have a tech squad that could trace that video to the IP that posted it. Then if something goes down and they get arrested they’ll swear they got “Snitched On”. Get your head out the clouds dumbass, this video is a signed confession whether you got the bandana on your face or not, they know who you are. If you really wanted to do something, only a retard would broadcast it

    • T.E.E.L MUSIC

      YOU are an attention whore because you but your ignorant perpective on here without knowing any background on the situation. If you don’t listen to Rick Ross or know anything about the real Rick Ross, please refrain from giving your Ignorant opinion on anything…ever…in life…

      • Roberto Ciamora

        I dont need to listen to Rick Ross or these clowns to know the difference between a real problem and a group of retarded gang members dissing a celebrity online for attention. And I’ll give my opinion on whatever I want, if it bothers you that much, go kill yourself

      • Southcidal

        Roberto I agree. Unless it was some secret street shiit that went down, I don’t see the point of it. I think a lot of these so-called GDs are just out for attention. The real GDs that I know of don’t rock with Worldstar. They go to these artists directly and handle business. teel music seems to enjoy fuckery.

      • T.E.E.L MUSIC

        Enjoy fuckery? What do you mean by that? Just think? What if someone took your Mom’s first and last name, her style, her character, and her charisma and went on TV and started being her. That person is now making there career out of actin like Yo mama… But you don’t seem to care about that? You have been de sensitized to the BULLshit. You don’t even recognize it when you see it. You don’t see a point and we should all just tolerate FAKE ASS people, music, and whatever?

      • T.E.E.L MUSIC

        A group of retarded gang members? This particular organization is nation wide They are promoting growth and development for the youth in these struggling communities. They are similar to the old Black Panthers in which they try to be positive and help the community. Yeah… you have GDs who are still stuck in the gang mentality … It’s a very passionate situation when you are apart of building something from nothing and another nigga come along and take it and sell a watered down version of it. It’s all boiling down to principals. Not money, like you assume…


      I think he does care what they think..these are the people he trying to imitate I would think he would wish to be them (in some form..not the poor struggling way obviously). Either that, or it truly all is just an act for $.But judging by his behavior in footage, those he associates with, and his music..I really believe he is sipping the kool-aid.

  2. steveakers

    Disagree that its a JOKE. He had to change his tour notice that Tennesee was on the 24th got moved to the ninth and read an article saying it was this issue. Not sure.

    • Jeffrey

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  3. BoldSpice

    LOL @ the white boy throwing up his broke fingers and that ni99a trying to use big words. Gang members my azz, not with that cracker standing there. Get a life monkeys or get a death and kill ya self. I thought NC still had slavery going on. Cats can’t shake the Klan but they got a problem with a rapper? Come on son.

    • granny

      word…he just describes things…”my buggatti, red…parked by the little tree…

      i hop out the car… order me some micky-d’s..krispy creme crumbs fallin on my denim jean…:-)

      better than anything he ever said and it fits him. its just that black folks are easily duped. if 1 person say he talk that shit. then everybody black say he talk that shit. what shit? white folks say niggaz is niggaz…niggaz say they niggaz… the difference is i can really rhyme. i wont make it in the industry though…cause its for fake niggaz only

  4. water_ur_seeds

    lol how did them younguns get into the masons

    anyways as much as i dont like rick ross, how come these masons didnt get at all the other raps that use these masonic symbols???

    • Pharaoh Corner

      They must be clandestine………………or their Grand Lodge does not know or have control over the nonsense and bad publicity they give the order.

      • la

        These dudes are absolutely clandestine. Look at the video closely and listen to what they are saying. Seriously…out of all the social ills going on in this World…what Real Mason would exert any energy on a clown like Ross? Ross is not that serious nor does he represent any form of building. Secondly, what real mason would unite in solidarity with a street gang to perpetuate more beef. I am disgusted. I normally dont time to comment on this site but I could not refrain from this. Yes, every facet of life and culture embraces hip hop but Masons utilizes their time uplifting the community especially if affiliated with a governing body.

  5. Cedrik SJ

    I think it’s all real and i know rick ross has power, otherwise they would had vanish him allready. This been going for months.

  6. hypnotice7

    Once I got 5 min in, I should have known this was an attempt to push a track. It was aight. I’m from the QC and live in G’Boro and I’ve never heard of you fellas handing out bikes, books or backpacks to kids in need. Since you have alot of members, that could be a dope holiday project. Or, you could ask the member you have with the great computer editing skills (the one who filmed the video) to teach a course on graphic design. I’m just saying, chasing Rick Ross ain’t helping nobody.

  7. 7yoyo7

    1 – These “gangstas” are just HUNGRY, they don’t have any faith in their “gang” they are just asking for money.

    2 – There are NO BLACK MASONS, discriminating/separating over skin color is AGAINST FreeMasons’ rules.
    And actual FreeMasons would not give a fcuk about Rick Ross either….

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Owes them…did Rozay take out a loan with the GDs….what he owe….

      • 7yoyo7

        They asked him to pay up right? So they will feel offended until bills fall into ther pocket? Great way to show how deep you are into your gang.

        And I am NOT a fan of Rick ross music but he named his mixtape “The Black Bar Mitzvah”, it clearly means that he used the Star Of David like Jews do, NOTHING TO DO WITH GANGSTA DISCIPLES!

        As for Masons, I definitely know more than you boy…

      • granny

        im gd and i dont have no ties with these guys…but i have had a problem with ross for years. he remains dominant because people “allow” him to. you support him. i’m an ex-felon and i was diggin ross cause i thought he was from the nation of growth and development cause he was saying…”larry hoover told us…”then i heard he was an officer or C.O…being that he worked in prison he should rap to the youth to prevent them from goin but he perpetuates a life of selling drugs guns and fuckin nasty bitches. me personally, i got songs out bout rick..about alot of rappers that are fucked up… the difference is im really good

      • Doc

        Lol…what’s going on is officer Ricky told folks that he would give them security jobs and speak at different functions then he Vernell Hill they ass like on Martin..now folks on his ass! Nation.

