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Hip-Hop Rumors: The Masons Stepped To The "Mason" That Stepped To Rick Ross!

LOL! It looks like the masons are PISSED! Now, this part of it I find hilarious! Its seems there is some form of coalition in the Hip-Hop game of actual masons. Not Illuminati. I kind of wish they were though. Anyway, these Black Masons took exception to the dude that took exception to Rick Ross yesterday! They checked the homie in yesterday’s rumor post!

Mannnnn, check it:

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Apparently, these entertainment-based Black Mason, who will remain nameless a the moment, checked the lil dude-in-the-video’s credentials. And what did they find? They couldn’t find any file on him at all! He’s not a registered Mason at all, they say! And they “talked” to him. I wonder what they means? “Talked.” At any rate, its just good for entertainment purposes, but he did get Rick Ross to say he was NOT a mason. That’s a redeeming quality on the video, I guess.

I cannot wait to see what dude says in response. What if he’s like some underground sect? Let me stop before they come after me!

Shout out to the Masons out there. I’ve got no quarrel with you.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Allhiphop illseed you are failing so bad man. Forbez dvd is killing you guys. This is old now it has already been posted. Step up your game. Try to actually report something before WSHH also. Take the ill out your name.

    • $28825362

      Just let it go. Everyone knows this is not the real Illseed. They just bought the name. Other people write under the name.

      • illseed

        I don’t read WSHH. This is the real illseed. I may be late, BUT nobody is killing me. Very much alive.

      • EL_BARK

        STC…… Yeah i said it bitsh!!!!!
        You want a reminder or shall i just go in on your bitsh ass all by myself.???

      • EL_BARK

        Hoeassniggah who you think you fooling, with your senstive ass

      • $28825362

        I know you are fake because the REAL Illseed would not have responded to my ass. That would of just rolled off his shoulder. You’re writing style is different. Everything about you is different. You’re a writer who can’t make it on your own name, so you have to write under a name that was bought by the company. LOL

      • EL_BARK


      • Not True!

        iLLseed has eithered quite a few people, but now with all the hate…..he rarely comments, but back in the days, before the BS, he used to pop up quite often in the comments, but look at the flurry of responses he gets when he does comment……imagine if Sydney Lace said “Hello”. LOL

        I remember when he used to feature artist from the board, etc., but with the way we representing……I can’t expect him to feature local artist!

        You get out what you put in!


      • brotha_man


      • Free iLLseed!

      • DreamZ

        Lmmfao *Family Guy voice* YOUR A PHO-KNEE!!!!!

      • $28825362

        Any dude that has the “Supertalented” in his name… you know what; never mind. Back of the class please.

  • hoeyuno

    for the most part masons are just a good ol boys club. retired dudes that get together for diner and gulf. I’m sure theres some real dude illuminati type ppls at the top that have been banking off all these ppls riches for thousands of years but like I said most of them are norms who enjoy getting out of the house once a week.

  • >>Flashes the “El Bark” signal!

    • EL_BARK

      This story a fake, just like illcoon try to fronf like he the orginal.

      • Damn!

        I thought you were gonna break down the Masons & the deal!

        Explain to the people about “Prince Amos” & them.


    So let me guess, the “real masons” sent illcoon an exclusive on how they were going to check the “fake masons, ” for checking the fake rick toss???? Huh

    • EL_BARK

      Let me see any of my comments deleted, i going to shut this piece of shdt site down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yall know i got the time, my stomach full try ME.!!!!!

      • Steelmatic

        lmao. Chill out playa, it ain’t that serious

  • yawn

  • Please stop saying that this guy is a Mason…Mason Knight was suspended by the Prince Grand Lodge of California…he then left and returned to his former Grand Lodge which is Clandestine…

  • steveakers

    This is horrible reporting. To undermine a person who has took the position of saying who they ARE and posting a video with some anonymous source and make it a cover story is not good news sourcing. If they couldnt say their names this should NEVER have been written. Poor job of reporting news. Also he never states Masons are after Ross, so why do this follow up. He only makes clear a positive message Masons have no issue with GDs. Why undermine this guy BOGUS. Your story does nothing to deal with the real substantive reason for the original story so WHY FOLLOWUP. I know this isnt CNN or Fox but cmon.

  • Richard Savage

    I told yall im a mason myself. That dude that made that video HAD TO BE A FRAUD. We as masons do not do youtube videos condemning another man about something he did. Its always handled privately. Niggas do what they can for attention and they try to eat off of other niggas plates… buddy hustlers is what i like to call em

    • tab58064

      You know that there are different chapters of Masons and how your chapter may run things may not be the same way that another chapter runs theirs. The organization as whole is quite disjointed nowadays. Many chapters are allowing all kinds of niggaz to join wherein back in the day you had to be a model citizen at least by appearance in the community. Now just for the sake of collecting membership dues many chapters are letting damn-near anyone in. Personally I think the organizations is just a boys club that does little to nothing in communities. Masons are best known for getting away with breaking the law, hand-signs, and shit like that. Most of the members are just people who feel the need to be a part of something. If what you are doing has to be top secret right from the door you should have a problem with that. No respect from here!

  • Galactus

    Smh illcoon u a sucka lol

  • king