50 Cent

@50Cent Ft. @Eminem and @AdamLevine "My Life"

[ahh_audio src=/11-27-12/50CentftEminemandAdamLevine-MyLife.mp3]

  • $27177313

    How is this not the “HEATER OF THE DAY”? Smh…

  • Apollo Showtime

    Adam been sittin next to Cee-Lo too long on The Voice because he sounds just like him, lol.

  • Nate

    This is fire.

  • HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Redpath

    ok the only reason this song is relivant is because of adam and marshall, 50 you suck, your the worst rapper ever. I don’t even know why eminem rides with this coward. your a joke listen to his verse compared to yours. give up the only reason you were good is cuz you ate off dre when he was pumping out hit after hit in his prime. now you turn around and do a joke move and start putting out head phones and you wanna talk about how you made people eat and they spit in your face. you do the same shit, diss every one, even rappers who could rap circles around you. like shut up already man, i’m sick of hearing your stupid music. just because you sold so many cd’s doesn’t mean your great. you can’t touch snoop, can’t touch kurupt, can’t touch eminem or cube or jigga. all you are is the aftermath of that era and fading out. so go talk some more
    shit talk you clown.