      • granny

        not really…ole boy is spreading falsehood and it needs to end. ignorance only understands ignorance it takes intelligence to know that

  8. Slaughtr

    Yall talk alot of BS on these post but I expect that because you don’t know shyt.Keep thinking the Mason’s are some BS you gonna learn niggaz believe that.Stop suckin fat boy off like he is some straight up nigga he’s trash.When his ass get’s lumped up you will understand this rap shyt aint no joke.when you straight out phony you become a mark this acting ass rapper will see creamation real soon perpin for you peons.

    • Pharaoh Corner

      Mason ” Recognized & authentic” Masons wuld be so far removed from this nonsense, as their goals would be advancing the status of their people and helping those in the community……………….not taking part in this tomfoolery called “rap” or “hiphop”………….what a travesty it has become.

    • EL_BARK

      These clowns aint fitting to do nothing……..
      If he was a real mason he violated oath, just buy making the tape. If you think these mason has any pull, you prolly think rick ross is a real street niggahs.
      These are prince hall masons. A off-beand secular part of the mason started by a slave. Look at that rachett, shaggy dingy temple or hall they standing in.. Lol pathetic they mind as well shot this video in their momma basement. If you aint scottish rite mason which is mostly white jews, you just a dumb as pawn.
      None of these clown would ever get two the 33 degree or the 32.

      • Prince Amos


  9. imaman2012

    Is this why youtube was invented?

    For the record didn’t and will not check out the videos. Instead of these idiots using the internet to further their education (Harvard, Stanford MIT, etc all offer FREE online courses) they chose to further push their ignorance.

    gotta love us. who else would.

  10. Rakim Stevenson

    Not a huge fan of Ross, but I do know MMG will be in Charlotte in December. I guarantee no GDS will even approach him at the show. Stop being internet THUGS. Either thug 100% or go kill ya self.

  11. miamikid

    I usually just read and don’t comment but I couldn’t let this go. First off there’s no Gd’s in Miami so I don’t know where the blogger got that info. Those country ass niggas who posted that video are from north Florida or somewhere. Miami don’t have gangs unless you count Zo pound….everything else is just copy cat and we don’t respect it. Second thing is I’ve seen Ross on more than one photo with
    Larry Hoover jr so he’s plugged in with the “real” faction of the Gd’s. And what the heel is black masons….a joke!!

  12. ladynamor

    All these “threats” are making their “movement” look generic and trivial. Put up or shut up. Not to condone physical activity but, if all they are going to do is make videos….STFU.

  13. Jesus Shuttlesworth


  14. Tony G.

    dude called him William Wallace lol…RR isn’t deceiving anyone…we know he’s not a Mason, we know he’s not a coke dealer, etc etc etc…let it go

  15. Pharaoh Corner

    First, as a REAL MASTER MASON…………these so called masons are clandestine and are not under any sanctioned body. Masonry gets such a bad rap from idiots like this who must have stumbled upon their grand fathers masonic literature or has joined a clandestine masonic order.
    First, Masonry is not about gang banging or any kind of destructive behavior, Freemasonry is suppose to take a good man and make him better………..that alone should show everyone that these cowans and eavesdroppers are not real and do not represent any real masonic order. /G Travel Well!

  16. Richard Savage

    He isnt a Mason. I am a free mason 3rd degree. No Ross isnt a Mason. But this dude talkin about he a Mason, he is a liar. For one, Skull and Bone have NOTHING to do with Masonry and NEITHER DOES THE DAMN ILLUMINATI THATS HOW I KNOW THEY AREN’T. Idk where he got his light, or them lil outfits but he is lying and if he is which i HIGHLY DOUBT he WILL BE banned for this video

    And by the way i find it funny that these guys GDs make videos and make music for there own lil promotion. Niggas need to stop being “buddy hustlers” and eat off of other niggas plates.

    • granny

      thats the big secret of the illuminati…that black man is GOD:-) and that white man is white because it has no soul…no conscience

  17. Johnny Sanchez

    Those tracks at the end of the GD videos aren’t plugs. Their faces are covered and they ain’t talking about checking their music and they ain’t bigging up who the rapper is. Its just a song they put in there… at the end of the day, them boys are in the streets and rap is part of it so one of them is gon spit. Only natural B. It may not be the way to go but street shyt still goes on… they ain’t chasing Rick Ross to help anybody. They’re gunning for theirs.

  18. bigchrissixfo

    First off them clowns are fake as the claim ross is …. No respected lodge or grand lodge would make a video or address such nonsense… Hell I wouldnt have “shed light” just cause you had on some its the freaking read carpet and it wasnt an appropriate place. I cant say if ross is or isnt a mason but I will say them clown in that video ARE NOT who hangs an apron on a pole like that and what grand master speaks on such foolishness…. ROSS not claiming they grand lodge…….. Google they gramd lodge and watch it come up fraud

  19. Southcidal

    I don’t recall Rick Ross ever saying that he was a free mason in a song, somebody correct me if I’m wrong. I thought the song “Free Mason” was an attempt by him and Jay Z to distance themselves from the Illuminati rumors. And do the Gangster Disciples feel that Rick Ross should compensate them for saying “I think I’m Larry Hoover”? Or is it another reason why he should pay up? Somebody bring me up to speed on this. Don’t understand all the fuss. This just shows that Rick Ross’ star is growing. If he comes with a really dope project all of these so-called gangsters that are dissing him are gonna be the first ones to cop it.

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