Solange and Beyonce

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Solange Throwing Shade To Beyonce? Young Buck's Jail Trouble!


Poor Young Buck! Damn! Anybody that said life is short never did any time in the bing! I mean, I haven’t, but I have to imagine that its the opposite of “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Anyway, Buck has been AWOL recently and nobody really knew why until now. He said he’s been in the hole aka solitary for 2 months! He said this on twitter:

“Dear Fans, I’ve been in the hole 4 the last 2 months, they let me out on Thanksgiving so I’m back to writing you all. Keep the mail coming.”

Apparently he was in the hole for, guess what? Dude was in the hole for FREESTYLING for fans. Yes. FREESTYLING. What a damn shame!

I’m happy to see Buck maintaining though! He’s really a talented dude. Write him and tell him illseed sent ya!

David D.Brown FCI Yazoo City Low Federal Correctional Institution. PO Box 5000 Yazoo City,Ms. 39194 Inmate#20669-075


I don’t know Solange to be any sort of a song writer, so I am not sure who she could be talking about here. But in a cryptic rant online she was pissy at somebody that didn’t give her credit for her writing. Now, we know that she and Beyonce have a seemingly good relationship. BUT, we also know that B has been checked i the pasted for not giving credit where credit is due. I wonder if Solange has touched base with Ne-Yo lately? Anyway, peep the tweets below!Source

Who else could she be talking about? Didn’t baby mama Carmen say Nas said something about Beyonce’s breath one time? Could she be drumming up press for her EP that’s coming out today?  don’t know!

Illseed, Out.


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  • David L Alires

    Get Um Buck!

  • 7yoyo7

    Stay stong Buck!
    I used to bump his CDs in my car a few years ago. Good music to ride.

    • up to I looked at the bank draft which was of $5079, I didn’t believe …that…my best friend woz like realey erning money part time on their laptop.. there friends cousin has been doing this 4 less than sixteen months and at present repayed the morgage on their apartment and bourt themselves a Fiat Panda. this is where I went, A­sk25.­­com

      • Bryce13

        Learn how to write and you might be believable. Your spelling is horrible. How about I ask25 about that?

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  • Young buck was one of the best……so …u tube ringleader shon, u tube ringleader shon, u tube ringleader shon

  • Good look on dropping Buck’s Address!

    Solange better shut up & read the rumor…..they one about Buck, & where he is after biting the hand that fed him!

    • EL_BARK

      Its a shame i think she more talented then B.

      • Negro Peligro


      • n n

        Yeah andi am sure youare a clown

      • Negro Peligro

        But you ain’t denying you can play world of WARcraft as a blood troll with her likeness.

      • Casor_Greener

        Until he started ethering himself in every interview

      • The 48 Laws Of Power

        #1 Never outshine the master.

      • EL_BARK

        Truth. That why ross waited until merk buzz died and then drop his album. And wale first week numbers were better then ross album teflon don, and wale has been quiet since. Lol that dude is MIA.
        Since “that way drop”

      • Explain how that work?

        If I’m exec & rapper & your ‘chet hotter than mine…..why shelf you, when I’m eating off your sales?


        Over $$$?

      • EL_BARK

        Because the sun dont shine if the son dont shine.
        Other words ego and the fact that ross doesnt really have meek signed. Meek and wale belong to the parent company like most artist and their imprint deals. Meek & wale are really signed to warner bros. If meek outshines you to much, what stopping warners brothers from cutting out the middle man, which is ross.??????
        Ross can have them signed to MMG all he want to. But without warner bros who cuts the check, meek and wale wont ever drop.
        If your artist are hotter then you, and warner cutting all the checks, ross is isnt really needed. Ie self made vol 1 sold 90,000
        Wale & meek solos sold double that. The label makes more money by th being solo artist, then a group or clique. Plus ross dont have a deal.

      • EL_BARK

        His deal with def jam ran out on his last album. And i dont think he resigned as of yet. Meek snd wale seals were like game and 50.
        The label uses ross to put them on and to break them. But they still belong to warner bros at the end of the day.

      • Aight, got it with that last post, when you said Fawlse ain’t have a deal, I thought you meant distribution…..but he probably don’t have one of those either!

        So Fawlse’s $$$ off Meek isn’t locked in?

      • Doe Boy

        im readin that book rite now niggaz need 2 cop that 4real

      • Indeed, but they are reading about a video jump off, jumping off!

  • I doubt she’s talking about her sister

  • buck prolly cudnt get any boogina in solitary, he mus b real horny by now

  • therealest1

    Those bitches look so stupid in that picture. What the assfuck were those bitches thinking doing that shit in that picture. They need to be lynched for looking so stupid.

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  • Linkz

    Man illseed you really letting me down man like i thought you was on point back in the day hell yea she writer she been doing but i guess you only up on whoevers hot right now you use to be the man homie wtf happen to you !!!!

  • Smashit

    Damn Buck look like he aged 10 years in that pic – he should have never talked shit until he was off G-unit & he really fuked himself hooking up with Game & seems like nobody holding him down – the worst case of “should have kept your mouth shut” I ever seen

  • Bryce13

    I wonder if her breathe is truly funky, but than again it makes her relationship with Jay-Z make more sense. Mindless drones surround and manipulate, what happened to Hip Hop?