Hip-Hop Rumors: Shots Fired! Young Money Vs The Younger Money Of The Chief Keef Gang!

I’ll take the good ol’ beef days any day over this! A good old regional beat down! Now, it seems like the money is getting into everybody’s way. Young Money vs Younger Money! Hot diggidy Damn! Break out the popcorn an watch them go!

It seems like Mack Maine got into it with somebody from Chief Keefer’s crew. And there sparked a bit of a tweet beef between them. What happened is not clear. Only thing is Tadoe, who is down with Keef and holds heat in videos was down there. Before he was set to come back for a court case, beef ensued and tweets were dispersed. Better than bullets, I guess. Peep it:

And Tadoe later retweeted this:

And then Mack Maine took a very “Baby” approach to it:

Oh, if you feel like hating/loving me more, feel free to read: “Why I’m Glad Lil Wayne Is Retiring”

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Dumb ass shit.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      I agree realist – one crew just off controversy over murders – should lay low on that kind of pub. – and perfect craft of selling music.

  • >>Gladiator Voice: “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINEDDDDDDddddd!”

    • illseed

      crazy, man, just crazy.

      • These dudes are gonna be named “Less & Lesser Money” they don’t get it together!

      • Negro Peligro

        They don’t get money. Poozy. Life. Respect. Your order right at McDonalds.

      • Dayum!

    • $28825362

      You gotta run with this. LOL. I wanna see this on every rumor now. Bawhahaha

      • The iLLseed Soldiers are about to run wild!

  • Simon Adebisi


  • hoeyuno

    that’s chief keef. why did I think this kid was a mop head??

    • Weedras

      that’s not Keef it’s some dude who’s a part of the crew.. read again…

      • hoeyuno

        I refuse

  • Doe Boy

    2 background ass niggaz tho..

    • How is Mack maine Background and he’s the ACTUAL one who runs the label?? STFU

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    shyt mack maine been around for minute he dont have to drop shit he good! president!!!!! just like yayo as long 50 got money yayo good!!!!! there broke is you guys money ya’ll wish ya had… kind of like riding the bench on the nba still more guap than you got..

    • Bumpy Johnson

      its not all bout the money

    • everyone on ymcmb is wack tho

    • Hector G

      cept yayo makes good rap music and mack mayne is a talentless goof who tries to create publicity by saying he wants to date miley cyris….any ymcmb fraud is gonna get clowned by the new movements in rap…ymcmb is actors/frauds

  • Negro Peligro

    I’m starting a movement. GEDs for GBEs.

    • Terrance Goodman

      They have to know how to read to even take the test.

    • DreamZ


  • Negro Peligro

    Talk about book ends of the dummy spectrum. Mack mane need to be invited to the royal dinner for schmucks that run around talking about they got a throne.

    • Tony G.

      u missed the whole point of the tweet

  • ymcmb’s target audience is the gay community. everyone is wack on their roster. seriously, if you disagree you dont know rap. and you are gay. HA

    • Choppaliss

      Cory Gunz aiight … and Tyga get a pass

      • nah they lame… tyga the bigger lame.. and you making passes at tyga? i told yall their target demographic is the gay community

      • Cedrik SJ

        you’re just mad

      • Bryce13

        Tyga is one of the signs that the world is ending as well. God don’t like ugly and we are inundated with ignorant and ugly!

    • Bryce13

      Oh that is why he doesn’t wear a shirt. I did not correlate until now. He probably sags his pants without draws, displaying his dirty black hole.

  • So the dude posted a tweet HE SAID, than retweeded himself? o_0

    • Weedras

      he was desperate for a response and of course Mack Maine took the bait… atleast his college education aint all go to waste.. came back with a great line…

  • Terrance Goodman

    Who the hell is this new fruity Iggas fighting a old fruity nigga. If they
    Bout that life knuckle up

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  • 7yoyo7

    YMCMB (Young Men Cuddlin Men’s Booties) VS GBE (Girl Beating Entertainment)

    Great Battle!

    • Young Goku

      Loooooool hwhdhdbwei

    • DreamZ


  • Hector G

    mack maine is unknown and nobody is tryin to hear you or any ymcmb garbage….honestly jus about anyone could go at these clowns and id say it was cool. cash money makes crap music now.


    LMBAO @ Mack Maine for thinking he’s associated with any type of “throne”!!! LOL #YMCMBStayDelusional SMH

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  • A Blessed Soul

    Oh, I see. So this isn’t all for publicity–considering that Chief Keef’s album is about to drop in less than 2 weeks. Ok, thanks for clearing that up. There’s certainly no such thing as staged publicity to keep your name in the public’s mind. Hmm…beef. Hmmm…..

  • Tony G.

    I’ll just continue to say what i’ve always said …real niggas dont beef n twitter…

  • southside4lyfe

    it kills me how everybody talks down on young money but use to jam the shit out of wayne before he got locked up. stop hating on rappers because if you don’t have a business mind you will never be were these guys are. it is all about marketing yourself and promotions. americans act like we are the only 1 that listen to rap. it is one thing to have a number 1 album in america but when you are a rapper or r&b singer and your african american and you have a number 1 album in africa or japan that is really big. you can’t make the same kind of music forever you have to change things up. people talk about the crazy shit wayne wear but remember in the old days when missy or busta rhymes use to wear that crazy shit in their videos or does anybody remember the crazy shit prince use to wear or even michael jackson with all them damn buttons and zippers. all of you that say you don’t care about these guys you must care because you are the ones that are always on here reading these articles, listening to every mixtape and commenting on every article on here

  • southside4lyfe

    Tony G you right on that subject. what these young niggaz don’t realize it is all a marketing promotion. it is like boxing or wwe before they have a match well in this instance for rappers it would be before their album comes out or in these 2 rappers case before their top rappers album comes they talk alot of shit spit a few diss records and the yungins listen to it and misinterpret that these guys is real thugs and go out and buy the actual album. rap isn’t real anymore it use to be were a rapper would spit from the heart now it is let me try and out due the other guy because everybody wanna be number 1. jay -z and wayne fucked up the game in that way by marketing the best rapper alive slogans so now every rapper wants to try to out do the other rapper instead of making real rap with substance. rap isn’t even rap anymore its like reality tv recorded. if everyone stopped gettin on twitter i bet you this fake beef shit would stop. but nobody goin to learn until we get some real niggaz like big , pac, wu tang, or nwa rappers back in the market

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  • king

    This is why I stated what I said earlier black people hate each other

  • ant662

    in regular young money fashion the defend themselves by talking about how much money you have. money cant save u from a one on one ass whooping.

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  • Southcidal

    Illseed you are a complete hater. And you do know that Mack Maine can buy you and this website if wanted to right?

  • Notice they didn’t use the No name nigga pic so more pub for YMCMB

  • Bryce13

    What is up with Chief Reek never wearing a shirt. I saw one of his ignorant ass videos where he is out in the snow without a shirt. How did that guy get a deal, he does not talk about anything but than again this fatherless generation ain’t about sh….. I am gonna start a new movement, “Chief Reek need a daddy foundation.”

  • Bryce13

    The vocabulary of many of these “artists” is deplorable. It reminds one of post slavery when all one could do is sign with an X (as their signature). Except these ignorant gay babies have no excuse. Oh yeah F the Bush’s and all other oppression.